Dear Ones,


Much has been turned upside down, twisted, been driven to extremes and has evolved in the course of history on your world. All these developments were necessary in most cases as seen from a global standpoint, although in some cases there have been exceptions which were not derived from the Source of Light. What had to manifest was effectual but still there are many more unobservable matters who long to manifest and, my dear ones, this can no longer be withheld. Uncontrollable expressions manoeuver themselves into your current world and must now urgently come to the surface, as it has been withheld for far too long now. It yearns to get to the forefront of your mindset and on your world.


The changes involved will untenably come to their expressions now. Parts of the world will experience these fundamental changes as it will all transform drastically from the viewpoint of dysfunction to one of Love, Light and Harmony. Consider them as the direct effects of what Love can accomplish as a huge power,  being the Source of All That Is. Earthly surfaces will convert to light. Everything that seems firm and in the form of matter (but which in fact is the greatest illusion) will convert to a much lighter substance and expression that in essence is of LIGHT. Simply Light; that is all what it is and ever shall be. Nothing more and nothing less.


Light in itself is an all-embracing concept although it appears to be simplicity itself. Light entails so many expressions of various energies vibrating at different frequencies. Light is the power behind Love and behind Creation. Light converts the tangible into the visible ; it is an expression of Love, of Power, of you and of countless other things … That’s the reason why we emphasize the fact of just simply BE Light. That covers so much ground! And, by the way, it is a lovely phenomenon, it is something you like to see and be close to. Take the sunlight for instance : it makes people lighthearted and brings them in a good mood, it litterally lifts their spirits! Nobody likes to dwell in dark times or in dark places : it feels depressing and it instigates “fear”. Even in this regard Light is an important concept for you as humans and it is obvious that you like to be close to Light and to feel it.


My Beloved ones, I strongly suggest that you bask in the sunlight in all its glory. That way you can replenish yourself and energize your batteries so to speak which are now depleted from all the changes and all the upgrades your physical body had to undergo lately. Take a walk in the sun, bask in the sunlight and take in as much sunlight as possible so that you are energized and light-hearted again. Solar energy is not only a free energy for the current appliances and their technologies but also for your physical body. The sun is really important in the solar system and is far more than a source of warmth and energy for you and for Mother Earth. The Sun is the greatest Stargate by far in your solar system and is used amply by other civilizations from far away galaxies. For centuries, the Sun has been used that way and in the near future it will all become more obvious for you.


Fill yourself with energy and with Light. My Beloved Ones, don’t get dragged by the lower vibrations which were more present than usual in the past few days. Remain steadfast in your inner knowing and purpose and take into account that it is possible that these lower vibrations travel along your energy fields on their way out of this planet. Lightworkers who are firmly dedicated in their spiritual evolution might be targeted since this is a collective context. So don’t take it personally, those lower vibrations can no longer go along and were requested to leave Gaia; a process that will happen collectively. We wish them the best and send them Love and Light on their evolutionary path. And that is something you should be doing too : acknowledge their presence and send them Love. Then just go on with your day, don’t look back and don’t get triggered by them.


I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you for bringing this message forward. Namaste.


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