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Messages of Light 20120624 ~ LOVE IS SINGLE AND BEYOND DUALITY


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012



Dear ones,

Now is the time to melt duality, appearing as good and bad, light and dark, masculine and feminine, into One. Now is the time to transcend that dualistic mind through true and authentic heart-feeling, which is Love. Love has many attributes, and appears as joy, bliss, happiness. 

If you want your path to be sucessful in these times where the battle between opposite forces are at their peak, allow the truth of the  inherent unity of all things and beings  to govern your heart. As long as you divide in dual pairs and fight against the “other” side of the coin, you give power to it!So the only way, to truly achieve victory on your planet and support Gaia’s ascension and Her surrender to the Highest Consciousness, is by releasing any thought and emotion that is based on division and judgment.

Thereby it is not that you should not continue to discriminate between light and dark, but if you give weight to it in your thoughts, feelings and through identification with it, you will not be able to shake off the problems prevailing still on your planet.

Remember that you reinforce  what you resist and what you fight against. And altogether, what you repeat in your mind.

Therefore it is necessary that you withdraw for a time your main focus from the battle field and seek the Essence of Unity in your own heart. This is what ascension is about: transcending duality!

As long as you are fascinated and kept busy with figuring out opposites, you are reinforcing and maintaining your old world, and this is exactly what your controllers intention is.

Therefore to choose to transcend this dilemma, would be very wise.

Beloved, go deeper, let the struggle go which is occurring only in your mind, but never in your heart. Enter your heart and allow the Love, which is Unity, to prevail in your life. 

At this point, do not feel and see anything else. As you are at the peak of the contest of the dual forces, True Light cannot win if you do not enter the next higher path in the spiral. Remember, that a problem can only be solved on the next higher level.  It can never be solved on the level itself, on which it occurs.

It is not that you need necessarily to direct Love towards something or towards somebody. You only need to BE Love, which is a state of complete openness, equanimity, without judgement, no withdrawal, no stress, but surrender to the depth of your single heart.

This state invokes the new frequencies and stabilizes your planet with the Force and Presence of Divine Reality.

If you do this, you will notice, that this Space is empty of duality and no foothold can be gained by those who try to control your situation. It is quite the contrary: they fall, they have nothing to hold on to, nothing to grasp, and their virtual reality vanishes before your eyes.

What is not on your mind is fading away. Remember that it is you who is creating your own reality. And what does not exist in your reality, cannot continue to exist.

The stars only exist because they can be found in the secret chamber of your heart, where creation begins.

The “ fight with the dark” is in reality the ancient battle in your own mind to finally learn to conquer the illusion that there is no Divine Reality. This is a belief, which has been implemented by your controllers, and they seem to prove it to you through your experience of the “outer” world. 

But this Divine Reality is Standing in your own Heart, if you let it,  it is inside and outside the same. In it, the lesser realities that pretend darkness, so that also the light appears as a lesser phenomenon, suddenly being seemingly part of a duality, just disappear.

Beloved, it  is the other world, the world beyond duality, the True Divine Love, which changes your world and frees you from bondage, blame and judgement, and altogether from suffering. As long as you live in the illusion of dual pairs, complete victory can never be achieved, because the coin has always two sides.

But do not fear, the Great Blessing is underway to lift you up to the Radiant Chariot of Singleness. Just reach out with your hearts desire, and you will be carried to  New Bright Shores.

Turn to your Heart and you will Understand.

Love is Single!

I AM your Higher-Self

Message conveyed by Ute 

Watch on YouTube (recommended)

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.


Time for Change 20120624 ~ Ireland Wants Answers: Why Was Finance Minister at Bilderberg Meeting?


Ireland Wants Answers: Why Was Finance Minister at Bilderberg Meeting?

Stephen: My, it’s all happening in the “I”-elands today…

As it appears Iceland is starting to arrest those responsible for its financial ruin (see unconfirmed story, below, on Iceland), just across the waters this week, Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan is facing tough questions from his parliamentary colleagues  as to why he attended the 2012 Bilderberg Meeting last month – and what he said.

