Via Lou James. Oct 8 2012.  Ascension Explorers, New Zealand

Greetings, greetings, greetings

Oh my dear, dear human angels greetings, it is I Kryon of the magnetic service and I come to you this night to tell you that yes those messages that have come to you from various forms and manners telling you of great changes, warning you of that which is all the potentials that are to come within that which is a short space of time of expression are all very true and grounded.

And Yet I would bring to you above this, the reminder that in all things there is the love.  There is the self-awareness of that which is the very essence of your love, the love that comes from the central most part of this universe, this omniverse, this magnetic gathering that we call home.  So we have come and I have come this night to remind you to re-remember home.

For you have come to a place within your own understanding, your own frequency your own expansion that it is time to begin to re-remember home.  What it is like to be surrounded in the complete and utter total ambiance of love, of bliss, of that which comes from the fathers heart.

From that which comes, from that which you know on this planet as the love of God.  You will understand that when you stand in that very centre point of being encompassed. That in all things all other matters fall away and yet remains the truth of your service of that which is the reason, my dear beautiful earth human angels of why you came back into this moment of experience. Why you came back into this time to experience the cyclic memory, this cyclic experience of rebirth, of renewal of that which is releasing from the old magnetics, and moving into new magnetics, into new service.

Understand that you are going through many, many changes at this moment many frequential systematic changes. The paradigm shifts of your lives are beginning to break down and rebuild themselves in a completely new way, and I Kryon have come this night my friends to allow you to feel the very depth of the love that is coming towards you, in that which is the frequency and the vibration that comes from the very heart of love itself.

For we are here my dear ones of complete and utter service, to remind you to remember what it is that you have come into this moment to do and that is to bring balance, that is to bring completeness, that is to bring the understanding of that which is the moving from one level into another. This has not been done before and yet we remind you of the conversations, we remind you of the planning, we remind you of the gatherings that we came and we partook of together.

And as you agreed again and again and again, yes this is the time that we will come and we will hold the space.  We will umbrella the energy so that those that come under and around us will be, in a manner of speaking, protected.  But we will not protect them from everything; but we will gain them space, we will gain them time, to gather their own ways of being, to gather their own ways of understanding that they may integrate, that they may begin their own understanding journey.  So it is that we come within this banner of love, within this umbrella of connection and we say it is time to extend the arms of the umbrella, to come from a central place of balance and realise that you, dear earth angel, have undergone the frequency changes the vibrational shifts of release; whether willingly or unwillingly, whether knowingly or unknowingly, because of the agreements that you have given and stood by.

 Science cannot keep up

The magnetic changes that are occurring with in this realm are far exceeding what your scientists had ever perceived could possibly happen.  The changes within the planetary systems have far exceeded the mental or computer graphical understandings of this time.

Every time they plug in a new dimension or a new way of mathematical understanding and the computers spew out the answers, the universe shifts again.  Bringing in more magnetic and non-magnetic alignment, more repulsion and more attraction and they, your scientists, do not understand. For they no sooner believe they have the God particle under control when it begins to break down and re-invent itself.  Where again there are black holes appearing around your universe and omniverse and they say, ‘But where did it come from?  Why has it come into this being, because our mathematical equations, our workings out, our scientific understanding does not create the space for this.’  And we say of course not for you are human and we see things from a completely different perspective.

Feel your own electromagnetic changes

So we are saying to you dear ones, that are in this sound of my voice this night, that you would hear not just with the ear but you would begin to feel into the heart space of your own electromagnetic changes, as you begin to feel the polarities of your own being, begin to undergo change.  As you begin to send out within your own human frequency the changes that align with that which is occurring upon this planetary shift.

The Mayan Calendar and the new beginning

Because understand that yes our friends the Mayans created for you a calendar that ends on 21 December 2012, but what they did not reveal or leave for you in so much of the same understandings of pictorial calendar ways, but they left you with a historic story within their own people that is now becoming to be heard if you will listen.

