October 9th, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pleiadian Pipeline!

What you’ll read below is the latest message from the Pleiadians. It’s also posted on the website, (click here).

Dear, Dear Human.

It is with much sadness that we feel your collective pain from the moment of violence erupting on your earth just days ago. Those of us who watch and feel you, were deeply affected, and went right to work to assist.

It is from our perspective that we are able to assess what supplemental energy is most beneficial and to who.

What we found was a sort of shock and a momentary shout from Gaia herself. This was not a shout in anger, but in recognition, and in pain. The further along your race proceeds on your timeline to Ascension, the louder and more demonstrative will be the polarization.

We are sorry for your pain, yet ask you to consider the thought that an event of such magnitude signifies clarity of purpose for every “side”.

It is clear what an act of such desperation meant to do and equally, clearly, almost immediately – exposed.

We would like to say only a few things about that and then move forward to other topics being discussed and thought about.

One obvious question would be why this was allowed to occur.

Our answer, as we’ve said initially, is that we are your brothers and sisters and not Guardians. We do not have the right or the ability to allow or prevent events.

We are here to help you whenever we are able and invited to. We are helping you now with supplemental energy infusions. These counteract the multiple negative attacks on humanity (which are) causing upset and confusion. This we offer freely.

We want to explain ourselves or introduce ourselves to you with conversation. Our skin colors, as inquired about, are varying shades of brown/tan. Our hair every color, due to the addition of chemicals! (grin) Yet initially and again, varying shades of brown/gold. We do not age the same as you but we do age. We are not eternal but longer lived than the human.

Our condition spiritually varies as it does for those of you on earth.
The group that now reaches to you and speaks has completed a great deal of inner work and come to a place of peace. Being so long lived allows for further development in a single lifetime.

We differ by a great deal in the star system known as the Pleiades. Therefore, you’ll find an assortment of types of beings as well as levels of development.

Humanity, being a young and enslaved species, has no knowledge of the myriad potential life. We do not know or claim to know it all either, and can only tell you our own knowledge.

Realize too that this transmission comes from a vehicle who has an inner library of her own with which we use now to offer data. She is not a scientist and will relay ideas and concepts in a manner most acceptable for her own knowing.

The group of us offering messages come from varied backgrounds. These include astronomy, vegetation, liquids, life forms, botany, communication, societal programs and dance. We do not represent everyone in our race and bring with us, own “inner libraries”.

If there is one thing we hope to get across through our messages, it is that “Pleiadian” is a huge category that cannot summarize our specifics. We too have personalities and desires. These will color our messages.

It is such an honor to join with you now in communication! We hope that now we can once again move ahead in discovery and relationship.

Thank you, dear humans.

We appreciate your resilience and love.

Goodbye then.

Thank you. Goodbye!

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