Ascended Masters 20130604 Preserve your Exuberant Energy with Gratitude -Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ June 02 – 09, 2013 Received by Julie Miller


Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ June 02 – 09, 2013
Received by Julie Miller

It is known and understood by now that all within the grand universe is vibrational by its very nature, including each of you. The Spirit of your Whole Self is pure energy dear ones, fluctuating within certain vibrational frequencies. Learning how important your vibrational frequency is will provide you the knowledge required for you to apply concentrated focus in all areas of your life and journey. 
Remember the basic Law of Attraction, “like will attract like”. When you are moving within a high vibrational frequency you will attract even more high frequency which means you will encounter more positive situations to enter your life, whereas low frequency obviously will have you attracting lower vibrational frequency which means you will be attracting more negative situations to enter your life. It is from your thoughts and of your feelings that you create your vibration and through these thoughts and feelings you begin to manifest your experiences into reality. 
Knowing what your vibration frequency is, is very simple dear ones. All you need to do is determine how you are feeling. Ask yourself, learn how you are truly feeling, be honest, don’t exaggerate – be truthful to yourself when asking how you are feeling. The better you feel, the more high spirited you are, the higher your frequency will be. On the other hand, the worse you feel, the more negative your thoughts and feelings are produces a lower vibrational frequency. 
When you are moving at a high vibrational frequency, you will be bringing into your whole life greater opportunities, new situations, and relationships that will preserve this wonderful Inner High feeling – you exuberate energy, love and beautiful light. When you are moving within a lower vibrational you will attract new opportunities, situations and relationships but they will continue producing a negative, low feeling. Remember dear ones, it is through your feelings that your Inner Self finds its guidance; change your feelings you change your vibrational frequency and open yourself to attracting more positive situations into your life. 
You are now understanding that your vibrational frequency is determined by your leading thoughts and what you believe in the most that holds tight within your consciousness. It is through this knowledge that your awareness focuses on your thoughts and it is through here dear ones where you make your choice to have negative thoughts or change your thoughts into positive ones. When you maintain positive thoughts you will find yourself feeling great, on top of the world. Whereas if you are holding only negative thoughts you will recognize early on that you are irritable. And it is true; your vibrational frequency can change as the topics of your day change. But it is your overall frequency that silently tells you where you vibrate on all topics and areas of your daily life. 
It is important dear ones to discover the power of love combined with gratitude. These two when working together create a very important and divine vibration. Adding more gratitude into your life denotes discipline and that you take your journey and life seriously. You can increase your vibrational frequency just by being more grateful. 
Many dear souls have a special journal just for gratitude. What they do dear ones is record each day what it is they are grateful for. These words can be expressed simply without attaching anything personal to them. Just by writing down simple words, such as sun-shower, birds chirping, or an interesting insect is on your windowsill will help lift your spirit and if your spirit is lifted then so is your vibrational frequency. 
 If you are meeting with friends or family, or even while writing a letter or speaking to another through your communication device, begin the communication or conversation by sharing your celebrations and encourage the other persons involved to do the same. By focusing on what is a celebration to you even if its small helps to reset your mind and you begin to attract more positive energy which in turn raises your vibrational frequency. Sharing simple celebrations is very healing. Even if your celebration is deciding to wear actual clothes for the day instead of your comfortable pajamas, this dear ones is worthy of celebration and to be mentioned. 
We encourage each of you to set a goal each day to find a few things to be grateful for. You do not need to write them down, but speak them. When you vocalize these finds, you add your own personal power to them. Remember your words have power, so when you speak with gratitude towards something you are encouraging more positive flow of positive energy and raising your vibrational frequency. This can be a great nightly habit to get into as it creates a more positive feel before you go to sleep and at the same time encourages a bright and positive next day. 
As you become more comfortable with adding more gratitude into your life, you will learn very quickly how simple this principle is and how rewarding it is on a whole. Those around you will benefit from the positive spirits that flow through you and around you. 
Remember dear ones, this is your journey; it is your thoughts, your feelings and your actions as a result of your feelings that determine where you are heading. And it is you that holds the power to change what you do not like. 
And So It Is…
I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller



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