I’m honored that you’re watching these teachings and grateful with your comments and questions that you’ve left in the previous videos!

As I’ve said before, true learning is in the application of knowledge and you’ve been doing just that and gaining the fruit that is the experience.

I honor you!

Now, in today’s video I’ll be going over what it takes to succeed in truly Living the Mystical Life Daily. It will be a simple 5 Step Process to get over some of the challenges that you’ll face when living to a higher potential.

Living the Mystical Life Daily- 3rd Video

Love is one of the concepts thrown about as the answer to most everything and if you have it you have success, but what does it truly mean?

Is it attachment? Is it merely a feeling? Is it owning someone emotionally? Or is it much more profound than we even know?

In Shamanism, it’s one of the most basic and advanced topics where it is the key interactive interconnected process of sacred neutral.

Love is the Emanation teaching of which you’ll also learn in today’s video.

I wanted to make sure I gave this information out because if you never watch me again I know that what I’ve taught in these videos so far will take you to different levels of awareness that will allow you different choice points moving into a greater future, a future where you are your own self-illuminated master of the now.

But I do hope this has intrigued you enough to stay on this journey with not only me but all of the thousands of others who are watching, learning and experiencing their own revolutionary insights.

Click on the link below and let’s get started!

Living the Mystical Life Daily- 3rd Video

In Soul Friendship,
Andrew Bartzis


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