But he’s not talking…


Noonan Presence at Bilderberg Group Conference Cost 4,300 Euros

By Paul Cullen, Irish Times – June 16, 2012

The cost of Minister for Finance Michael Noonan’s attendance at the annual conference of the secretive Bilderberg group in the US this month was more than €4,300, he has told TDs.

He was invited to attend the meeting “given my position as Minister for Finance” and used the opportunity to tell fellow attendees of the opportunities that exist in Ireland for investors and multinational companies.

Mr Noonan, along with former attorneys general Paul Gallagher and Peter Sutherland, was one of 145 invited leaders and opinion formers who took part in the three-day conference of the western world’s movers and shakers in Chantilly, Virginia.

His attendance was queried by a number of TDs from Labour, Sinn Féin and the technical group, all of whom sought information in parliamentary questions on his discussions at the meeting and the cost.

Mr Noonan told the Deputies that he outlined the significant progress Ireland was making in restoring stability and growth to the economy.

Pat Nulty, who lost the Labour whip last year over opposition to budget cuts, said Mr Noonan’s response lacked detail.

“The Irish people have a right to know what their senior Ministers are saying at a meeting like this, and what stance they are taking on global issues.”

Prison Planet‘s Steve Watson adds:

Critics have noted that the recent bailout of Ireland and it’s compliance with the so called troika agenda of the European Central Bank, the European commission and the International Monetary Fund are undoubtedly the key reasons why Noonan’s presence was requested at the meeting.

In the wake of Bilderberg, it has been rumoured that the three elitist institutions are considering relaxing the terms of the bailout to allow Ireland to return to borrowing on the open market.

Previously leaked documents from meetings have illustrated how the Bilderberg Group, contrary to the media-generated myth that the confab represents a harmless talking shop, sets the consensus for policy decisions sometimes decades in advance.

A clear example is the 1955 Bilderberg meeting held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany. Documents read by the BBC and later released by Wikileaks divulge how Bilderberg members were discussing the creation of the euro single currency nearly 40 years before it was officially introduced in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty.

In the US, politicians attending Bilderberg have been charged with violating the Logan Act, a law passed under the John Adams administration in 1799 which states that it is illegal for “unauthorized citizens” to negotiate with foreign governments.


Awakening News 20120624 ~ Leading Syrians Prepare to Defect


The Syrian pilot was flying a Russian built MiG fighter jet similar to this one Photo: EPA

Leading Syrians Prepare to Defect

2012 JUNE 23

Posted by Steve Beckow

If true, this may reflect why AAM said that the Syrian situation might be resolved within a week or two. Thanks to Gene.

Leading Syrians prepare to defect

Members of Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle ‘making secret plans to defect’ as Syria air force colonel abandons attack mission and flies MiG to Jordan.

Western leaders threaten Syria after UN warns of failing ceasefire

President Bashar al-Assad is under intense pressure over the 15-month uprising, with world leaders considering offering the Syrian president an immunity deal to ensure he relinquishes power

By Ruth Sherlock, Beirut, Suha Maayeh in Amman and Peter Foster in Washington

21 Jun 2012

Members of Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle are secretly making plans to defect to the opposition should the Syrian regime become critically threatened by the rebellion, US officials have told The Daily Telegraph.

Senior military figures are understood to be laying down “exit strategies” and establishing lines of communication with the rebels to discuss how they would be received if they deserted.

On Thursday a Syrian air force colonel became the first senior officer to defect in an aircraft after he abandoned a mission to attack the city of Dera’a and landed his MiG 21 fighter jet in Jordan.

The Daily Telegraph understands that the pilots of three other MiGs on the mission also considered defecting, but were worried about being turned away.

Mr Assad is under intense pressure over the 15-month uprising, with world leaders considering offering the Syrian president an immunity deal to ensure he relinquishes power.

