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We are in quite an intense and powerful energy cycle. Cycle? It feels as though these inflowings of Light are certainly continuous and ongoing! This, of course, will be even more empowered by the Full Moon of tomorrow (January 15). Realize that this Full Moon may very well activate you emotionally, so that old emotions arise for you to see, love and then release so that more Love, in the form of feelings (of the Heart; of Love) may take their place.

Much is occurring now so that you may feel like you’re all alone. Many may feel as though their connections to Guides and Angels especially have literally disappeared. You see, while they are still near you, they have stepped aside so that you truly realize that you are sovereign beings. Many are attached to their Guides and Angels, when in fact, we are meant to not be attached to anything or anyone except our Souls; our true selves.

Our Souls are the truest aspects of ourselves and until we can let go of our attachment to anything outside of ourselves, the feeling of being lost or disconnected will prevail. Of course, you are never truly detached from your guidance; your Soul’s Guidance, which is Guidance from Source.

The importance of this is that we take full Responsibility for ourselves and step into our true Power as sovereign beings, absolutely knowing that we create everything in our lives…not to be rewarded or punished..but to be fully merged as holy ascending masters. If one is not willing to do this, one may feel such anger at not getting their way. This is pure separate ego. Rather than flowing with What Is, we curse the fact that things aren’t happening the way we think they “should.” (Separate ego).

The Truth is that we’re in a whole new phase of Love and Being. Yet, many are clinging to the old ways, clutching tightly. Our message is to let go and allow things to shift according to our Soul’s intention. And yet, you may feel as though you have no direction, plans may seem to be dissolving and you may feel quite alone, not knowing what to do next.

Can you simply Be, letting go of plans and desires for a few moments? Can you surrender to What Is without the compulsion to be doing something? Can you be OK with what is going on (or not going on) in your life without wishing it was different or that you could be rescued? If you can surrender to this Moment, you will notice a shift in consciousness and then things will indeed begin to move. Nothing or no-one holds you back but you. And yet, we are greatly helped especially by our spiritual teams, who stand back and observe us with Love. What a true gift this is. If we constantly relied on our Guides, when would we ever step into the Power of our Souls?

Realize there is much distraction as we hear about Earth changes, war, starvation, comets, political shenanigans…and so much more. It takes great intention to pull our energies into us and focus on ourselves. And yet as we do, we rise in Love and this actually affects all that is “out there.” So truly, it is all about you. Know that as the Light increases, much comes out of your subconscious including past life trauma, present life trauma, emotions born of fear…anything that is not Love.

You may experience great loss, as well as some physical readjustments. You may notice how your food tastes are changing as well as your sleeping patterns. You may feel dizziness and activity in certain chakras. You may see things and ask, “Did I just see that or did I make it up?” You might not be able to differentiate between your dreams and waking life.

There is just so much shifting that it is pretty fun just to observe it all without the need to decipher it (separate ego). So take care of yourself as best you can with rest, pure water and light food, Nature and an intention to observe the Light Show without attachment. Know too that thosenot awakening are experiencing some real discomfort, so be Compassionate and Patient with them, without being lulled into their drama, if that is the case.

Being an Ascending Master means you are Patient with each step you take, you are in Acceptance of What Is (without pushing for a certain result or being frustrated at how others are choosing), you have let go of saving and rescuing and are not attached to any particular way of being. Let go of your labels like karma, lightworker, and even the label of “ascending master,” for truly everything flows moment to moment without form. Realize that we only have one moment at a time, so make the most of that moment, knowing that all is in Divine Order. There is no goal; no end result; for we are all creating our lives one moment at a time.

We may view ourselves as wayshowers, and yet, isn’t that just another label that separates us? We show the way by being authentically who we are…with no attachments and no expectations, but a gentle flow of being in the Moment with our whole selves. Realize that in being all of who you are, you are helping raise the consciousness of Earth and all Her lifeforms.

In any moment, stop and breathe; for in that stillness and breath lies an eternity of Love. As you breathe, be aware of all areas of your body and invite them into your breath. Speak to each organ, body part and cell and invite them to be a part of your Love. If there is an area that feels out of alignment, ask it what it needs and follow its guidance. Stay grounded, realizing that we are to bring the higher, refined energies into our body and then into Earth and in this way, all rises in consciousness and vibration.

With the strong energies we are feeling now (and will continue to feel) as we continue our Journey, our intuition will be stronger. This truly is a gift from pulling in our scattered energies and claiming our Power as sovereign beings; it is strong in order to follow it. It is our Soul’s Guidance. We are learning to Soulspeak. How do we know when we are speaking from our Soul and listening to our Soul and each other? You will feel it; especially around your Heart Center. You may vibrate with certain words, feel expansive or simply resonate with what you hear or see or speak. When something doesn’t resonate, it is not for you. You will begin to see what is of the old and what is of the New.

You may be self-guided to do a Ceremony for the Full Moon. Ceremony helps you align with the current energies, and for me, I want to align with; not resist against. So be present, be Grateful and flow in each Moment, for step by step we are anchoring ourselves as being nothing but Love; Love is Source; and yes; we are Divine.

Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.





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