It is an incredible feeling isn’t it when you finally discover something you love to do and be able to share this activity with others. Doing what fills your passion contributes amazingly to your overall life. Unfortunately not every dear soul is doing what they love; they are doing what they need to do in order to survive in an ever-demanding world. One thing is absolutely certain dear ones it is possible to reclaim any lost passion in any area in your life. Even if the occupation you are doing isn’t what you wish it were, you could always put more drive and zest into it. 
We witness more often than many realize that many dear souls are uninspired in their life. They go to work seemingly doing the same routine demands, sometimes being more stationary where life seems to be slowing down. Your life dear ones is filled with endless opportunities to enhance positive behaviour and attitude that will reflect in all areas that you are part of. Get moving your body more often, become proactive in caring for your physical body. Activities such as yoga, strenuous walking like hiking and other activities that require the body to stretch also stretches your mental and emotional faculties because you are able to relax and focus primarily on what you are doing. 
Routine can easily become dull and we encourage you to discover ways that can bring change that will liven up your day and bring cheer into your entire life. Doing something spontaneous, something that deep down you always wanted to do will help perk up your life, it will add new experiences and challenges that will at the same time nourish the part of you that was feeling dull about life. Maybe you wanted to sit in on a lecture, or take in a theatrical performance or be in one, the things that you wanted to try or to do are all unique and they are all possible. You only have to reach and make them happen. 
So many dear souls criticize themselves for their lack of creativity when they are creative each and every day. From the clothes you choose to wear to how you organize your dinner plate, to the items you toss into your salad…you are creative. Creativity isn’t just about drawing or sculpting something. When you allow your creative energy to flow you are allowing your life to become more dynamic and the work you do through your hands are your inspiration. Think honestly of things you know you are good at, possibly organizing, fine dining cooking, craftwork, home-decorating, etc. Let this become a hobby that you do regularly and be passionate about it where you can lose yourself, drop your worries and flow within your own energy. The outcome will surely benefit every part of your self and affect all areas of your life, as it is positive energy. 
We know you have dreams and ambitions regarding something you wish to achieve one day. With a trusted friend or family member share this dream in specific details that you possibly can. And if you have no one you can talk to then we suggest you write your dreams and ambitions out. When you connect with another person regarding your dreams and ambitions you will gain their take, maybe they will shed new ideas how to make it happen. If you write your dreams and ambitions out you can look back at a later date and discover you have found new ways to make your dreams become a reality. Fresh ideas and new concepts can easily increase your zest for life and bring the dull out of your day. 
You clearly understand that laughter and smiling are both very healing. On the days that are rough look to see the humour, if you cannot find a comic strip or watch a cartoon. Find ways that will help soften your worries and concerns that will also make you feel better. Everyone is so busy rushing to go somewhere or to get something done. We are encouraging you to take more time to enjoy what you have, smile at people as they walk past you and you know what dear ones, you may be surprised as one of them may smile back and if they don’t you still have added light to their day and you have helped bring in more happiness to yours. 
How you are feeling at any time can easily set the mood for the day if you allow your feelings and emotions to control you. Stop arguing with yourself over not feeling things that you think you should and focus on what you are actually feeling. If you are feeling tired, don’t add more pressure by thinking you should be doing something else. Your thoughts can add weight dear ones and can make your day and life feel uninspired. It is okay to feel tired, it is okay to come home from a long day and just curl up in the corner of your sofa and just close your eyes. Your body will tell you what you need to do be doing and when you tune-in to its subtle messages your tiring day will become less uninspired and more healing and rejuvenating because you will do what is needed to heal your mind, body, heart and spirit. 
On the days you have more time, where you don’t have to rush off somewhere, find time to be with Mother Earth and allow her nature to hold you and stimulate your senses. There are many parks, even some in the city you live that you could venture to. Allow yourself to feel the coolness of the grass, even if the grass is dry and crackled from the drying sun feel its texture and allow her energy to sooth you. Pick up rocks and hold them, rub your hand across the bark of a tree – reconnect with Mother Earth and she will help you gain your focus add more light to your life that will help to encourage you to be at peace with where you are. 
Your attention throughout your day can become negative and this way of thinking can carry on for several days if you allow it and don’t catch it. Be on alert to your own thought forms and self-talk. The moment you begin to forming harsh judgements about yourself you need to step in dear ones and question this negative thought form. If there is any shred of truth to what you are telling yourself then that is also your clue to make some improvements. Improvements are not negative they are positive. Each day is a new day to bring in new and positive changes that will improve your life and add more passion to your journey. 
Some situations come into your life unexpectantly and they can leave scars, we know this but there is also healing, growing and developing going on from each experience. With each experience, the good ones and the bad ones you have accumulated so much knowledge. You know how to support others in similar situations, you know how to encourage others, and you know how to pick yourself up from the great wealth of strength that is inside of you. Don’t let past situations hold your precious power. Regain that power dear ones and grow and touch those you come into contact with. There is so much in your life right that has the ability to inspire you, to motivate you to persevere. Truly observe where you are and how far you come, you have done well and you will continue to push forward because you are not a quitter no matter how tired you may feel some days. 
Always make time for the things that you love, even if they were things you loved since a child. Your journey as unpredictable as it is has the potential of providing you with an abundance of happiness and joy when you are able to rediscover your passion for life or spice up certain areas that were noticeably lacking. Adding more vitality to your life has never been difficult, and when you see your life changing right before your eyes because of the positive changes you have made, it becomes magical and exciting and we want each day to fill you with excitement and magic. 
I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller




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