Yes the hard evidence that you have found engrafted in the stones and the clay tablets, tell you of the great ending that is coming and yes they are right.  The great ending is coming and yes we have said before and others have spoken to you in like manner, that there is no end there is no doomsday.  Yet there is an end to the way that you know.  There is an end to the lives and the lifestyles and the ways of the human being that comes to pass on the 21 of this December.

Only to break forward, only to come into a new way of being, a new energy a new understanding, a new magnetic shift, where everything that you thought you understood no longer is there.  Instead you will be coming and creating again afresh, anew.

A new Magnetic shift of undefined pure love

Dear ones it is the Magnetic service that has been holding you in this place holding your planet holding everything all the grids into place, it is still going to do so.  Yet we are making room for a new magnetic connection new understanding new way of connection, it is the magnetic connection of undefiled, unquantified, the purest of all purest forms of love.

What you term in your English language the unconditional love is by comparison tainted and putrid to what is coming through.  For the love that will wash over this globe called planet earth will completely undo and remake your concept of love.  There will come a peace there will come a time of each human of peace.

Those that gather around tables to discuss political agendas no longer will have so much of the warfare, but they will be seeking a peaceful solution.  Because timing dear hearts, timing my beautiful BEAUTIFUL ANGELS, my beloved angels that walk amongst these times, they are seeking solutions that you have brought into being.

Allow yourselves to connect to that which is the purest form of all things that have occurred upon this planetary gridline.  The love that comes from the source of all things that is poured out into this planetary system is bringing that which is the purest form of true connection, of true empowerment, where you will be able to stand within the frequency of knowing that you are in vibrational change.

‘Matrixal’ Changes that bring beginning and end

You will begin to see the changes with and around you and in your planet, where you will see matrixal changes. You will look at the plant life, you will look at the human life and you will see change.

You will see formations in two ways you. You will see a formation that brings the life. You will see the changes that imbue the life and the ongoing and you will also see the matrix that eats itself up, that is its own death.

I use this terminology to show you that there is going to become an end to what has been and there is a beginning that which is to come that which is already here.

The cusp we are at

Within this magnetic shift, within this planetary time there are many openings:  the Galactic as you call them, the Angelics, the Cosmic.  They are all connecting at this time within the very frequential understanding of the paradigm of truth, honour, integrity and love. There is no other way. For when you stand within the vibration of all things that come into your vibration and allow it to be as such, this truth, you will find that love surpasses and overcomes and brings new and wipes away all things that could possibly stand against you.  For you are in the crux, you are at the cusp, you are at, if one wants to use the human terminology the darkest hour of the night. I only say this because dawn is breaking.

Understand it is not dark because there is fear, it is not dark because there is death, there is not dark because there is an ending, it is dark because it is about to birth the newness that is the very vibration of love.

The very understanding of the magnetic changes of love, for understand as I have travelled through millennia to come into the being and the understanding that you may hear the words we speak of the magnetic service.  It is been to bring alignment into the grid lines, the magnetic gridlines of your planet of your cosmic world, to align your personal human gridlines to that which is this planetary system.  And all this is being done to enable you to re remember who you are. It is been done to bring the spark of life back to your dreams.

IT IS TIME TO WAKEN DEAR ONES it is time to waken.

And yes you will say but Kryon I am awake and I will say yes you are awake but you are sleep walking, only because of the vibrational shift that is occurring at this moment that is causing many to feel the vibrational flux and tearing that allows them to wonder to perceive what truly is occurring.

You are awake, you are perceiving, you are understanding the changes and yet you are still asleep as to what is to come because your time to waken to what is to come, is yet to be fully expressed yet to be fully opened, and so the urgings of that which has been coming through and will continue to come through is to waken, is to stand within that which is the fullest expansion and know from the very heart of that which is within you, that you are the vibration of love. That you are the frequency of love; you are the angelic connection of love.

And you may say, ‘ but Kryon not all of us are of the angel lineage’.

I agree, many are not, but you are all human angels. For you do not see yourself as I see you. You do not see yourself as the truest form of love sees you.  We see the tearing’s within each one of you as you shed another layer. We see the frustrations of the mental understanding as you work through yet another shift, another understanding. We see what you put yourselves through and we say STOP! You do not need to put yourself through anything.  My dear human angels it is time to re-remember who you are.

