Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 1 October 2019

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Everything ultimately takes us to where we need to be. We have to bounce back from the tragedies and heal some major stuff and be stronger than ever to not lose momentum and inspiration. It all leads us somewhere amazing in the end. Grief, pain or fear are never destinations, they are a part of a deep transformation and process we should never give up on.

We only move on from things that aren’t sustainable for whatever reason, but we either consciously want to or we don’t.

Our creative imagination, dream energy and how that mixes with the substance of the Earth, will manifest the intentions, visions and goals we imprint our creative channels with — it guides us and synchronicities is our/Nature on this Grand Cosmic adventure.

Our ego self has to be clear and aligned with the rest of our Multi-dimensional nature so we can be in Wisdom, Love and Power and speak the words and take the actions that help us get to truly live our full potential. Without that connection we can spin in circles lost, trapped or suffering. Some things can take a long time to heal, but nature always pushes us in that direction.



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