His government has so far managed to prevent the wave of diplomatic defections that heralded the fall of the Libyan dictator Col Muammar Gaddafi.

However, a senior US official in Washington said some of those closest to the Syrian leader were now preparing to flee. “We are seeing members of Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle make plans to leave,” the official said.

This has even included moving large sums of money offshore into Lebanese and Chinese banks and making contact with opposition elements and Western governments.

Syrian opposition groups confirmed that they were actively courting American help to encourage more defections.

One senior opposition source said: “I know for sure there are some high-ranking officers who are waiting for the right chance to defect.

“We have names of people in the presidential palace. There are rumours that there is one who is really close to the president and we are expecting to see him out of the country soon.”

The defection yesterday of Col Hassan Merei al-Hamade raised opposition hopes that it could provoke the start of the exodus.

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He was granted political asylum by Jordan only hours after landing his jet at the King Hussein air base in Mafraq, taking off his air force tags and kneeling on the tarmac in prayer.

The air force is considered fiercely loyal to the Assad regime and opposition activists said the escape of Colonel al-Hamade represented a sign that its growing international isolation was starting to test the military’s loyalties.

“He and three other MiGs were on a mission to bomb [southern rebel stronghold of] Dera’a. He has risked his life,” an activist told The Daily Telegraph.

“There was talk about defections, but the three other fighter planes did not because they were afraid and because they were unsure how they will be received in Jordan.”

The White House said the Obama administration “welcomed this pilot’s decision to do the right thing”.

Victoria Nuland, a State Department spokesman, said “This is how these things start. It is obviously a significant moment when a guy takes a $25 million plane and flies it to another country.”

But Syria’s defence ministry called the pilot a “traitor to his country and his military honour”.

More than 100,000 Syrians have fled to Jordan since the uprising began, including military defectors who are kept in a compound for their own safety.

Brig Gen Mostafa Ahmad al-Sheik, who fled to Turkey in January, is so far the highest ranking Syrian officer to defect. In late August, Adnan Bakkour, the attorney-general of the central city of Hama, appeared in a video announcing he had defected.

Col Ahmed Nemaa, the head of the opposition forces in Dera’a, claimed that other senior figures were planning to follow suit, but had been told to stay put for the time being. “We have asked many military personnel who are planning to defect to stay within the Syrian army so we can use them at the right time. This includes some of the top commanders of Syrian army,” he said.

Opposition groups claim that the Assad regime has managed to prevent widespread defections with a carefully orchestrated campaign in which the families of diplomats and high-level figures are used to blackmail them to remain loyal.

Reports have emerged of the government running detention centres in Damascus where the family members of diplomats are being held under the watch of the mukhabarat, or secret police. Old laws requiring all military personnel to receive a stamp of approval from the mukhabarat before leaving the county, which until recently had been observed only in the breach, are now all being strictly enforced again, according to one source in Damascus.

Switzerland said yesterday it had been in contact with the team of Kofi Annan, the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, about hosting an international conference. It came after senior British sources said that Mr Assad could be offered safe passage to the country to take part in peace talks under a Western plan to convince him to relinquish his hold on power.

Elsewhere yesterday, the Syrian army maintained its bombardment of Homs even though a temporary truce had been agreed to allow aid workers to evacuate the sick and wounded. The International Committee of the Red Cross said its aid workers had been forced to turn back.


Messages of Light 20120624 ~ The manuscript of survival – part 155


The manuscript of survival – part 155

aisha north 

As you have been told again and again, mankind is standing before a seeming abyss of change that will herald a whole new world for you all. Many have talked about this season of change, and many have almost given up hope that it will come. We are here to assure you that you have not waited in vain, and that you will all soon have more change than you mayhaps bargained for.

