We are moving from a weirdly oppressive year into a new year that is predicted to be much happier, lighter and more positive than any we have experienced for some time.  It is a year for working together to find the best solution for all.  Anticipate a year of joy and be willing to follow your heart.  Seek to do what your heart wants.

Out in the universe there are pools of cosmic energy that vibrate with the numbers.  We draw energies and qualities from these pools and they affect us accordingly.  2021 is a 5 year.  The vibration of number 5 touches you with a desire for freedom, adventure and the courage to go for it.  It will help you to be quick thinking, explore and light your life up.  In 2021 we will all be bathed in the energy of this number.

When your unicorn adds its glorious light to number five the most positive energies of this number are illuminated.  If you make decisions with your heart the vibration of 5 will influence you to attract abundance and have great success and good fortune.

Enjoy 2021


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