By Ascension Earth 2012

As channeled by Julie Miller

It is well understood dear ones, while you are in the presence of God there is no evil. When you make the choice to blame God for any harm you or others have caused it is the same if you pass the blame to math for your errors, or you blame the music if you are unable to play an instrument with considerable skill. When you look at the world and see only what is not beautiful or what you think as being not the ideal world which you wish to live upon, think dear ones to ask yourself what can be done, for these answers lies within each of you. Each person has a responsibility for the conditions that are apparent on your Earth. God does not just respect one kind of people; He is in all of you and knowing this dear ones it is still you making the choices that progress you from one day to the next. You are never a victim of anything that is outside of yourself and if you wish to improve what you see as an imperfect earth and the conditions that’s included then you must go inward and learn what to do to improve yourself and bring those actions outward with heart-ful purpose that is endorsed by love. 

When you make the motion to go within for your answers do not struggle dear ones, if you fight then you begin losing before you really set out to try. Your energy flows to what you struggling against making whatever the opposition is stronger. When you choose to strive forward for something you are directing your energy towards something that holds an order of perfection you are then on a good start. Every time you move forward never forget to move with pure loving intentions. If you forget to add love into your intentions you will be unable to cultivate, as much good because you will discover there is still much struggle and disorder to contend with. Understand dear ones that all your struggles and challenges that are faced without love are considered to be self-righteous, they are rigid and have a habit of unraveling. Develop a warrior-like nature when you are heading into difficult challenges, become keenly observant yet open-minded at the same time. We have seen many people’s enthusiasm pick up only when they are faced with the hardest of circumstances. The path of peace is a much gentler route to travel, it requires less discipline but even within this mode of traveling you must be able to comprehend that as your knowledge grows through each step so does your responsibility. If you truly wish dear ones to discover the spirit of love, you first must reach its source and this source is found within each of you – there are no exceptions. Even if the feeling is minute of someone that is soul-weary within the person, on the inner level is the great principle of creation and that dear ones you know is LOVE. Love is the heart, the source and the center point from which the world as a global community flows from.

We have encouraged each of you for decades to love your neighbour as you love yourself. This concept can be extremely difficult if you do not have love for yourself. If you do not yet flow from the love for your Self, you may still begin to build this by being compassionate to others through charitable actions and kindness. Even though for the time being these actions are not demonstrated by the spirit of love it is the beginning of peace and through the building of peace you will discover a vast sea of life that will create tranquility and harmony that will help forge love through all your efforts. Sometimes it takes weathering certain trials and tribulations before you are able to see the love that has been flowing through you and when realization finally hits you then come to the conclusion that true peace cannot be attained without true love of the Self and for others. When you are able to accept your reality you are able to bring in peace and you also conclude that when you choose to hurt someone through your actions, you are also hurting yourself. Within the life you are in now, each of you are the ones who make the conditions which you live. You have the choice to change them or stay as you are. We encourage you to always find ways of bringing positive change into your life, even if it’s just subtle colours, a vase of fresh flowers, maybe a new colourful wall-hanging or maybe you have adopted a new meditation technique – what matters dear ones that is you chose to add something new that was different into your daily routine and that dear ones helps to facilitated great change in all areas. 

When you make a point to always work from your heart, from where your Divine Spark resides you are demonstrating your natural source of love from the inside out. It has been well understood dear ones that this Divine Spark that resides in your heart has been there since you were developing within your mother’s womb. This Divine Spark is nourished by the Divine Light of God that moves with infinite loving intention into each of you. Even if people reject God, they are still provided His Love and His Light at every moment of their life and His own vital energy feeds this spark that resides within their beautiful heart. Knowing that this Divine Spark was created by God with the understanding that it has its own purpose to become something great, will expand into being a powerful flame as each of you spiritually mature. As your heart is powered by the Divine Energy of God, incredible energy flows as a result that is felt by the physical body. This Divine Spark that resides within your heart is the life force of your body dear ones. 