Let us explain. Your society is based upon some fundamental rules, and as you have all been raised for generations under these same rules, it is virtually impossible for you to bend your heads around the fact that these rules will one day be declared null and void. You see, as you have been so programmed to expect a certain outcome of every action that takes place, this process we are referring to will seem to be almost impossible to comprehend. In other words, we do not speak of a gradual change, where one instance will follow the next in a well defined order, we talk about an almost instantaneous merging of different planes that will literally turn everything upside down and inside out and render the landscape almost unrecognizable. Not in a literal way, as what we refer to are the ingrained habits and thought patterns of humans that will have to be erased in order for the new programming to take its place, and where you go from your limited way of reasoning and reacting to a limitless way of acting from the centre of your being instead of from that reptilian part of your brain that is currently in control of everything you do. When we use the word ”reptilian” we do not in any way refer to a sinister sort of creature, rather to the most basic and crude part of your mental capacity in charge of serving the most fundamental needs of your physical body. In other words, that part that will resort to anything out of the fear of dying, and that has been in control of most of mankind’s action for a very long time. But now, that primitive master will have to resign, as there is a new master waiting in the wings to take back the controls, namely the many faceted true you that have been hidden away under all of these layers of fear. And as these changes will start to burst forth, your souls’ shining head will raise above the murky waters of fear and chaos and calmly take over the reins.

It may not sound plausible that you will find calm in the midst of turmoil, as for many, handling the day to day business in a seemingly ever more disturbed world is almost impossible per se, but trust us when we say that when the going gets really tough, as they say, you will have no other option than to finally give in and pull out that inner core and start relying on that. You see, you are in many ways too timid now, not completely able to trust that inner spirit, but it will soon be more than obvious that this is indeed where your real strength lies, and you will find it almost impossible not to throw caution to the wind and finally take that decisive step, literally into your own sovereignty.

So as we were saying, the time for change is clear ahead, so fasten your seatbelts dear ones. Get ready to have the time of your lives, as the heat will start to shimmer all over this little planet and the thunder of change will roll all over you.


Messages of Light 20120624 ~ SENTINELS message for 22nd june


SENTINELS message for 22nd June

Channeler: Karen Doonan

We come to guide those who are now moving closer and closer to TRUTH in their hearts. From the outside the planet earth may appear to be in chaos but inside of YOU there is a restructuring that is being done from cellular level outwards. We are the Sentinels and we come to guide as more and more prepare to move to the new world that has been born.

Our role is one of guide and not of leader, for that serves no one. We sit on the outer edge of your vision, guiding, whispering and nudging for we can SEE in ways that YOU are now only beginning to imagine. For those who are now restructuring SELF this is a challenging time but it is also an expansion of SELF, it is a growing, a reconnecting and a SOUL growth.

We sit as gatekeepers to the portals of new worlds, our role is one of emissary, we are not here to make rules and regulations to prevent the entering of the new world, on the contrary we are here to help you shed that which no longer serves in order to gain access to the new world.

As the humans on planet earth now shed their distortions, embrace the new energies and begin to harmonise with all of the universe the change in their energy signature is vast. Those who are now moving in elevation can FEEL this elevation, a lightness in their step, a lightness in their BEing as they begin to remember who they ARE. For the movement to a new planet is the movement that is dreamed of and those dreams are now unfolding for many across planet earth.

The energies that now sweep across the planet are cleansing and they are clearing, this is done at all levels through all dimensions and all timelines. This cleansing and clearing is down to as we have guided cellular level, it is not possible to enter a new world with the programming of the old world existing within your very structure. For you are the world, the world is you, you contain the frequencies of the planet that you exist on and that planet is now restructuring from the inside out.

The frequency of mother earth is now shifting and expanding, the ability to increase the energy that flows through you is now being shown to you and we guide for all to be aware and to embrace this new energy. Allow the frequencies to begin to shift and allow the heightening of the senses that occurs when this happens. The abilities that you have as human BEings are now expanding, that which is your natural state of BEing is being shown to you at ever deepening levels.

