I, Mytria, have come back into your awareness since you said, “If we want to know why they are not helping us enough, or when they will help us, all we need do is raise our consciousness enough to ask them.” Therefore, I have returned to your heart and mind to continue our story of ascension.

(If you are new to this Pleiadian Ascension of Mytria and Mytre, please find our story so far at:  )


It is fitting that we continue our story while you are on your own Nature Quest.  There has been a passage of “time” since we last communed with you. You needed to integrate what we had told you about our ascension to best allow it to activate your own. Furthermore, just as you have been “away” from us, we continue our story after I had been away from Mytre for what you would count as over ten years.  

First, I will address the question of “helping us.” We too sought the help of those who had already ascended, just as you are now. In fact, our story left off with Mytre seeking help from the Arcturians. It was in the process of him seeking help from others, that he gained help within himself.


The scenario, arranged by higher frequencies of reality, was that he had to fight his way to get help from the Arcturians. Then he had to go deep inside himself to save that Mission, as well as the lives of his remaining crewmates. In this process, Mytre was able to recover his innate ability of mind over matter.

Mytre did not know he had that ability, but he was able to recover this skill when it was vital for the completion of his Mission. You, our dear members of Gaia, will also be called upon to reach inside your SELF to call upon your unknown, innate abilities. But, Mytre will tell you more about his process when I complete my tale of SELF- discovery.

When I was separated from Mytre in the chaotic moment of our return to our Village, I was temporally brave. I had to release him to his Higher Mission, give birth to our daughter and accept the process of being a new Mother—alone—all in the same fateful day. I also had to accept the fact that I would have to live each day without Mytre, my Divine Complement.


Fortunately, the three of us, myself, Mytre and our daughter, Alycia, met every night in our Astral Bodies. However, an “astral hug” is not the same as a physical embrace. At first the nightly visit were enough, but eventually they only added to the pain of missing Mytre. These nightly meetings were the only contact that Alycia had ever had with her father, so it was normal to her. On the other hand, sometimes it made me miss Mytre more.

After many years of these meetings, I began to let Alycia go alone, using the excuse that I had to get a deep sleep that night. Gradually, I joined Mytre and Alycia less and less. I had to create my own life. I could no longer hold on to something that was not a part of my physical reality.

I don’t know when it was that I decided that I would see him one more time, and then I would have to end our nightly meetings. Eventually, that night came. Of course, Alycia knew that it was a good night for her to NOT join us, as she always knew what was in my mind. In fact, she could read the mind, heart and aura of everyone, all the time.


When I showed up to meet Mytre without Alycia, he instantly knew why. “I can no longer pretend that this is enough for me.” I said before I lost my nerve. “I will wait for you forever, but I have to find my SELF again. When I bonded with you so deeply, then gave birth to our child, I seemed to have lost a part of myself. My meditations have been about how to wait for you. Everything I do has been with you in mind. I deny myself deep friendships, as I can only think of you…”

For a very brief moment, I felt his physical arms around me, but all I could do was sob. I wanted more! This was not enough! I had to find something inside of my SELF that was as important as being with him.

The feeling of his arms around me disappeared. He looked into my eyes and said in a disappointed way, “I have been working for years to manifest my form with you, but I have waited too long. I have lost you.”

“No, no,” I cried. “You have not lost me. You will never lose me. The problem is that I have lost my SELF.”


“I understand,” is all that he said, as his astral body disappeared from my vision. I knew that he did not want to show me how much I had hurt him. I knew that he understood, but I was still angry and hurt. “Good” I thought. “I can use this anger to release him.”

Alycia still met with Mytre every night, but told me nothing about their meetings. I was very happy about their meetings. She deserved to have personal time with her father, and he deserved to watch her change and grow. In fact, Alycia was growing much quicker than was normal. It had been only about ten years, but she was almost an adult. I knew that that was because she was also the manifest form of the Elohim of Alcyone.

I was sad that Alycia did not need me in the same way, but I also knew that it was time for me to stop hiding from my own power. I remembered how, long ago, I had been able to connect with the Mother in a deep and intimate manner. However, I seemed to have lost that power when I became a mother myself. What was I to do? Who was I to be?

