Dear Friends

If one thing is true at the moment, it is that the world around us has changed in the last two years. This can be confusing.  We might still live in the same place and have the same job, but everything is different.  Many people are struggling to come to terms with what is different and how to respond and to live a creative and meaningful life.

This will be one of the themes of the 2021 Scorpio Gate webinars : “Rebirthing into the New Earth”.  After the powerful shifts at the Lions Gate in August 2021, it is now time to focus our energy and intentions and start creating the personal and collective structures that we need going forward.  As we know, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn did quite a job in breaking down old structures and “containers” for our lives.  Now we must begin to create the new so that we can direct our energies in the most beneficial ways for ourselves as we enter the New Earth.

In this 5 part webinar series, we will come together as a Community of Light to share information and energy, and to support each other on our new journey.  There will be four one hour sessions and an 11/11 Ceremony on the 11th of November.  We will work with Archangel Michael and there will be an Activation directed by Him at each webinar.  All live sessions will be recorded and will be available to all participants.  These webinars are a great experience, so please join us!  Here is the link to read more and sign up:

I also would like to let you know that there are just 3 Private sessions still available for October. There will be no Private Sessions in November, but they will be available again in December.

I have also enjoyed working with some of you in the new Mentorship program.  Archangel Michael says that there is such a need for Leaders and Teachers in the New Energy, and I am happy to share my experience.  I am also planning to introduce  new Modules in December, on how to write that book or get that Video series going!  So watch out for that.

Have a wonderful month in October and into November, and I hope to see you at the webinars.

Love and Blessings


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