There Are Many Truths
But This One Does Resound More Than Others
A Direct Message From VERONICA
“The truth is that you are a manifestation of your own thoughts. Everything you are in your physical existence has been created by the thoughts of your consciousness. The statement that consciousness creates form is the base level truth that you all seek.

The idea of becoming victim to physical dramas has scared all of you enough to reconsider your belief systems. Thus you read this paragraph, thus you will move forward with greater probability of evolution.

Your thoughts are a creation of your entity that seeks revelation in all subjects. Aspects of the entity branch out to consider all perspectives before rendering an opinion to the higher self. All of the energy waves that evolve from the center ripple towards manifestation. Once they are conscious they too send out beacons of energy in hopes they will evolve into conscious form. If you look at the model of the entity closely, you will witness the path in linear time. There are really no words of wisdom to identify the energy.

When viewing the model, imagine yourself in a house of mirrors. The reflection of the source may confuse the eyes at first, but once you embrace the edges, you will feel different.

We do not define it further than that because the path is so individual. This discussion need not progress further until you have spent time with the energy that you know so well.

Your entity will feel holy but we suggest that it’s just a mirror of your own energy that beckons you to come forward.

There are many truths but this one does resound more than others.

“Thought creates reality”.

The thought energy comes from a higher aspect of yourself, thus creating your current environment. It is a ripple effect that has glided towards you for decades.”



VERONICA is a Causal Plane nonphysical Entity and Guide that speaks and writes via Full Body Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford.  VERONICA is internationally known with clients worldwide.  VERONICA also co-hosts the “Inner Whispers” Radio Show, which is available at and also syndicated on the iHeart                 Network.

VERONICA has completed over 10,000 telephone and in-person readings with individuals, including medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional mediums and energy workers and intuitives, as well as business CEO’s and founders, Physicists, and of course everyday people on a wide range of personal relationships, personal growth, and various client and family related issues.

To schedule a telephone conversation/reading directly and one-on-one with VERONICA, inquire via e-mail at  Your friends and family can sign up for VERONICA’s free “Inner Whispers” newsletter at:

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