Hello, Phenomenal Light Being!

As always, I pray you and yours are well.

This week’s Message is another conversation with Ascended Master Lord Saint Germain, and I feel is holds a great deal of the beautiful higher frequencies our Sun Sol is sending us now.

My questions centered around understanding how things can feel so dark, though our inner knowing is telling us that the Light is ever-increasing in power.

To the point where we can realize that the Light has already won.

This is a bit of a stretch, I realize.

Many millions have died from the virus as well as from scenes of war over the past few years, and news of the many adverse effects of the “jab” is being suppressed except in the alternative, free media. 

Meanwhile, climate disruption and extreme weather continue. Let’s send Light to our friends in British Columbia and the Northwestern US as they deal with deluge and flooding. 

In the midst of all this is a growing vision of Celebration and Renewal. To see the images of young people gathering in demonstrations around the world to demand that the elected effectively address climate change is hearteningly to say the least.

This is our time to hold the Light and plant it firmly into the soil of our planet, and somehow know this is our reality — not the sadder scenarios our mind may image some days.

My thanks to Lord Saint Germain for reminding us of this! I found the energy he relays quite empowering.

Blaze the Transmuting Violet Flame, friends! For our world, our communities, our own lives.

We stand in the Light of 10 trillion Suns . . .

In Divine Love and Light,
A Message to Light Bringers
November 19, 2021


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment with you today. Today, our writer again has questions for Saint Germain, and so we share this now:

COR: Greetings, Lord Saint Germain! Thank you for speaking with me again today.

SAINT GERMAIN: Greetings, dear one! How may we be of assistance to you and your fellow Light Bearers?

COR: I am feeling two things simultaneously, one more quite challenging and one inspiring. For one, disaster scenarios that are coming to mind occasionally about what might happen to humanity while still under the current corrupt power structure.

That’s no doubt been triggered by the common human experience of carrying post-traumatic stress over many lifetimes. The survival brain exerts scenes of one oppressive situation or another, as a reflex after all the rough news of the last few years.

Yet the other set of images obliterates those fears. It is enlightening, because its Joy is so palpable.

I am experiencing moments when I feel that the Light pouring onto the planet is sentient, and almost physical—I can feel and see it in the air. This is not like other sparkling bits of sunlight we might see.

This seems to be a presence you can speak to and connect with in a visceral, almost physical way.

It almost feels solid. And in those lovely moments, I feel it reaching it the whole of my spirit.

I feel it speaking to the physical cells—mine and all of humanity’s—seeking to lift us to the next level of our evolvement, and to encourage us. As if to say, “None of what you fear is real.”

Then walking to the store today, as I took in this amazing Light, I heard the phrase “The Healing Times.”

I was hoping you could explain that, as I don’t feel I came up with it on my own! . . . . 

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