Messages of Light 20140205 Archangel Ariel Messages for February and This Week




Know that you have it in every situation, under every condition. It is not a gift you can get outside or something someone can give you, it is what vibrates in you at that moment when your heart opens up completely, when you touch your soul. When you vibrate, you help other souls to remember. When you understand how pure and simple this is, when you bathe in this, that feeling will not ever go away. But first go down to happiness. Feel that just existing, breathing, is happiness. Even if your conditions are difficult, the twinkle you will feel especially in these moments will help you be in the moment with all your feelings, all your perceptions, and then you can transform, heal whatever it is that you really desire. You have started to find your essence, not the reflection of every feeling. Continue to move forward knowing your effect on anything and everything that exists. You are surrounded by abundance, everything you need you already have, now you are ready to reflect that reality you hear only by directing it inside and hear the voice of, to the outside. Your priorities have been determined, you have been moving on for a long time, the things you saw mostly as difficulties you are getting over much easier, as you become lighter. Therefore, let yourself to the sincerity of that voice that is coming from inside, put your material worries aside too. First of all be grateful for the unlimited, then move step by step for the changes that are coming from within, happiness shall accompany you, what you thought were dreams are happening, in abundance too.

Love and Light
Archangel Ariel

Channel : Gülçin Önel

03-09 February 2014

You will find that strength for the things you want this week. Use your power to create the life you choose. You have been born with this power; you are on this planet with that power. Remember that your dreams, intentions are being answered, use your awareness. Follow the signs; it is the one that will support you in your next step of your journey.

Love and Light
Archangel Ariel



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