We are here for you at all times and we guide for you to journey to meet us. By allowing the dreamtime to open a gateway to our energies we guide we will meet you and show you that which has to be allowed to dissolve in order to move and expand. It is vital that you begin to allow this process that is starting on planet earth to begin, many are holding back, trying to build more walls deep within to keep the pain at bay. We guide strongly dear ones that the pain is the distortion. It is not a natural human state to hold pain deep inside. It is a distortion that you have been TAUGHT how to do and it works against you on all levels.

Distortion in the form of human emotional pain leads to a filter that is applied that screens out the beauty in the world around you, many are now unable to see the beauty of the new world for they use the eyes that have been taught NOT to see. Do our words resonate dear ones? We are here to help you gain clarity of vision for whilst you walk in the dark then the pain may seem as a giant that is now about to overbear you but shining the light YOU ARE on the pain will show it for the distortion that it is in TRUTH.

So much has been kept from the human race that there is no way to enter the new world without a measure of some discomfort. Know that any sign of discomfort is merely the dislodging of a teaching of distortion. The energies of the new earth do not support that which is not TRUTH, many are aware of this but unable to absorb the full depth of this phrase. Anything you have built your life upon that is borne out of the teachings of distortion will now begin to dissolve.

It may be a challenging time for many as you have been taught to preserve the teachings of distortion and hand them down to successive generations. Many of the children born onto the planet earth are alerted to this and will reject the teachings of distortion immediately. This will prove to be further challenging for those who have incarnated on planet earth and who have borne the teachings and not questioned them. The default teaching of distortion that has been taught is to defend the “status quo”. This is a huge distortion for energy is always moving, to try to preserve the “status quo” is pouring huge amounts of energy into trying to stand still dear ones. There is no expansion and growth for the SOUL if you try to stand still, it is not possible to stand still for energy moves continuously.

We guide strongly that if you are at this moment trying to preserve that which you have at all costs then you walk in the teachings of distortion. Many are holding on tightly to jobs, to relationships and ways of BEing, fully believing it is TRUTH but we guide the universe only supports TRUTH and not the reflections of a teaching of distortion that may attempt to appear as TRUTH but does not have the energetic imprint that all TRUTH has. Does this resonate dear ones?

More and more humans across and within planet earth will now see their energy signatures begin to move and to shift. The note that YOU are is changing as mother earth is changing, the universal signature of the planet you have incarnated upon is now shifting, it makes no sense for the BEings who are hosted on the planet to stay in the old energies and therefore not shift with the planet. Does this resonate dear ones? Many believe the teachings of distortion that create the notion that the new earth is a physically different world and we ask for you to detach from this teaching. This was taught to cause confusion and to scatter energies. ALL is energy, the different versions of SELF and dimensions are energetic dear ones, it is YOUr perception that will change, your eyesight become clearer and YOU will be able to access that which may appear hidden to you at the vibration you resonate to at this moment. Heightening your vibration will reveal the secrets that you have been shielded from.

Those who sought to control this planet knew that the change in frequency would alter everything and this is what they sought to control. ALL is energy dear ones, we guide for you to let go of the human logical brain and to allow the senses that show you TRUTH to begin to reactivate. That which is TRUTH is not always logical for the human brain was programmed to respond in certain ways. To move out of this way of BEing and of living is therefore a challenge to many who cannot seem to move out of the original programming. The removal of the stimulus of the old world is but the start dear ones.

Akin to a baby learning to walk the logistics of it make little sense to the baby who will not be able to process them. The baby learns by actively attempting to walk. We would guide for you to actively create dear ones, we would guide you actively begin to challenge that which is taught as TRUTH, only by questioning and experiencing can you tell what is TRUTH and what is not. Logic has no part in this. If you debate and debate then you will not experience, we ask you why you would incarnate in human form on a planet to experience if you would not then use the body to experience?

