Offer your Self, Selflessly
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ June 11 – 18, 2013
Received by Julie Miller

Across this vast earthly home we observe so many seekers of truth. Each dear soul has within them a light that is individually unique – it is a Light to your Wisdom. It through your wisdom dear ones that you will express your true self, the self that is devoid of the false and ego self. 
The Inner Light of your Spiritual Heart glows dear ones with infinite Love from God, igniting all your senses and Inner Need to take the initiative to discover your own blessed powers. And we are not speaking of spiritual gifts being powers, these powers dear ones is realized through your personal power, wisdom and from your love that is always unconditional. These three powers, also understood as the Threefold Flame is where you begin to construct your foundations and surrender any temptation through the realization of this great light that is definitely glowing from inside of you. 
It is essential to your journey and progression of your path to become disciplined and learn how to focus your mind and control your emotions. This is your journey dear ones; it is up to you whether or not you fulfill each phase.  We encourage each of you to aspire for freedom through the sacred Threefold Flame – Love, Wisdom and Power. The guidance of this sacred flame provided to all of you as a gift from God to use and discover yourself will illuminate the path of your soul and the reality you are consistently creating. 
When you woke to the call of God’s unswerving Light and chose to walk the spiritual path, quickly you discovered there are a few basic areas for you to achieve and overcome that will also highlight into other areas that will require your effort. Ignorance is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. But since you are both teacher and student, you will learn to put your differences aside and learn from those that may not necessarily resonate with you. Every dear soul you meet and greet has something of value to share. Even if you do not share interest in what they are sharing, apply courtesy and listen with focus. The more knowledge you gain dear ones, the more you will learn how to speak and act and less ignorance will be displayed. When you learn to simplify everything with Wisdom, you will know how to speak and act immediately and unconditionally. It is vital to your ability to effectively communicate to be able to speak and act with mindful intent that demonstrates the purity of your heart and love in all you do. We observe many dear souls contradicting themselves when they have promised another and do something completely different. Dedicate yourself to your spoken word and to your action. They are your responsibility. When you consciously act naturally and instinctively, what is felt as being soulful and unconditional you are illustrating to others you are offering your Self selflessly through the presence of God in your actions. When you help God, even in the simplest of ways, you are also helping each person that makes your life meaningful and productive.
Understand dear ones, ignorance is understood as enjoyment of Self, knowledge is known as examination of Self whereas wisdom is the perfection of the Self. Often enjoyment of the Self is followed by frustrations which can lead to self-destructive actions. When you take the time to explore and discover your Self you discover the imperfect you and while you are discovering your imperfect Self you are finding perfecting any area that requires change is easily possible. The Threefold Flame dear ones will help you discover the areas that need your attention. When you make the time to pray and/or meditate you enter a realm of silence, a moment to focus on your energy and to seek answers and new doors that will provide deeper opportunities for you to bring more of your Self into absolute wholeness. The silence you reach through prayer and/or meditation represents your spiritual wholeness and perfection of Self.  
The Light of your Wisdom holds real divinity, infinite life and perfect wholeness. Many of you already know and understand, knowledge and wisdom are separate areas of your spiritual journey – they are not one and the same. Through knowledge you seek information and in time you put what you learn into action. Whereas wisdom feels the truth, grows the truth and in the end becomes the truth. The wisdom you carry is derived from the knowledge you have gained from the experiences you have weathered. 
Understandably wisdom exists everywhere. It is through your own personal power and unconditional love that you discover the knowledge that inevitably leads to your wisdom. Your wisdom lives within your soul and guides you through your heart towards new learning destinations that will benefit each of you and help raise the vibrations of others. Each of you has been provided with the Will of God to discover what is truth in your own way and from what resonates with your heart and soul. It is important to remember dear ones, to not force your truth onto others. Your truth is yours and each person’s truth requires an in-depth look at what is meaningful and of value. There are many different paths for each dear soul on this earth to take and not is better than the other. The path chooses the person near to the same time the person chooses their current path. Your path will change; its course will become altered through the changes and choices you make. When another dear soul attempts to force their truth on others, they are also taking away precious freedom and their beliefs and values at that moment become inconsequential. We encourage you to share your beliefs with respect to others that will clearly demonstrate God’s Presence within you. 
As you go about seeking all the knowledge that is readily available to you remember to go with a pure heart, a heart that is filled with unconditional love, compassion and acceptance for all people that inhabit your earthly home.  When you consciously seek through your heart for the truth, you will easily see any limitations, imperfections and suppression of spirit in others and your Self. Instead of quickly criticizing these wrongs of others, accept them; love them for who they are, not for who they are not. When you choose to criticize others, you are also judging your Self as each person has a piece of you within them. When you hurt one, you hurt you as well. The energy you carry is powerful. Through the guidance of the Threefold Flame you will learn how to control your personal power, how to share your wisdom in conscientious ways that will help you to draw in more Light and Love from God. 
No matter the path of your journey, what it is that fills your passion to learn and be more of, understand each of you are seekers, searchers of the truth and of your Self. You find your answers from going within, not from seeking the outside world. What you see around you and what you learn from going within you is where you gain your wisdom, through your personal power that is derived from pure unconditional love. 
Transform your Self through your own concentrated strength that demonstrates to all you have the capability to rise above your fears, your worries and anxieties; you are able to overcome any imperfections and become unlimited and whole. 
Your journey is unique and it is very powerful. When you incorporate the Threefold Flame into your spiritual excursion you are consciously indicating it’s NOW time to become One with God and you are then finally able to grow in His image. 
And so it is… 
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller




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