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August 10 to 16, 2020
by Pam Younghans
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THE WINDS OF CHANGE are swirling in earnest this week, blowing us first one way and then another. The engine behind much of these shifting energies is the planet Uranus, which will “station” (come to a standstill) this Saturday to begin its five-month retrograde (backward motion) phase.

When a planet stops in its tracks to change direction – either to turn retrograde or direct – its influence on our lives is increased for about two weeks before and after the day of its station. I liken this to our experience of a train as it nears the platform where we are standing.

A PLANET must decrease its speed as it nears its station, just as a train must slow down as it nears a depot. The closer the train gets to the platform where we are standing, the more powerfully we sense it. When it stops in front of us, engines idling, the vibration in our ears and underfoot is the strongest. This is equivalent to the day of a planetary station, when we feel the influence of that planet most profoundly.

Once the planet shifts gears for its change of direction, the days that follow are like the train pulling away. We gradually sense its individual vibration less and less, until the sound of the train (and the influence of the planet) becomes more a part of the background traffic noise.

WITH URANUS coming to its station on the 15th, we are feeling its heightened energies for the entire month of August, but most powerfully this week and next. Uranus’ higher purposes are to help us live more authentically and in tune with our higher selves, and to alter our perspective or change our trajectory as needed to accomplish those purposes.

When Uranus is dealing the cards, we can experience surprises and sudden changes, breakthroughs and breakdowns, earthquakes, hurricanes, and explosions, as well as “aha” moments and openings to expanded consciousness. That means we will need to be especially flexible in our expectations this next week, allowing space in our lives for the shifting energies to move through and make whatever changes are needed.

AT ITS ESSENCE, Uranus is a planet of Liberation. It goal is to free us from limitations and “shoulds,” whether those are imposed externally or internally, mentally/emotionally or physically. If we are feeling restricted in any way, we might feel especially restless, irritable and impatient, and even rebellious this week and next.

The urge to break free from the past, or to create significant change in some area of our lives, will be quite intense for those already working with a strong Uranus transit to their natal chart. This may be felt most personally by those who were born when the Sun was near 11 degrees of a fixed sign – within a day or two of May 1 (Taurus), August 1 (Leo), November 1 (Scorpio), or February 1 (Aquarius).

AND YET, Uranus’ station is just a part of the story this week … there’s a lot going on with the other planets, too. Here are the most significant influences:

On Monday, Mercury is square Uranus: A lot of nervous mental energy. Thinking either scattered or enlightened. Surprising news. Unexpected detours, disruptions in communications, unpredictable reactions. Insights that challenge our egos. Very electrical in nature. Breathe in, breathe out.

On Monday-Wednesday, the Sun forms a yod (“finger of God”) configuration with Jupiter and Neptune: The need for an attitude adjustment, based on how attached we may be to getting approval, credit, or accolades. This yod requires a significant growth in our capacity for self-examination, and in our ability to overcome willfulness, pride, and arrogance.

On Wednesday-Thursday, Mars is square Pluto: This volatile aspect is exact just after midnight Pacific Time on Thursday, so is also strong on Wednesday. Mars and Pluto are both determined to get their way. People are passionate about getting what they want, and strongly resist any attempts to control them. Manipulations and power struggles, where nobody wins. Hidden motivations revealed.

On Friday, Mercury forms the same yod configuration with Jupiter and Neptune that the Sun created earlier in the week: A mental adjustment is needed. We are challenged to view life from a broader, more spiritual perspective, and to focus our minds on creating new solutions. Be aware of getting sidetracked by old beliefs and habitual ways of thinking that actually no longer serve.

On Saturday-Sunday, the Sun and Mercury are both quincunx Pluto: We become aware of how a need to be in control interferes with our living in the Now, and with accessing creative insights that will enable the change we want to see. In combination with the strong Uranus energies over the weekend, this is the time to let go of our attachment to what has been, and to open to what can be.

On Sunday, the Sun and Mercury are trine Mars: We feel energized to move forward. This is an aspect that supports our having the confidence and courage to pursue our heart’s desire. But, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in hard aspect to Chiron on Sunday, indicating some residual issues with self-confidence, perhaps not feeling supported by loved ones. This is an opportunity for self-care and inner child work, as the external lack of support mirrors our own internal uncertainties.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This can be an inspired year, when many creative ideas come to you. You may be especially drawn to writing, speaking, or teaching what you know. While you may be in touch with a new direction you want to take, there are several adjustments you will need to make in order to move forward. It is time to alter any need for approval from others that keeps you from fully expressing yourself. This is a subtle way of giving away one’s power, and will feel increasingly uncomfortable as you observe how it interferes with your expansion and personal fulfillment. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mercury, semisquare Venus, trine Mars, quincunx Jupiter, quincunx Neptune, quincunx Pluto)

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Aspects of Note This Week

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

MON: Mercury square Uranus, Sun quincunx Jupiter
WED: Sun quincunx Neptune
THU: Mars square Pluto
FRI: Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Mercury quincunx Neptune
SAT: Sun quincunx Pluto, Uranus stations retrograde
SUN: Sun sesquiquadrate Chiron, Mercury quincunx Pluto, Sun trine Mars, Venus square Chiron, Mercury sesquiquadrate Chiron, Mercury trine Mars


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