Channeler: Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to help guide on the recent energy upgrades and their effects on the human vehicle, in particular how this may be perceived as heightened emotions at this time. Much has changed and shifted vibrationally across and within planet earth and this has led to a vibrational upgrade to the nervous system of the human vehicle.

As the new earth unfolds it is vital that human emotions are allowed to flow freely, for human emotion is the experience that is chosen by the SOUL who incarnated into the human vehicle that lives on the planet earth. Those who sought to contain and suppress the human race knew this and deliberately set in place systems and teachings that negated the human vehicle processing and LETTING GO of said emotions.

Now as the energies heighten and the rigid structures begin to break down then ALL human emotion may be free flowing once more. The more rigid the structure the greater the force of emotion that will outpour when that structure has been dissolved. We are more than aware of the need for reassurance across and within planet earth at this time as many events are playing out within individual life experiences that may leave you feeling as if you have reached the edge of your sanity.

We are here to support ALL as this process now begins in earnest across the planet, the need for clarity of vision uppermost at all times. This is the disintegration of all that sought to contain and suppress you it is not to be confused with some sort of punishment or “end of days”. Both of these concepts are born out of the old energies that dealt solely with containment and suppression.

There are new ways of BEing that are now being born from within those who have gone through this process, as each human being has free will, as each human being has a unique experience then it may be that some more than others will be affected by this process. We ask that you process this through the heart, for the heart knows TRUTH. The heart is the organ that is now being cleansed and cleared and we ask that you reach out to your human brothers and sisters and support them where you can. For it may appear to many of the human race that they are completely alone in the intense emotions that are now pouring out of their human vehicles. Many may be on the verge of questioning their sanity and we guide this is but part of the process of deep cleansing of the entire human vehicle.

The emotions have the ability if not processed to create various scenarios that are not supportive and this must be addressed. For it is not possible to build a new world on the principles and rigid regimes of the old one. We ask that you look at the emotion(s) that you are struggling with and we ask that you look for the teachings that exist below them. There will be teachings that are trying to play out in order to filter this cleansing and to make you believe that it is something that is somehow harmful to SELF, this is not TRUTH.

It is not possible to be in balance and wholeness whilst nursing emotions that you have buried for years and lifetimes, this is not TRUTH. The human race has been taught to repress emotion, taught to ignore emotion yet emotion is what you came here to experience. Do you understand our analogy? do you understand our words?

The outpouring will continue for the increase in energy across and within planet earth will steadily increase for this is a process that builds. We are here with you at all times and we guide for you to be aware of the bigger picture. Our channel is now becoming aware of the bigger picture and it may become more challenging for her to continue with her posts as there other energies at work that may interrupt our guidance to you.

KNOW that you are not alone, KNOW that the LIGHT that YOU ARE in TRUTH cannot be turned off, it can only increase in brightness. KNOW that your emotions are there for a reason and that they are there in order you may experience the human life experience. KNOW also that the human emotions do NOT define YOU, for YOU ARE not only your human emotions. At a deeper level YOU are fully aware and becoming more and more aware of the reason that YOU incarnated here onto planet earth in this timeline and dimension.

Going within and connecting with YOUr SOUL will show YOU TRUTH, processing through the heart will show YOU TRUTH for TRUTH is not words, TRUTH JUST IS. KNOW THIS.

We are the High Council of Orion and we are here with you at all times. Reach out to us and KNOW that we hear you and that we are with you. The angelic realms now flood across and within planet earth as further support. If you were able to see the vast amount of LIGHT that now supports and embraces YOU then this process would be so much easier but that is not what is playing out. What is playing out is the last remnants and the legacy of a race of BEings that sought to contain and suppress. This is what the LIGHT that YOU ARE is dissolving and this is what the LIGHT that now shines brightly around and within is addressing.

This is the period that may have been termed “Harmonic Convergence”, it is happening NOW, there has never been a time when it was not NOW. The birth of a new human consciousness is happening NOW, the birth of the new world is happening NOW, NOW is the moment for it was always the moment, do you understand our words?

We are not here to give timescales for we operate outside of linear time and that would be of no help to you as you now struggle to dissolve that which has contained you. We guide you thus dear ones, to flow is to be in TRUTH, to BE is to be in TRUTH, that which has contained always has a lower energetic vibration. To raise your vibration, to FEEL TRUTH and to process ALL through the heart will show YOU TRUTH.

There may be challenging scenarios that are logic based that result in many of the playing out of these teachings, it may be that you are pushed back into the logic that has contained the human race for aeons and we acknowledge the difficulty you may find in relation to this. But our guidance is to stay within the heart, to find shelter within the heart space for the storm of emotions may rage within you but they are NOT YOU.

As you have learnt behaviour it is now time to UNLEARN this behaviour for you cannot experience life as a human being whilst filtering out information that would enrich the experience. Do you understand our analogy? Our words?

Much will now create confusion and anxiety across and within planet earth, we guide you to the heart, when all becomes too much then seek refuge in the heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. YOU ARE TRUTH.

We step back now to allow you to digest our guidance and our words. We are the High Council of Orion and we wrap you in the LOVE that IS. LOVE is the answer no matter the question and LOVE JUST IS. May you shine like the brightest stars in the universe for YOU ARE.

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