This month’s message is as simple in words as the visuals and nuanced feelings are complex. I’m being shown and told that we are in an enormous upshift, a cosmic energy waveform, causing the whole of humanity to expand and open. We’re all moving through this together, and this year promises to be dynamic and quite the grand adventure.
You are welcome to listen to the recording of what came through on the webcast January 30th (see the link in the events section). It explains more in detail. I will keep the link live through the end of the week. But for now, this month’s message (from these beautiful angelic beings): 
“We know how you feel but we cannot feel for you. You are the embodied one. You are the one who creates from what you feel. Feel inspired? Then create from that stance of pouring forth your very own joy of creation. 
“Are you a builder of structure or form? Then build to your heart’s content. A poet? Then you must, you absolutely must, speak from your heart.
“We are not embodied but we see you. We see when you are sad or demoralized by what you discern about this world. We see that you love what matters more: Love even in the confusion of chaos or the hard-heartedness of divisiveness.
“Watch as you divide with your thoughts by focusing on what you perceive you cannot accomplish or transform. We see you doubting or laying blame on others for the very circumstances that you, yourself, have created. Can this be true? Yes. Humanity creates as a collective. Everything is connected.  Do you see that you are a creator? A builder of form? A poet who speaks from the heart?
“We see you, and we say to you that you are all of these because your very essence is Love. Stop focusing on what you are not, and embody all that you are. As you fully awaken to the power within you, may you be happy in all manners of being. 
“No longer are you to think of yourself as small or insignificant. You are to understand that you are great. Open your heart and remember who you are. You are a manifestor of the great divide. Heal the breach between you and the other within your very own heart, and know that as you do, all is truly well. 
“Mankind shall survive and thrive. Be happy. revel; celebrate life; love all and serve others as you embody love.
“It is time. Time. Yes; time.” 
I look forward to reveling in all your creations as we ride this third wave together.
Be well and happy.
Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach


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