Many are trapped in the mind and we guide this has been taught. Many are very dormant in that they do not use the human body that has been given to them. Dear ones if you were here to sit and watch the planet you would not have been given a body that moves around for what use would it be to you?

Experience has been adapted dear ones for your mind and we would draw your attention to this, an experience is personal, it involves the exchange of energies with the realm in which you are conversing. A walk in nature sees you experience and exchange energies with the faerie realm, the tree realms, sprites etc. A walk in a computer generated programme watched inside on a monitor is an exchange of negative energies for the energies emitted from the programme do not harmonise with the human energies that YOU are. Does this resonate?

It cannot be highlighted enough that YOU are nature. YOU are part of the planet on which you have incarnated, the vehicle you have been given to move around on this planet is in harmony with the planet herself. The SOUL can receive detailed information through this human vehicle from the realms around it. YOU can connect with the energies that you are and we guide this is the challenge. Many are leaving their physical bodies to do this, to move out of the physical and to move into the etheric. This also has been taught and conditioned into the human race. This is not the challenge dear ones, the challenge for the new world is to experience all that YOU are in the physical. It is merging the physical with the energy that YOU are to harmonise and to come into balance.

We guide this may trigger many who are oblivious to the means by which the human body has been rigidly controlled over the eons and that this is what is breaking down. The ability to walk in human form and converse and SEE your galactic family and all realms is the ability to move the physical into harmony with SELF. For the SELF that YOU ARE , the divine part of SELF that IS all come together in the human vehicle. There are humans on planet earth who have honed this skill and they are near to achieving the challenge that IS, to harmonise the human body with ALL that IS.

We guide for you to begin to TRUST SELF, for the deep part of SELF is aware of this need in this timeline and will show YOU how to achieve this. It is not done through the interaction of the teachings of distortion for they were created to lower vibration. To achieve harmony with the human vehicle and the SELF involves raising the human vibration.

That which is being shown to you as dissolving is what is stopping you from achieving this higher vibration, frustration is the first signal to the body that there is a frequency that is not in harmony with the rest of the body. This is the route to the new dear ones, seek out the teachings that are hiding below the guise of LOVE, seek out the distortions and then dissolve them, the lightness of BEing from this will elevate leading to more TRUTH and dissolving of more distortion.

The world will now begin to make little sense for most of the population. The balance that appeared as “status quo” is not TRUTH and will now break down. How YOU react dear ones is entirely up to YOU for YOU are the only one experiencing this at this moment. We guide for you to rely on SELF, to TRUST SELF and learn to use the internal navigation system that is SELF. This will allow you to process TRUTH and to find the illuminated path that lies at your feet.

The smoke and mirrors of the teachings of distortion may attempt to trigger deep feelings within you for that was their purpose. Like mini bombs of destruction, they trigger to lower vibration and shield YOU from TRUTH. We guide for YOU to seek them out and to dissolve them with the LOVE that IS to allow TRUTH to flow through you and around you for it is YOU, at a deep level YOU ARE TRUTH.

We are the Sentinels and we come to guide and support as the human race now begins its preparations to enter a new world. We ask for you to remember to breathe during the process for this will help YOU. We look forward to welcoming you to new world, for we are YOU.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
Article may be reproduced in its entirety of authorship and authors website is clearly stated.


Messages of Light 20120623 ~ Life Review by Lisa Renee


Life Review


Law of One Practices

by Lisa Renee

Dear Family, 

The recent dual eclipses along with the Venus Transit happening this first week in June, have surely been doing their job by shaking up the energetic environment and therefore shaking up the status quo. These energies are abrupt, sudden and intense, and are designed to really rock the boat to reveal what’s hidden, so remaining as stable as possible, keeping an even keel, will help serve to navigate through these choppy waters. There is a sensation of great unease in the larger fields, as the space between breaths right before a great “cosmic sneeze”. We know in our cells something huge is coming and there is a level of preparation getting ready for it. The past few weeks have presented many of us with a tremendous amount of tasks to complete and issues to resolve. Almost as if there is a deadline associated with these tasks, even if they appear mundane, there is a sense of a great meaning presently working behind the scenes.

