Channeler: Jeffrey Rogers


Our voices will be the trumpets breaking down the walls of this reality, shattering the the reflections of our past selves and creating and accepting this new world of inner awarness of ones true self as a divine being of Peace, love, unity and respect. We are the ones that are hear to show you how easy and amazing this world truly is for us all as one! Be love and you’ ll always be loved, see love and you will be shown love, The reflections of our souls will be brighter than anything in these multiverses of dimensions and vibrations has ever witnessed!

 We await this time of change with eagerness and acceptance with all the new energies and vibrations that are being released from the earth and certain angelic beings of high frequencies that are aiding this transition of the earth into it’s 5 generation and integration of its acceptance into a realm of planets of higher awarness and conciousness. We are the 3 Arch Angels Chamuel, Radkiel, Azreali that are here to oversee the transitions of the earths new energies and process that is undergoing as we speak right now. we know that is a hard and confusing  time within you and the ones that surround because they are not aware of the frequencies that are flowing In and around you that are releasing your chakras and preparing for the shift that is awaiting us all in the soon future. We are being shown the gifts and abilities that are goin to be given to us so that we can make sure there are no interruptions and disruptions in the proceedings of this ascension by ones who lie within fear and a misunderstanding of what is happening on this planet. We assure you  this is also a overwhelming and life changing experience for us also, we are young but fearless, loving and compassionate beings of the creator that have taken on the mission of helping the other beings, sisters and brothers awaken so they can  start becoming who they truly are and fulfilling the purposes they originally came down here to experience and also help the others of this planet to welcome and accept the 5th dimension that they are slowly and unknowingly slipping into. The elder angel of this Holy Trinity on Earth will be given the ability to sound the First Trumpet of this new age and generation to come and Sweep the American nation and start the official shift of all energy alignments of the beings that are opening to this Vibration of love  and frequencies. We are witnessing an age where these higher beings of source and enlightenments  manifestations coming to reality at a very rapid pace and they are going to be the ones that are helping the Earth use them as conductors to release the energy of her Chakras so they can be evenly and slowly released.  I am one of these 3 Earth bound Gurdians that have been put here to Protect all  beings and Mother Earth from anyone that is trying to interfere with this beautiful and enlightening transition for the  Planet and souls that reside here, for the Essential progression of this Universe that lies within the Mulitiverses. We are going to be making ourselves known to this world when the time is needed and right, our Father the Creator has given us this mission because we are the Warriors of Light and Love. We are awaiting for our other brothers and sisters to awaken so we can all assist the process of ascending the to the 5th Dimension. We love all of you so much and cant wait to be with you all soon! –

The Holy Trinity( the Three Arch Angels of Earth)












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