We Are Releasing From The Heart Chakra Today 4/4/2020

We are releasing from the heart chakra today.
Feelings and thoughts of not being loved, grief, and regrets.
You may think I should not have said that to so and so 10 years ago. If I had made this decision and not that decision in the past my life would be better and different now. If I had only not dated this person, or quit this job, or majored in this in college my life would be better right now. I never should have done this or said that. This is releasing regrets.
Releasing grief about your life and not feeling loved and cared for. Releasing grief about people, decisions, and/or situations in your life. Maybe just feeling sad in general.
These are all repressed emotions, thoughts, and experiences from past traumas surfacing but they will seem true in the present.

Physically you can feel anxious, nervous, feel unsettled like something isn’t right but not knowing what it is. You are just releasing past fear based energy, stay calm. The energy should lift up soon.

Hang in There.

Much Love



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