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January 4 to 10, 2021
by Pam Younghans
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THE WORK of 2021 now begins. Our Aquarian goals of unity and peace may feel like a distant horizon at times this year, but we have a lot of assist from the nonphysical realms – and from our own Soul – to support us on this journey.
Focusing on that horizon, that “golden living dream of visions,” may be a challenging task in this first full week of the new year. The planet Mercury, representing our mental state and nervous system, is in a bit of tangle, with hard aspects to five other planets strewn across several days. The mind can be a wild beast at times, and we’ll need to call on all our thought-training and taming skills this week.
AS WE START the week, Mercury is in late degrees of Capricorn, the sign of authority and ambition. On Monday, as Mercury squares disgruntled Eris and conjoins power-hungry Pluto, there may be pronouncements from top eschelons that trigger strong reactions, especially from those who feel they do not have a voice.
This influence is along the lines of “react now, worry about the consequences later.” Any time Pluto is involved in an aspect, there can be a sense of “have to” – a strong need that feels like it MUST be met, and right away. As Pluto and Mercury align, we’ll need to watch for a “need” to say something, even if it might be hurtful or lead to problems later on. We can of course use this energy in positive ways, to state a strong case as needed, but with Mercury also square Eris, someone is likely to take affront.
THREE PLANETS change signs midweek, somewhat altering the landscape of our journey. The first to move is Mars, which enters Taurus on Wednesday after having been in Aries for what seems like forever (since June 28), due to going retrograde in the sign.
Mars represents how we take action and how we express our desires. While the Red Planet is in assertive Aries, we would expect tempers to flare more readily, and that people would be more impatient, impulsive, and headstrong. Looking back across these past six months, we can most likely observe many ways in which those qualities were expressed, in ourselves and in others.
TAURUS is much different energy than Aries. While Aries can be impulsive, Taurus is typically consistent and thorough. When Mars transits Taurus, reaction time is typically slower. We can still get angry, of course, but overall we are less explosive and more cautious in asserting ourselves. Resistance with Mars in Taurus tends to manifest as stubbornness and rigidity – the heels planted, “you’ll have to make me” response.
On the positive side, Mars in Taurus supports slow and steady movement forward. Our determination to meet our needs is strengthened, and we are more focused on physical realm issues that need resolution. Taurus also rules personal values and finances, so our energy and attention will be drawn to these arenas while Mars is in Taurus (January 6 to March 3).
ON FRIDAY, Mercury enters inventive Aquarius, encouraging us to think outside the box and to open our minds to progressive ideas. Although usually in a sign for about three weeks, Mercury will be in Aquarius for an extended period this year, due to going retrograde on January 30.
But, Mercury meets with a challenge right out of the chute, being square to Mars on Friday. This aspect represents the battle of an old, proven way (Mars in Taurus) versus a new ideology or technology (Mercury in Aquarius). It is easy to get into arguments with this square in effect, although anger may come out more passive-aggressively than directly.
VENUS also changes signs on Friday, moving from hopeful Sagittarius to realistic Capricorn. Venus, named for the goddess of Love, is the planetary representative of relationships, values, and financial matters.
Given the current landscape, it makes sense that while Venus transits Capricorn (January 8 to February 1), we will be coming to terms with economic realities and become more security-conscious than we have been for the past few weeks. This may also be a time of looking more seriously at certain relationships, observing what does and doesn’t work for us. It can be a time either of renewed commitment or of endings, depending on our answers to some practical questions.
ON SATURDAY, Venus is in a harmonious trine aspect with Mars. This is a day when we can get a better sense of positive potentials, rather than focusing only on where we feel limited. It should be a good day to look to the future with a balance of optimism and realism, due to the Venus-Mars trine and Mercury’s alignment with Saturn in Aquarius.
Sunday is better spent on less practical concerns, as Mercury is semisquare elusive Neptune. This aspect is not conducive to clear reasoning, but it could be very nice for going with the flow of the day, or perhaps daydreaming about the future.
ONLY TEN DAYS AWAY! On Wednesday, January 13, I’ll be presenting a class entitled “Uncharted Waters: Setting Sail,” covering the astrological energies we’ll be working with during the first four months of 2021. As we move through this new, unmapped territory, it can be helpful to have some guidance from the planets. Please see the class description below. I hope you can join us!
After you register: Watch for an email from ([email protected]) confirming your registration. Before the class, you will also receive emails with the calendars and Zoom links from ([email protected]). Please check your spam/junk folder if you don’t find these emails in your inbox.
(“If Your Birthday Is This Week” follows the class description.)

Uncharted Waters: Setting Sail

Astrological Guidance for January to April 2021

With Pam Younghans, astrologer

Moderated by Elsie Kerns, wellness educator

Broadcasting live and recorded for replay on

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

4 pm PST | 5 pm MST | 6 pm CST | 7 pm EST | 12 am GMT

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WE NOW EMBARK on a great Cosmic Experiment. With December’s Grand Conjunction behind us, the cosmos asks that we demonstrate the Aquarian ideals we embraced at that event. As we observe world events – and our own responses to them – we might question whether humankind is actually capable of unity, understanding, acceptance, and kindness. But the hypothesis for this experiment is that our species can raise our consciousness, rise above conflict, and learn to “live as one.” This is new territory, uncharted waters that represent a giant evolutionary leap for humanity.

We’ll begin this class with a brief overview of the prevailing winds of 2021, a year that will be shaped primarily by a Saturn-Uranus square and the ongoing Pluto-Eris square. These two confrontational aspects provide the cosmic weather that will affect our shared journey throughout the year.

For the core of the class, we’ll walk together through the calendars for the first four months of 2021, to see the dynamic influences that will be in effect day to day and week by week. We’ll explore the New and Full Moons – including an especially pivotal lunation in February – and the March Equinox. We’ll talk about the opportunities and challenges, and how they are intended to help us grow as individuals and as a community. And we’ll focus in on specific times when our spiritual work and higher perspective will be most needed.

This class is for everyone, no matter what your knowledge of astrology! Before the class airs, you will receive monthly calendars for note-taking. If you cannot attend the class live, you will have full access to the replay and calendars for later viewing. Please join us!

To register:

Class fee: $27 USD by PayPal or check (options provided at checkout)

Class length: 75 minutes

Questions about registering or payment? Email [email protected]

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, you are encouraged to tap into the abundant spiritual support that is available to you. If you so choose, you can let go of some of your need to be in charge, and allow more trust into your life. It is also a good year to find outlets for your compassionate heart, which is being opened in new ways. Your empathy is enhanced, as well as your wish to be of service and to help others who are in need. (Solar Return Sun sextile Ceres, sextile Neptune)
In Gratitude and Light,
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Aspects of Note This Week
All times listed are Pacific Standard Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 8 hours. 
MON: Mercury square Eris, Mercury conjunct Pluto
WED: Mars enters Taurus
FRI: Mercury enters Aquarius, Venus enters Capricorn, Sun sextile Neptune, Mercury square Mars
SAT: Venus trine Mars, Mercury conjunct Saturn
SUN: Mercury semisquare Neptune 
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