❤ In times such as these, we feel you each may need a reminder of just how wondrously Divine you are, of how brilliantly you shine, and how  flawlessly you are executing the plan within which you chose to incarnate.  Just a brief reminder, in truth, for nestled in the core knowing of every Human being is the memory of his own greatness.  The truth exists within you that you are quite the shining star, and that all of the children of the Universe are intimately connected under the umbrella of one Unity Consciousness.  You are your neighbor and your neighbor is you. We are you and you are us.  Each Being is made as a reflection of The Creator, an essential  piece of the Universal puzzle, and a perfect expression of everything that is fine and good. A perfect expression of love.

❤ As such expressions, you are constantly expanding and transmuting, each day becoming more refined and enlightened than you were the preceding day.  Allow for this expansion and do not fight the changes, nor ought you fear the unfamiliar.  Nothing is unfamiliar.  The Earth is moving deeper and deeper into the heart of what is considered the true reality, and within this reality there is absolutely nothing that can harm you.  Can it make you uncomfortable for a time?  Oh yes, by all means!  Expect to encounter occasional periods of unrest and upheaval, as the wreckage of the old paradigm is being cleared away by what you may wish to envision as a proverbial “cosmic bulldozer.”  Do try to interject humor into the situations you face, whenever you are able, as this will aid you greatly in maintaining a healthy perspective on that in which you find yourselves embroiled.  Whenever possible, strive to remain compassionately detached.   But we are well aware that this may not always be possible or in the best interest of Gaia and Humanity.

❤ Your inner guidance system is near to infallible, so please do defer to it and not to the older methods of troubleshooting you relied on in the past.  And again, as we have discussed many times before, you must refrain from perfectionism and aggressive, “survival-of-the-fittest” type of behavior.  It will get you nowhere quickly, as what worked in the 3rd density will unquestionablynot work in the 5th.  100% of the time.  Without exception.  We are of the 5th, and know very well of what we speak.  In many, many ways we are indistinguishable from your Human selves, as we are in large part the model after which the Human race was fashioned.  We think, we feel, we love, we laugh, we are challenged and we feel unconditional love, adoration and bliss.  We are you, we are what you are becoming, and we are the perfect example of where your society is rapidly headed.  Just be prepared to weather a few bumps along the way!  As you will sometimes lapse into old self-destructive patterns, immediately forgive yourselves.  Dust yourselves off and continue on your way.   Somewhat of a seesaw, is what it is.  One moment you’re up and the next you feel like you’re down.  Know that the occasional stumble is necessary, if for no other reason than to show to you how far you’ve come and how much these archaic behavior patterns no longer serve you.

❤ Every Human being is transforming at his or her own personal pace.  The journey is never exactly the same for any two people.  Much like snowflakes you are, each unique and lovely in your own way – each colored and shaped by aeons of experiences and adventures lived, since branching off from Source to take on the Universe.  And this is precisely as it should be.  It is what makes the very act of living and breathing and creating worthwhile.  It is so worth those ups and downs.  So worth crashing through the roadblocks which litter the golden path to Paradise.

❤ You are our beloved Sisters and Brothers, and we seek to be of assistance you, every step of the way.  However, you must also help yourselves, and you do this by overcoming your prejudices and judgements of one another and by banding together as a united front.  For a united cause.  You are social beings, you know, not loners at all.  So many of you have isolated yourselves as a means of protecting yourselves from heartbreak and pain.  This is especially true of the empaths.  However, you were never meant to stay hidden away.  However can you spread your Light and your Truth if you are not out amongst the masses in some capacity or another?  You must discover, as the Wayshowers and the Spreaders of the Light, your own comfortable and innovative way to participate in the transition.  The time is now, not later.  There is no later.  All time is now no time and there is only this – the now moment.

❤ You crave Unity and completion, deep down inside, and we assure you most emphatically that very soon you will remember that you already have it.  It will be unearthed from behind the crumbling Veil of Forgetfulness as a tangible thing.  You are right now merging with your own highest wisdom.  You are also in the process of downloading all the excess energy  you had to leave behind, lest you overload the sensibilities of your previously limited Human vessel.  You are transmuting all of the time;  as you sleep, as you meditate, and as you go about the ordinary activities of your day.  Recognize and appreciate each subtle change for the miracle that it is!  Remember always that you are loved.


Copyright © Bella Capozzi.





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