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Why is this Crisis Happening? A Higher Perspective.
Our first insights from the living library, the ancient energies of Palenque, Mexico. With the Maya Ancestors and The Star Elders through Aluna Joy. 3-18/19- 2020

Humanity as a whole has been living backwards moving away from spirit and are becoming more lost into the material world. This was always part of the greater plan. You have been exploring increasing levels of separation from source for over 26,000 years. You felt that you could have not been more divided from each other this last month. But you were wrong. Humanity is no longer divided into one extreme side or another. You are now all separated from each other. Separation from source, its insights and the perspectives it offers us, has reached its furthest point possible, while still being able to maintain your physical body. Many thousands of light rebels have been holding threads of light to keep the Earth from slipping past a tipping point of no return in this grand exploration process. (and this means you reading this). So here you are.

Humanity wanted to see how far we could remove ourselves from the ONE and not be lost. Humanity has become separated from each and every living being in more ways than you could have ever imagined. Now, you are afraid of each other because of a virus. The only way humanity can obtain true, godly unity and divine oneness is to feel the total impact of the extreme opposite of oneness. You needed to feel total isolation laced with extreme, collective fear. You need to feel the impact of not being able to trust any source but yourself, while feeling the end is unknown and the future is unseeable. This time has been a big surprise and a huge shock to your system. Shock opens you up to hidden, unprocessed vaults within you. Humanity will learn many things, in very real and human ways, in the coming weeks and months.

Your world has been put on pause to face the atrocities of living out of balance with the natural world. This is a great opportunity to allow yourself to feel and clear things you did not have time for in the past. While you are isolated and asked to slow down your busy days, many issues and deep wounds that you have avoided, up to now, will come up to be healed. Take this incredibly concentrated time to accomplish years of spiritual clearing that would have otherwise taken many years.

You will begin to see the illusion in that you are separate. You could not ever be separate even if you lock yourself away and hide from the world. You are all connected to everyone. You cannot break this bond. This illusion of separation is the most deep and absolute illusion of your reality. You will see through this illusion.

Soon, humanity will have the opportunity to begin to return to a more natural, mindful balance. A huge wave in humanity will profoundly and deeply awaken in the coming months. In their quiet retreats, they will see the illusions that were programmed into their DNA. They will begin see the mass, global madness that we have become use to. They will discover the truth.

The great opposition, the creators of this unprecedented situation, will not reach their goal of disempowering or controlling humanity. Their plans are already beginning to backfire. They will only make you stronger in the light, and unshakable in your knowing your inner truth. In the most highest perspectives, this was the divine plan all along, and it is going according to plan.

Because humanity has become accustomed to living in a way that takes you further from natural balance and oneness, what will come next might feel that it is going in the wrong direction. It might feel like reversing time, because you are used to life the way it was flowing. But the truth is you are actually beginning to flow with a natural flow of time that is ever living, changing, moving and evolving with life. It will be unfamiliar and sometimes scary times for you ahead. But simplifying and refocusing your lives on what is important and NEEDED, not what is simply WANTED, will be key to you evolving in the right direction.

Your Earth’s ecology is already recovering at rapid rates. The atmosphere is clearing, and the waters are clearing. Earth knows how to balance herself. She is strong. You cannot kill her, but you can destroy yourself. Your needs and your spiritual path callings are always in balance with Earth. Your wants are from ego and come from access and greed… and most of all, it comes from fear and lack that you can heal in the days ahead. Humanity must be aware of this and learn to be in harmony with the Earth so as not self-annihilate, but to live on into a new future on a healthy, balanced Earth. Be aware. Listen and watch with new ears, new eyes and open hearts to pure, unpredictable possibility. This time is your opportunity.

Great blessing to you all. Be safe. Be well …. BE LOVE ~ Aluna Joy

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