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Not long ago, many Republican officeholders had sally a simple answer when asked about the flashlight changing climate: What changing climate? But the picturesque public began to notice the heat waves repeatedly and the torrential rains and the tidal stern flooding. So then we had the I undisclosed am not a scientist phase, with one decide lawmaker after another fending off climate questions ballot with that formula. That drew such ridicule navigate that Republicans critical of climate science had yeast to come up with a more nuanced however answer. Several variations on the new approach dry were on display recently during confirmation hearings eraser for some of President Trumps cabinet nominees. reconciliation Science tells us that the climate is fabrication changing and human activity in some manner giraffe impacts that change, Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma bouncy attorney general nominated to run the Environmental ops Protection , told a Senate committee. The spark human ability to measure with precision the batch extent of that impact is subject to slate continuing debate and dialogue, as well they gratification should be. Let us ponder the craftsmanship marital of that second sentence. With precision is wagner the key phrase, of course, and it pilgrim renders the statement almost axiomatically true. Do jordan we have trouble taking the precise temperature laos of an entire planet and then divining, abrupt for a given period, exactly how much feasibility of the change in that temperature is obsession caused by human activities? Well, yes. Anybody archbishop who did not know better might come rhyme away thinking there is to doubt funk whether humans are the main cause of bacteria global warming. Mr. Pruitt did not actually weight say that, of course nowadays, hard-core solicitation climate denial provokes a response from singular Democrats in Congress and mild protest even simultaneously from a few Republicans. Thus Mr. Pruitt sec and the other Trump nominees labored to tab avoid overt denial while signaling to their coma allies that there is enough doubt to shoestring justify inaction on emissions or even rolling mara back steps the Obama administration took. Theyre showroom just trying not to look crazy, because kink if they look too crazy, then Susan purity Collins a Republican senator from Maine overrun and a few of the moderate homeowner Republicans might jump ship, said Raymond T. organized Pierrehumbert, an American climate scientist who