Forgiveness – The Council

The title we have given for this message may well be the most important word for those in body at this time to remember and practice throughout this year.

There will be much revealed during the coming months that well might strain your ability to do this. There is a phrase used on the planet, in almost all languages, “That is unforgiveable.”

It is imperative that you understand that nothing must be unforgiveable. There is a great difference between forgiving and condoning. We do not ask that you condone actions that you know to be harmful. Forgiving will lift both the one who is forgiven and the one who forgives. Still, even though one knows this, the year will bring forth much that will test even the most loving. We have some suggestions that may ease this for you.

First, let go of judging what you may hear about. It will always be well for you to observe but not render judgment. It will be very hard, but learning to do so will be something to work toward.

Then, it will be well to remember to forgive in this manner: “I forgive mankind for all that we have done to each other.” This you can surely do. And it will be much easier than forgiving certain deeds or individuals. Perhaps it will be easiest to make this statement daily until it is a part of your consciousness, even on days when nothing sems to require it. Still it is a good practice. “I forgive mankind for all that we have done to each other.”

Another practice that many do daily is Ho’oponopono. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” This is most effective when keeping in mind that consciousness is one.

The oneness of consciousness is the reason for this entire message. You cannot ask for forgiveness and then refuse it to another. There is, you see, no other.

So, perhaps start today forgiving humanity for its inhumanity. You will be raising yourselves and the entire planet.

Now, the atmosphere in which we ask you to do this will most likely not be conducive to such a mindset. It will be very easy to allow yourself to slip into blame and judgment. Even just agreeing with what others say will bring you down. So it will be best to keep your thoughts to yourselves at those times. And there will be many such times. If you think of it, you will even be forgiving those who are not forgiving. Do them that service.

Have you not been wondering “How can I best serve?”

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