What Spirit said to me on the plane … – Judy Satori

Hi Friend,
In my message to you today I bring you the audio recording of my recent lecture at the New Life Expo in New York City.
For months I was told by Spirit that I am to speak a new energy language that they called, “the Language of Beyond the Beyond.” Beyond the beyond really just means that this new language of God’s creation comes from a more expanded and amplified source, beyond this galaxy alone.
I have been told that there is incredible potential locked within human DNA that is our legacy from the times of Zep Tepi, the first times, when Earth was a star called Tara … that there is an ancient legacy of advanced understanding and manifestation of what it is to be human, waiting for us to find.
When I boarded to plane to fly to New York I still did not know anything about this new language or how I was going to speak it. I had no idea what I was going to say in my New York lecture. I just had to TRUST.
Somewhere between drinks and dessert I felt downloads of information coming telepathically into my mind. I guess it’s easier at 33,000 feet to transmit!

This is what was said:

“The new language that you will speak has 22 letters … just like the Hebrew language … 20 letters are active letters (firing sequences for DNA change) and two inactive letters, (pause, stop mechanisms that act like punctuation in English language.) The new language will unlock coded sequences of DNA script and give it meaning to enable new expression.”
I wrote pages of information on the plane and then in New York it all came together in the lecture that is my gift to you today.
Love & blessings,

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