Let The Storms Rage On! – Akatu – Pleiadian Collective ~ August 29, 2019

Let The Storms Rage On – Pleiadian Collective. By Kabamur Taygeta.


Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Greet You In The Highest Order!

For These Moments Of Perception In The Life Dream,

We Encourage You As Always To Remember Who You Are!

Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


The Higher Dimensional Realities You Now Perceive And Through Which Now You Progress;

Will Provide A Broad Spectrum Lens Through Which You Will Be Able To Focus Your Own Unique Perspective As You Know Truth And Light Are Guiding You Home!


What You Perceive Will Be Your Own Vantage Point, With The Coloration Of A More Universal And Galactic Outlook!

For What Lies Before You Is More Exciting And Filled With Truth Than You Are Now Perceiving!


Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


This False Reality Is A Dream That You Are Creating By Your Sacred Self And Co-Creating With All Of Life You Meet And Imagine Each Moment!

The Planet Seems In Total Chaos;

Yet This Can Only Be The Perception If You Feel This Inside!

Choose Your Perception!

Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


This Does Not Imply To Create A False Narrative, But Rather Choose To Find The Light In All Situations!


Beloved Ones, This Is Entirely Called For In These Moments!

For Many Are Losing Hope And Giving Up;

And Although We Understand The Human Form And Emotions,

We Gather With You And Around You And Tell You That You Are Not Alone!

Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


Allow Life To Continue With The Energy Of The Hurricanes,

The Clones And Liars That Delight In Tricking The Masses!

You Are Truth And Love!

No Puppet Or Puppet Master Can Touch Your Powerful Being!

Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


Imagine All Negativity As A Puff Of Air That You Can Wave Away From Your Being!

It Is That Simple When You Choose Love!

Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


These That Parade Around As Though They Have Gotten Away With The Worst;

Are Not At All Free And This Is The False Narrative Meant To Brainwash The Masses To Lose Hope!

Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


We Tell You In Truth To Ignore The Continual Details Of False News,

Be Aware Of What You Need For Your Best Life Story, And Dream On In Power And Truth!

Let The Storms Rage On - Akatu


For None Of This Will Last;

But You Will Live On Infinitely!

Choose To Be At Peace And Let The Storms Rage On!

You Are Safe And So Loved!

Soon We Rise!


Let The Storms Rage On!


We Are The Pleiadian Collective!

Pleiadian Collective

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