Today we would like to focus your attention on humanities astonishing ability to overcome unfathomable adversity.  There are many who are experiencing a wide array of challenging experiences in this great time of change. There are those of you who can see the positive in any situation and in turn are very grateful for the benefits that the experience brings, and there are others who will choose to find the negative in even the most positive of situations.  Of course like anything in your world, your perception of the experience is what determines whether it is seen as a positive experience of a negative experience.  Remember, every circumstance is neutral, only you can place a value on it.

Know that not everyone was brave enough to enter into the lower dimensions. You truly are the bravest of the brave.  It is a much more challenging experience in the lower dimensions than that of the higher dimensions. You will indeed experience a tremendous amount of soul growth from your “perceived reality”, however it takes a very strong soul to want to incarnate on your world.  We in the higher realms, as we have stated before, do not experience the wide range of emotions that you are able to in the lower dimensions.  We experience a relatively calm and tranquil existence relative to your own.  We are not in any way saying that one experience is better than another; we truly find it fascinating just how creative all of you are with the experiences that you attract into your lives. Know that we are in awe of just how resilient all of you really are.  We understand that while you are in the middle of these challenges, it can be very hard to remember that you are the one directing this “play” and that you can change how you perceive any circumstance at anytime.

Of course when you were choosing this life while you were in the higher realms, you had a different perspective than you do now, now that you are in the “thick” of it.  It could be compared to an actor who accepts a very challenging, yet dramatic role for the sake of enhancing and further developing their acting skills.  They do not worry that they will actually experience the trauma that may occur to their “character” because they know that it isn’t real.  Much can be gained, however they know once the role is over they can go back to being “themselves”.  This is very similar to what all of you are doing now.

You have undoubtedly taken on very big challenges in your lives, more so in this lifetime than in any other because you wanted to really “get everything you could” out of this lifetime.  Although from our perspective you really never have left “home” in the higher dimensions, we understand that because you are so committed to your roles down here that you have forgotten that it isn’t real.  That’s what makes your experiences so very intense.  We have never experienced such adversity and we are so very proud of how willing and able all of you are to just keep moving forward.  Yes there are times that you feel as though you won’t be able to get back up, but you always do.  You pick up the pieces and continue to press on.  For those of you that are feeling that right now is one of those times that you can’t go on, know that like a slingshot, the father you go into the “dark” the faster and farther you will be propelled back into the light.

Know that the moments  you feel the most strain, are the times that allow for the most growth.  A tree in the wind must remain flexible, it must allow the wind to flow freely through its branches; the moment it resists the flow, the tree will be uprooted.  And so it is with all of you.  This is a time of great releasing, of clearing what cannot come with you into the new energy of the higher dimensions.  Now is the time to allow for that which does not serve you to be released with ease.  You can acknowledge the beliefs as they surface, but let them go on their way; they will only act as a tether if you try to hold on to them.  A strong “impenetrable” structure can be leveled in a storm, and yet a piece of paper flows freely as it sways in the wind, all the while never being harmed or damaged.  Why create resistance in your life when you could choose to experience the ease of the divine flow?  Let all fall neatly into place.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.







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