When this Divine Spark becomes small it is feeling the troubles of the world because you become unsynchronized with yourself and the world; what is a common outcome of this occurrence dear ones is illness,  sometimes harder life challenges and the feeling of depravity. Then the magic happens and brings great change as soon as you are able to harmonize your thoughts and emotions once again and exhibit your loving sincerity with more verve that is represented by your spiritually loving life. This Divine Spark does expand and grow as you develop. Just think dear ones, if you choose to rest in the tranquility, in the peace of your Self and allow yourself to be enveloped by your heart through loving thoughts you are quite simply identifying with an echo – and yes it may be small at first, but it is there. 

Think of your body in this Light, you already know your body as the Temple, then how about your heart being the Tabernacle? Think of yourself as being a purposeful cell within the body of God because dear ones each of you are a part of God as He is a part of you. Each of you demonstrates the Spirit of God every time you choose to live through your heart in all you do. And it is well understood that the Divine Trinity is also consistent as a Heavenly Family that is not mainly male dominated. Within the Divine Spark lies a greater flame, one we spoke of very briefly in an earlier paragraph. We may look at this flame in this creative method; God as the Father, God as the Mother and the Christ child. God relates to the Will which is represented by the Blue Flame of Power; God as the Mother relates to loving wisdom as well as enlightenment which is represented by the Golden Flame; the Christ child relates to love which represents the Pink Flame. Power, Wisdom and Love are the greatest characteristics of the divinity that rests within each of your hearts that is known and taught by many masters as the Threefold Flame.  And it is within this sacred flame that your Divine Spark wakes into. 

As you fan this Divine Flame to grow in size you will bring more Light energy into your body. Understandably your body’s vibration also increases at a faster rate as you vibrate higher within the Light of the Divine – you begin to bring your whole body, your entire being into resonance with what is divinely perfect and this will be shown in your personal life. You will be able to look at the recession of the world, and not be affected because you have raised your vibrations to such a high degree that these fears no longer reach you – you resonate through higher levels of awareness and consciousness that provides you with incredible spiritual security. You have reached an inner knowing that your life, which includes your inner self and the world, is ONE. 

Ultimate freedom is derived when you have come into harmony with the creative energies and understand their purpose with each of you; they are a part of your inner self that allows you to remain grounded through many of your hardships. We urge you to comprehend dear ones that the path to your personal liberation and to a life that is abundantly rich with joy and happiness rests within each of you. If you can greet every person and everything with unconditional love, unconditional compassion and whole-bodied peace – without the added stress of wondering if any specific person is worth your energy and effort; then dear ones you are on the threshold of unlocking the massive Divine Power that held within this Divine gateway. Time is always what determines when this door will be accessed and for the brilliant light that is found behind that gate can flood and enter your entire life. This light force is your Holy Grail and this allows perfection to enter your own personal world in all its forms. Through your Divine Spark all this can be discovered – deep profound bliss is available for each of you. You become true to your Self when you open this door dear ones. It is part of your mission to love all of creation and to be free. Until you open the gate of your heart you must release all your shadows, let them go through the cleansing Light of God. 

As you consciously cleanse yourself from all karmic debts you are at the same time redeeming yourself to God. Your redemption will always include experiences which you are to learn and gain valuable knowledge from, and from situations where you have to overcome your Ego which is part of your lower human personality traits. We encourage you to be wise, loving and represent yourself through the inner-power that is within each of you at all times. Learn to control your thoughts and emotions and apply your great wisdom when are to think and bring in your love when you are to feel which direction you are to go. 

All the good that you know of yourself and of the world has all come from God. When you are able to accept this consciously and when you are able to express this in all your actions through all conscious motion at every moment of your day you will be able to apply and bring this to all people the expression of perfect freedom and of your mastery over all human things – you are the I AM – you are the consciousness and the vibration of God. And it is well understood dear ones that there is only consciousness and vibration throughout our divine Universe. 

Joyfully give your dedication to the fullness of the powerful omnipresence of God and feel His brilliant light cascade around you and strengthen every cell of your body. Recognize dear ones and feel the connection of your Divine Spark to the Heart of God and give your attention to center point of this Divine Spark and see this light as the Golden Sun of Christ that we know you have always had. 

Each of you are children of Light, you are learning to serve this light and to live within this light that is an intricate part of your heart. Know without a doubt that you are divinely protected, lit and given support by this great light and know how blessed you truly are. 

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller




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