Humanity is due for a shocking surprise that will amaze and delight everyone. Those of you who are aware that you are shortly to awaken from your heavy slumbering state within the illusion will also experience that wonderful shock. No one who chooses to take part will be excluded – as some of you might say “the more the merrier” – because to awaken from that dark state is a move into unimaginable joy. It is an utterly enchanting joy that you will share and partake in with one another, in an exhilaration more intense than you have ever felt in any of your many human incarnations.

Hold your intent, hold your enthusiastic expectations and continue to race down the home straight towards your destination where large crowds of welcoming friends and loved ones have gathered to meet you. The bliss of experiencing acceptance and love that is pure, perfect, unconditional, and eternal will induce a high, a thrill, an explosion of happiness that is beyond anything that you can imagine. Constant, instant, and intense delight awaits your homecoming. Disappointment is unthinkable and impossible, and this is not just advertising hype, because this is to be the fulfillment of a divine promise made to you eons ago.

Many of you are feeling twinges of anxiety or doubtfulness because your expectations are so high — as they have every right to be — even though you have a divine promise that you will awaken and which you have to take on trust. In the illusion you have all experienced the betrayal of trust so it is not really surprising that these unsettling twinges arise to disturb you. They are an aspect of the illusion that you are in the process of releasing as the field of Love enveloping you assures you that all is well, and provides the solvent that will dissipate all your karmic baggage.

All is well; you know that. Attend to aligning your will constantly with your Father’s that you awaken, and in acceptance that that is the case, offer compassion, listening, and love in all your personal interactions. Doing so brings you a sense of peace, a valid intuitive faith in the divine outcome which has been promised to you, making the last moments of your journey pass easily and smoothly. And your comforting countenance provides welcome assurance to many others as you assist them to flow homeward with you towards the grand moment of awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.






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