Archangel Michael

For a short time quiet moments make way for chaos, don’t be taken aback.

Deep in your heart you know what has to happen and you know what role to play. This has also answered your question. Hold the Light high at all times.

It is true that what was concealed should come to the Light, people have to become aware of the heinous crimes that have been planned against the Earth and its inhabitants, but keep this stream of facts and assumptions in proportion, above all hold them in the Light. Don’t immerse yourself in the dense shadows they cast. Don’t let their daunting feeling choke your Light.

Realize that your thoughts affect your future, therefore be careful not to indulge in thoughts that you do not want to see manifested. Combined with strong emotional stimuli they work like a magnet.

Now emotional stimuli can not be avoided, but by finding your balance and having knowledge of the bigger picture, it is easier for you not to get yourself too much entangled in the drama. The more that are able to regain their balance, the more the effects can be mitigated. 

Often you feel a pressure to show ‘compassion’ by tapping into stereotypical views and opinions or you feel justified in your own opinions. You feel an urge to respond. 

I ask you to make an effort not to do this and for once only to respond with Love, especially when you can not be of assistance in a practical hands-on way.

The power of Love is still grossly underestimated.







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