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During the next few weeks and months, there will be outside sources (some very close to you) attempting to tell you how you should feel, act, behave and respond to the changes coming in now.  Some will attempt to minimize your feelings or tell you ‘it’s no big deal”.  Some will say your physical appearance is not what it should be, the decisions you make are wrong or that you need things you have no use for.  This commentary is an effort to make you question and second-guess yourself and your life.

Remember, darling one, you know what is best for you!  If you become overwhelmed with the constant input of negativity directed at you, take some time and listen to your heart.  Find that quiet voice within and hear what it has to say!  The Universe has a very distinct signature…you will know it when you hear/feel it.  There, in that voice, you will find your direction and the path you need to be on in this moment.  It is possible, and it can be done.  Have faith in The Universe, it has faith in you. ~ Creator

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