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Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ April 10 – 17, 2014
Received by Julie Miller

Beautiful Bright Hearts there are many obstacles along your path for you to overcome and one of the greatest ones will be overcoming your current experience and finding inner peace while moving through the turbulence. The more you search externally dear ones, the further away you are to finding inner peace because all the peace that is to be found is from looking within. 
Of course you can what if this or what if that and come up with a million and one reasons and excuses for why you made certain choices, and why certain beliefs held by you has encouraged a current set of thoughts, and feelings making it difficult to not only reach inner peace but to sustain it. 
We watch and observe how you try to fix certain external ways of yourself that are meant to encourage peace that include therapy offered by qualified individuals and other notable methods that have had short-term success. But when you continue to focus on what is wrong, what you are doing is reinforcing the notion that there is something broken and that you cannot achieve any amount of fulfillment. 
The more you try to push the negative and challenging experiences away Beautiful Bright Hearts, or try to force those issues into being better, in actuality you are repeatedly judging that particular moment as not being good enough and what happens dear ones is that you end up delaying your own happiness. Whenever you resist, peace cannot be found within yourself. We understand how hard it can be to persevere, to face those difficult challenges and situations that suddenly come up. We encourage you to embrace the negative along with the good. Be thankful for the experiences you have had…all of them. For in each one you have grown, learned and have become so much more. The wisdom you have gathered is incredible and you would not have learned it without enduring what you have. 
You can spend all the energy you wish to try to fix this or fix that of yourself but in the end you end up exhausting yourself. Don’t get too caught up in your emotions and feelings, allow the emotions and feelings to come and to show you what needs your understanding and nourishment through your acceptance and love, then let it go. Allow room for new experiences that encourage more peace into your life to enter. Be in the now moment. Let the past go and know the future always comes when it should. 
Beautiful Bright Hearts, try to understand and remember that coming Home to your inner peace is not going to be found from any self-improvement, but from your own self-acceptance. Learn to accept all of your imperfections as well as your perfections. You are not more one than the other…you are a balance of both which when in harmony expresses deep profound wholeness and completeness. 
Unfortunately there is much deprogramming still needed to be done. Many dear souls are still carrying around excess baggage of ways and beliefs that have long ago expired, but they have become accustomed and conditioned to living a certain way. Eventually change comes to all people, some at quicker intervals while others take a little longer. Many people will advise you how you should be or act, which feelings is better to share and so on. There is no wrong feeling or emotion, what is made wrong is how you feel about your own feelings and how much power you are willing to give them especially the feelings that have destructive capabilities. 
Anyone can tell you what to do and how to live your life, but it is not them that must live with the choices that are made. Each of you are responsible for every thought, feeling, word, action and choice. So if you are feeling sad or angry, then those are your feelings. You are meant to experience and to feel and still be at peace with your inner self. When you have absolutely no judgment of yourself or others, then peace is achievable. You will know when you have definitely woken to the Light and Love of God as you will feel peace settle not only within you, but spread externally. You will no longer be prone to judgment or criticism of yourself or of others because you will be able to see yourself and all others as beautiful and equally loved by God. In addition you are able to see their goodness, their divinity underneath all their exterior and accept them for who and what they are and how they have chosen to live their life. Each and every dear soul is on their own path, their own purpose. You are not meant to understand every detail of other people’s mission and purpose, but learning to appreciate, to love and to be kind helps forge new peaceful connections. 
Peace is always felt and experienced when you finally allow yourself to Just Be and let everything be as it is without conflict or opposition, becoming more welcoming to new experiences regardless the variety they may bring. By learning to step away from yourself and observe your actions and thought processing objectively you will gain so much knowledge that will provide you with understanding to the inner workings of you. And if there is something that really needs your undivided attention for the better, then you begin making plans to bring changes to that area that is underdeveloped or imbalanced. Don’t feel guilty Beautiful Bright Hearts if you have days where no matter what you feel a little down. Your awareness of how you feel is essential to your own healing. Feeling bad or tired isn’t bad dear ones…it is normal. Allow yourself time to heal through quiet solitude; let your mind rest and stop worrying. Gently forgive yourself for allowing sad or tired feelings to enter your thought stream, yet at the same time be thankful. Because from such experiences you learn what has robbed you of sustaining inner peace. The more aware you become, the more you understand. 
Become more aware of the critic that lives inside of you and remember this critic is not the real you, it is the Egoic side of yourself that has been distancing you from reaching inner peace and knowing your authentic self. When you are able to be objective you become far less involved in Egoic activities. Being able to recognize your clever Ego in action is essential to your ability to bring peace into your life. Your Ego can easily be looked at with humour as you continue to choose directions that are of your highest good, that are not harmful to others and that are peacefully inspiring. 
There are many concepts provided by many good-intentioned individuals Beautiful Bright Hearts that speak of ways to find inner peace. One of the best ways to find inner peace is by changing the relationship you have with your mind. The more you understand, the freer you become. It is through understanding, you become free from the feeling of suffering many situations or challenges bring. And if peace doesn’t come to you quickly, then this is okay as well dear ones. Learning to not get upset and not to become owned by the experience is important for your own growth and development. When any current situation has completed its course and you have learned all you were meant to, peace will be found.
It is possible for you to determine if others have found inner peace when you are able to observe their spontaneous actions of goodness and charity. Someone who is coming from a place of peace doesn’t act on fear or continue to harp on past experiences – they live in the present. Another way of identifying someone of being at peace is their ability to find joy and happiness even during the bleakest of circumstances. By careful observations of dear soul that have discovered inner peace you will notice they no longer judge others, they no longer judge themselves, and they have no interest in dissecting the actions of others or to involve themselves in any form of conflict. When you have found peace, you are not burdened by excessive worry, and you are visited by reoccurring moments of appreciation, gratitude and contentment with others and with nature’s beauty. 
Demonstrating your own inner peace is a gift you give to others and to yourself, along with a special kind of trust that you have with yourself and with ALL that is. You love yourself for who you are JUST as you are and this way of feeling, thinking and being you share with others, as you are able to see love them and appreciate them just as they are. 
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller




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