Precious Hearts of mine, I go by the name of Lady Portia and I greet you all sincerely and respectfully with an abundance of Love and Light. I welcome you all in my enlightened energy and Presence as the I AM that I AM. I bless you all and you may take my word for it that I love you all so immensely deep with all of my heart!


It appears that all of you and all of us have taken an enormous step upward to your enlightenment. All ties to that end have now duly been cut and it is all so crystal clear how all will proceed from now on. Expect the wonder and awe of Ascension to present itself in a way you’ve never experienced before. The fact that you have brought this about in a collective way makes it all the more wonderfully beautiful for all of you and for the world. The collective context in which this came about,seals your decision for enlightenment on a global scale.♥ Moreover, it also seals your own self-being and your decision to go ahead in this life and beyond.


Lots of hearts amongst you have clearly chosen to free themselves from the wheel of karma and not to return and just to evolve further on and out of this illusion. Of those beings it is now expected that they will, once and for all, get out of it in a most “Masterly” way. That decision was a long way in the making, it certainly wasn’t decided overnight. First those souls had to wrestle with duality and its tricks destined to keep you all in an image of low self-esteem, granting you the wisdom as small as a nut.

All those petty games and hidden truths come to their end NOW, my precious ones! There can no longer be deceptions, they are just not tolerated anymore by all of you. That in itself is a clear indication that you now stand firmly in your shoes! We are only a few portals away of the actual real work so our advice to you is to take in all the energies and changes to the best of your abilities so to be able to harmoniously cope with the real work of Ascension. Your physical vessels are preparing themselves so as to let their true self explode outside of their limits which requires a lot of adjustments, that in turn can be responsible for your feelings of fatigue and of being under the weather.


I would really like to be informed, my beloved hearts, when something is too much for you to cope or when something becomes too difficult to handle…. In such cases, I will jump to your aid to restore balance in you. My fellow brothers and family of the Ascended Masters are all too willing to help you out anyway they can so that you proceed along on your magnificent journey to global Ascension.


We are not just Masters for you, for we do not consider us that way in relation to you all :  we are equal and we are One! We only received this title of Ascended Master to clarify who we are and what we stand for. We did not receive that designation to put us above all of you for we would never do that! We are your friends, your loved ones, your fellow-creatures, but above all, we are partners throughout all times. Together we left on numerous journeys, and together we will do this now during this Ascension.


Have faith in us for we have faith in you! We know all too well what is expected of all of you : and you will deliver on your missions, no doubt about that. Your hearts have grown so strong, you have intense feelings of love for one another and for yourself and because of that a huge step upward has been taken to a higher vibration. That in of itself has now granted that the lower vibrations can no longer influence your reality one way or the other. Those lower vibrations are as good as gone, taking with them their last influences, although here and there they can still show up intensely.


Be aware, my precious hearts, that this is just an illusion which those desperate ones try to uphold you, through lower vibrations taking the form of fear, despair, agression and war. The taking for real of those lower dispositions are the only means for them to succeed in their attempts. That is to say : they try to pull you back from the throne you have reached in the meantime and bring you back to again get stuck in this duality! So I want to emphasize the fact to not get involved in their petty games to which you all are invited and certainly not to give any energy nor any focus to those games. Ignore them with all of  your might and know that it is just an illusion, they are just desperate attempts to win you over!  Don’t take it for granted, this is what I really want to emphasize, my precious hearts.♥


I love you all so deeply and I only have your best interest at heart for you and your family, your friends and your loved ones. We are with you all and we send you our assistance on a daily basis whenever it is needed. You are not alone.


I AM That I AM

Lady Portia ♥

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved.





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