April’s energy is full of paradoxes.

I hope you and your family are safe and staying healthy.

I wanted to have a video for your April forecast, but I’m still recovering (and getting better every day!

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and health advice I’ve received. It warms my heart and is so helpful!

I wanted to give you some insight about the numerology for this month, because April certainly has its gifts and challenges.

In numerology, April 2020 is an 8 Universal Month. 8 is known as the number of expansion and abundance.

It is also the number of STRENGTH. You often learn strength through adversity.
If you look at the sacred geometry of the number 8, it is the vertical representation of the infinity symbol.

There is a sphere (representing wholeness and connectedness) at the top and another on the bottom.

The two spheres are connected with an unbroken line.
This is the holistic connection we have between Heaven and Earth.

There is a divine reason for everything we experience in life, regardless of what we see with our physical eyes.
We are all connected.
8 reminds us of the regenerative power of life. We can have great losses and great gains. Through adversity we are tempered. When we are tested in the material realm, we often gain spiritual strength and wisdom.

April is the 4th month of the year. When the 4 and 8 are together, it usually denotes fateful events.

This is a time to focus on your physical fortitude as well as your purpose.

Focus on strengthening your spirit as well as your body.

Bring light into your aura and send light from your heart into the world.

I’ll have more to say about April’s energy soon. (Hopefully, I’ll be back to filming videos next week after I regain some of my physical strength).

In the meantime, stay safe.
~ Kari


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