There is no mystery any longer wrapped around the continuum of who you are. You are the most beautiful of energies, and you are the most strongest of energies, and you are the most creative of beings.

Each one who hears the sound of my voice, who hears the resonation of the vocalisation and the energetic connection, understand that you hear the unlocking to your next opening.

Birthing is now

Understand you are in the birthing. You are in the birth canal; there is no time to go back.  Contractions are pushing you forward and you are the contractions, you are the birth. Dear ones you are the light that is coming into a darkened place that is already enlightened, you are bringing more light. You are bringing understanding and you are bringing that which is connection.

The frequency that is of this time, the frequency that is coming in at this level is not for the faint hearted.  It is not for those who think that tomorrow is yet another day. For may we say, as one who walks with many of the Angelics who has the ear of God, may we say that this is the time of birthing, and there is no tomorrow there is only now.

Each one of you have walked the journey that I relay in my story of Coming Home.  You have been and you have visited the different coloured houses.  You have integrated the parts of the armour; the sword of truth, the shield of faith, the helmet that you place to prevent infiltration of the mental realm, the breastplate of righteousness, the breastplate that you place upon yourself to keep your heart pure. Allow yourselves to begin to fully integrate these parts, to walk in this manner that you are in, in truth.

You call upon the angels you say ‘WHERE ARE YOU WHY HAVE YOU NOT HEARD ME’.  We say we hear you.  Do you hear us?  Do you hear when we say peace, love, balance, breathe, connect, love, BE.

My dear earth angels your energies are beautiful, your frequency and the vibration that you are emanating, is the most beautiful that we have seen, that I have seen for many many many years.  You are birthing yourselves into the most beautiful love connection.

This next move that is coming, this next… (Kryon stoped as if listening to another energy)… yes we should not say the next 26,000 years but this next cyclic birthing that is bringing in a new way of living, a new way of being.  This is your life; this is the magnetics of the service that we have prepared for you of those that are in magnetic service. We have been preparing.  We have been waiting for this birthing for 26 thousand years to see if you will pass through and join us.

Beautiful ones, most loved ones.  Can you not hear the heart god can you not hear and feel the love of God as he is calling you into the next part of your journey.  Do not resist do not resist yourselves for are you not part of him are you not part of her?

It is time dear hearts, dear beautiful angels, to wake up to become aligned with that which is the energy of the planets that are coming into your alignment.  There are more planets in this alignment than you perceive.  Yes there are your cosmic family bodies, the Moon, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus etc etc. and all their moons and all their stars yet there are others in this heavenly body connection that are moving in to take their place in this dance.

Many planets that have shall we say passed over, because their vibration would have disturbed the vibrational growth and shift that was needed at this moment to be in the planetary system of now are reintegrating their energy into solidity that they may assist this shift.

Why do you not understand the black holes, the gaps that are being picked up, the photon washes that are coming in and out of your system?  They are not freak occurrences; they are planned and purposeful, because they are the keys alongside you for what is about to occur.  It is beautiful it is in this time and though many will say if there is a divine plan, if it is predestined, where is my will, where is my choice, where is that which I choose to do.

Yes it is the divine plan yes it is the divine way of being. No it is not going against your free choice.  What it is that you choose to be, the only difference is do you choose to remain in that that eats and consumes itself, or do you choose to be a new birthing of love, of light, of being.

 Oh beautiful humans.  The love of god is so present in this place washing each one of you, embracing your whole beings, the angels are in this place right now washing your feet, for the journey you are taking and are about to take.

They are encouraging you they have laid before you a banquet and they are saying eat, it is good, it is good.  Do not fret about tomorrow do not be concerned about yesterday, but be in NOW, create NOW yes plan for tomorrow but do not live for tomorrow.

I am Kryon of magnetic service and I love you, go in peace, be in peace and remember who you are.

Kryon via Lou James

© 2012 





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