I was thinking about that fated day of our returned to our Village when I lost Mytre, Alycia was born and I lost my SELF. Could I somehow retrace that day? Where and when did I loose my deep connection the Mother? It was then that I heard the Inner Voice for the first time since that day.

“You will find your answer within my womb,” I heard the Mother say. But then Her voice was silent. My first message was to find the Mother’s Womb. 

For days I went through all my duties repeating, “The Womb of the Mother. Where is the womb of the Mother?” Then, one morning I awoke with the answer. The Womb of the Mother was the Sacred Rock that I had somehow entered the day I met Her in Her form of Elohim Alycone. I had to return there. I had to return, right now.

Again, I packed a light pack and snuck out into the early dawn. Only this time, I first informed Alycia, who completely understood why I had to go. It had been many years since Mytre and I had left our cave by the Sacred Rock. There had been many changes to our Village and our way of life since then. We all knew that the Arcturians had given us temporary protection from our enemies. However, we also knew that we would have to actively participate in the ascension of which they had spoken.


Living all these years in the Violet Temple had protected me from the fear and confusion that was far too common in the Village. However, my people needed some answers, and these answers could only come from the Mother. I walked for two and a half days before I found the Sacred Rock. Changes had been made to the nearby landscape, but the unseen energy shield, which could only be entered by the “invited one,” protected the Sacred Rock and its surrounding area.

I felt a floating sensation when I moved through the shield. Then, I had to move through many bushes before I could find the exact location on the rock that had once taken me into the Mother’s Womb. Once I found the Rock, I surveyed the area. It had a disserted and unkempt. Therefore, I spent the greater part of what was left of the day cleaning out my nearby cave and setting up my temporary home. This time I knew just what I needed to bring, so the work went quickly.

When the cave was fully repaired and made into a cozy home, I stood back to observe the cave. It was then that I fell to the floor sobbing. Every memory of my time here with Mytre overtook me, and I was overwhelmed with sorrow. I had not allowed myself to feel this sorrow since I had sent him away, and it felt good to finally release it. When I could cry no more, I crawled over to what had been our sleeping place, pulled myself into a fetal position and slept like an infant.


I awoke a new person, clear headed and determined to fulfill my destiny. I went out to the small pond, that was still there, but a bit overgrown. Then, without thought, I spend most of the morning pulling out plants that had invaded the pond and clearing out the moss that settled between these plants.

Then, I re-created my rock fire pit, moved some limbs and rocks to make seating around the fire and cleared the area of unwanted rocks and plants. I even dug up the area that had once been my small garden, and planted the seeds I had brought with me. Now it was time to clear a pathway to the Sacred Rock and pull away unwanted plants from Portal into the Mother’s Womb.

I had come to realize that the Sacred Rock was a powerful Portal, but I had told no one about it, even my best friends in the Temple. My first initiation had been when I was guided to this area. My second initiation, which was NOW, was to protect this Sacred Space. With that thought in mind, I suddenly remembered what the Arcturian had whispered into my Soul that first night in the Mother’s Womb. “You are a Keeper of the Violet Fire.”

I had forgotten that message because I not know what the Violet Fire was. However, most of my lessons in the Temple had been about the power of transmutation that was contained within the Violet Fire. We often spoke of the “myth” of this Fire, but no one knew what or where it was, even myself. I had been so distracted by missing Mytre that much of what I had learned went into my unconscious mind.

Now that I was back on the Land of the Mother, all the pieces of the puzzle were falling together. However, I only knew what I was supposed to do in the NOW. Once done, I again knew what to do in that NOW. I was similar to one of the many rocks that I had moved. I was only right NOW and right HERE. I found that experience to be wonderful.

I could not remember the past and the future was NOW. I had forgotten what had happened before, except for Mytre, Alycia and my dearest friends, and had no sense of the future. Only love could guide my thoughts and my only emotion was clarity. I had never thought of clarity as an emotion, but I discovered that it was the only emotion left when I was completely focused on the HERE and NOW.

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