Microorganisms are nature’s original terraformers. For billions of years, the tiniest creatures slowly transformed the face of the planet, turning toxic compounds into vital nutrients, making inorganic minerals bio-available and eventually forming the first macroscopic life forms (maintaining the environment in which they thrived). Today, these ancient ancestors of all life continue to perform this essential life-giving duty, within every habitat and organism on the planet. They are the ones that break down trash in landfills, clean water in waste treatment plants and bring nutrients to growing crops. They are the ambassadors to the world of minerals for the plant, animal, and fungal kingdoms. One intrepid human being rediscovered our long lost cousins, developing a world-saving product that we can use to restore our bodies, clean the environment, and bring life back to those places ravaged by pollution.

Effective Microorganisms (EM1) is a mixture of symbiotic, mostly anaerobic microbes, discovered by Dr. Teruo Higo, a Japanese microbiologist. Dr. Higo was experimenting with various mixtures of organisms and found a blend that is inherently symbiotic—the waste from one organism was food for another. What this means is that EM1 is an adaptive holistic ecosystem, a self-contained microbial processing facility—for lack of a better term—capable of adapting to almost any need.

Nature’s Little Recyclers
The reason that EM® Technologies™ has been so successful at bioremediation is that Dr. Higa had stumbled upon one of nature’s well-kept secrets. Nature restores her health primarily through microscopic organisms that actually consume toxins and produce beneficial byproducts such as vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, bioactive minerals, and antioxidants. These regenerative microbes are sometimes referred to as “nature’s little recyclers”.

A Nature-Based Technology
In particular, one of the most ancient organisms, dating back over 4 billion years, is of the phototropic strains called “rhodopsuedomonas palustris”. This anaerobic strain of bacteria primarily lives in volcanic magma. They can survive in extremely high temperatures. When the planet was forming as one huge toxic stew, these microbes could travel through the magma as it spread over the planet’s surface. Here they would feast on the toxins. Once these organisms succeeded in decontaminating most of the planet’s surface, they could no longer survive in their own wastes and they resubmerged underground about 3 billion years ago. Dr. Higa’s breakthrough was revolutionary – as it allowed these toxin-consuming bacteria to function above ground once again in a biodynamic and symbiotic alliance. (source)

In essence, what EM1 has the potential to do is replace every toxic substance we use in the modern world, for cleaning, farming, and personal health.

EM1 makes things bioavailable, which means that when it is consumed and infused with various nutritional supplements, it has the ability to transform the microbial ecosystem of your body—the same system that your digestive tract uses to absorb nutrients.

Bear in mind that, according to some of the latest data, 40 trillion out of the 70 trillion cells that make up the human body are actually microbes—not human cells. This means that what makes us human, and healthy, is a delicate balance of bacteria. Every macroscopic organism on earth is actually a symphony of coordination between the creature itself and the microbial ecosystem in the body.

Given this, one of the reasons why health has been so impacted in the modern world is that the microbial balance of our bodies is under attack, ever since the dawning of the industrial revolution.

Today, four out of five Americans are prescribed antibiotics every year, which completely destroy the balanced ecosystem of the body, the foundation of the immune system, leaving only certain strains that then grow out of balance, causing a host of diseases. Candida is one such example of a naturally occurring gut bacteria that grows out of control due to diet and antibiotic exposure.

Furthermore, modern food itself has an antibacterial effect, due to pesticides like Glyphosate, which have been found in the blood of humans and animal that ate food sprayed with Round Up. This, and many other toxins in foods, such as GMOs, also destroys the bacterial balance of the body.

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The primary method for absorbing nutrients can’t function of the microbial system isn’t functinally properly. This leads to malnurishment, fatigue, and major health problems like autoimmune diseases, cancers, and so on. What’s worse is that modern-day diets also are heavy in sugar and carbohydrates that feed certain strains of bacteria, leading to an overproduction, which then consumes most of the nutrients in our food, leaving nothing for the body itself. Arguably, most diseases plaguing humanity can be traced back to the destruction of the external immune system (ecosystem) and the internal immune system (the microbial balance of the body).

Finally, the very products we use to clean our houses, wash our clothes and dishes, and so on, usually contain toxins that hinder our health and destroy the environment, not to mention pharmaceuticals in human waste. Laundry detergent has been cited by many alternative healthcare practitioners as a primary delivery mechanism for toxic compounds that lead to disease.

The role of microorganisms is that of a conductor or maestro, to help manage the trillions upon trillions of cellular life forms that make up the macroscopic world, be they in our own bodies or in nature. And we’ve been waging war on the foundation of all life, through antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, industrial waste, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, endocrine disrupting plastics—the list goes on and on.

It seems hopeless, but mother nature provides the best solutions.

Effective microorganisms can restore the balance, and bring health where there is disease, abundance where there is famine, and vitality where there is decline.

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Speaking as someone who has been using this product for over a year, I can tell you that it has changed my life.

I make a batch with volcanic ash, Amozite powder, which according to Ken Rohla, produces a blend of different mono-atomic elements or ORMUS. These are life-giving minerals that nature employs to organize and maintain health, in all living things.

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I noticed after I started to drink it that my energy levels increased, I wasn’t getting sick anymore, and I needed to eat less food to feel nourished. I also noticed my skin’s elasticity began to improve.

I used it in a garden and the plants exploded in size, becoming some of the most rich and vibrant ones in the field.

Now to be clear, I don’t work for any company that sells EM1. I am merely a truth seeker and world healer looking for solutions to the myriad of problems we face at this time of transition.

In my quest to discover the primary causes of why the world is the way it is, I found out that learning how to be sovereign is more than just a lawful concept.

The word sovereign is etymologically derived from the combination of the Latin words sover meaning “savior” and regno meaning “to rule, reign; to be supreme lord.” Hence, sovereign literally means “to rule and reign as a savior.” (source)

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What this simply means, in my view, is that we each have a duty through invoking sovereignty to leave the world better than when we found it. And since most people have a pro-environmental stance, this miracle substance could be the one of the “saviors of humanity.” In essence, EM1 is the most advanced biotech ever discovered, capable of changing society as we know it from one of inherent parasitism to one of symbiosis with all life. I mean this quite literally as it can replace cleaners in the home, soap and deodorizer for the body, and restore polluted environments back to life.