Lovely Ones, we welcome you all in our energy of Love and enrichment. It truly is our pleasure to be able to accept all of you again and to share our message of Love with all. We love you all so dearly!


It has been a while since you have heard from us through this scribe but a lot has come to pass in the meantime for her and for us, just as for all of you. We have found an appropriate window of opportunity to again step forward and we are grateful for this!


Where shall we begin? A dazzling amount of things are on the verge of breaking through whilst a lot has already happened ; however, just as we have stated many times before this is just the beginning of something truly grandiose and fabulous. In the meantime you all have become accustomed beautifully to the standard measures and frequencies of the Light arriving in full swing on your Earth, particularly in your DNA and in your cells. That this process is moving up a notch is noticeable for many of you and, in spite of this fact, has become very tolerable. This can only mean that you are ready for this, for in all honesty, you are already dealing with very high frequencies of the Light that now arrive at a pace that even we, with our swiftness,  are not always able to keep up with.



Lovely ones, your integration has speedily evolved to a full willingness on your part with reference to your physical vessel as well as to your DNA and your cells. That’s why this matrix will no longer give you the same holographic appearance which you were familiar with and which you have maintained for such a long time. The activations of the Lightcodes in your Being are now being brought to the climax point and they will cause enormous shifts in so many of you and on so many Earthly levels.


From now on, expect only transformations in your physical being and evolve further by departing from this duality; allow yourself to grow into a Lightbeing as it is just that what has now started on the physical level. The changes of your blueprint will become apparent and will be activated meaning that your blueprint now has the upper hand during these shifts and will execute according to the input. This is an unstoppable process which is integrated fully in your being : all in all, it is the emergence of your true Being.


Lovely ones, this is so breathtakingly fantastic. We so enjoy the moment in which you will come to experience this as it feels truly exhilarating and it is marvellous. Enjoy the whole process as it is an extraordinary one which has never been done before, by nobody, and look how extremely easy it all unfolds in you? Our oceans are painted in those beautiful colours which you are emitting during this process. Mother Earth is plain beautiful to behold in this moment, She increasingly feels her upcoming moment of liberation and She reaps the fruits of this as do you.


Be grateful, be proud of yourselves, there’s nothing wrong with this. It serves no purpose to always consider yourselves inferior for you have a greater say in all of this than you realize. In truth, you started this process and have gotten it thus far… you did it all, our lovely ones! We did not do it, nor the Emissaries of the Light, nor the Masters, nor the Archangels, nor your Galactic Brethren,  nor countless other Beings of the Light ….We only saw to it that you got the most appropriate assistance because you asked for it. We only do what is asked of us and we respect all and everybody.


We are immensely grateful to be involved in this wonderful event and we are trying to do everything in our power to contribute our promised part. Very soon now we will make the portals of the oceans available to all of you so to enable you to travel back and forth to your beloved family after they too are again completely free to use those portals with your consent.


We will already warm up your hearts in these next few days; enjoy it and experience it all in warmth and Love. We love you immensely!


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