This may be another pass around of coping with past issues, past relationships or past family dynamics, (past lives) as our spiritual identity is attempting to drop the density away from being stored in the bodily memory. We are streamlining by lightening the load and traveling light! Many hidden or unaddressed issues creating imbalance in our energies, have reached a breaking point, and are breaking through now, throwing our usual routine or schedule out the window. It is up to our inner wisdom to discern whether we engage with these issues actively, or disengage from what may be a false mental program operating that pushes our buttons. Many times we are placed in positions where we are just there to observe. Having wisdom is being engaged neutrally, being present to what is happening, and knowing when the space opens up to reveal that an action is required. This is the discernment of where to place our precious life force, where we need to conserve greater energy or direct greater energy in our life. This is a time of spiritual initiation to apply greater wisdom in our actions and lifestyle, and this is the force that is applying pressure in our lives to make that appropriate change. These changes are aligning the energy signature of personal vibration with respective timelines and resonant dimensional frequencies in the upcoming end cycle of 2012. This is not the time to procrastinate, as the consequences will be heated up after August, if you have not responded to needed changes. This is the time to hunker down and Just DO It! 

Many of us will be deeply transformed in our lives through this time and suddenly moved into different locations, residences, relationships, service work or even forced into plain silence. This is a time of great inner and outer revelation of our life purpose and clarity with our existence to the whole. If we are sensitive to feel the planetary field energies, there are various dimensional levels of group entities (species and their kingdoms) evacuating into other times and spaces. The dimensional energy placement is shifting tremendously and that creates a massive movement within the consciousness layer fields throughout all the planetary kingdoms. 

If we have developed a degree of mental discipline and are capable of quieting the mind and being still, many inner revelations are being presented to us through this period of great consciousness expansion. We are entering a time on this planet of Life Review, the same function of the consciousness holographic memory projection of our life-stream, that we view in between incarnation cycles. 

Participating consciously with this Life Review during this cycle, while in a body, is a positive and massive step forward in accelerating consciousness. Facing memories and reaching a conclusion of their events by fully letting them go in unconditional love and forgiveness, will slide your light-body into the new supportive platform of the Unity field. 

More Ascending waves of human beings are currently being spiritually initiated into the Unity Platform timeline and simultaneously being extracted from the 3D mind control architecture. As a part of this transition, along with other events, such as a lifting quarantine in the fields, a Life Review will occur as in the previous death transition of “bardo”. For some it may feel like a death of your identity, or death of someone or something, who is the archetype who agreed to be the catalyst of your ascension transition. Keep breathing and Let it go. This may feel like being in the crusty, dark cocoon right before bursting into the butterfly with a full wing span. Stay awake through the Life Review which may mirror a “dark night of the soul” process in order to be present for the feeling of the returning flight to freedom. 

Release of Planetary Quarantine Begins

A Quarantine, (one of many placed in the earth consciousness fields) is a dimensional frequency block recorded in our genetic material which is made from the DNA being altered within the holographic architecture of the planetary body. This impacts every living thing on the planet. This quarantine or “seal” is being released (as it is safe to do so without exploding the earth core) by changing lower tone sequences in the dimensional fields that resonate with higher tone sequences that exist within the higher Harmonic Universes. One such stellar event that commences a trigger with this shift in the “quarantine field” is the upcoming Venus transit on 6/6. 

There are base tone dimensional keys, overtone dimensional keys and resonating dimensional keys that make up the three layers of the dimensional “frequency” strings comprising the entire Universal Time Matrix and its Master Key Tone DNA Structure. When severe damage occurs to any layer of the frequency tone(s) with a damaged key, that tone will not resonate in key with the other harmonic strings, which is like saying, there is no resonance to activate that frequency, so the harmonic tone and its key effectively, are “dead”. These dead strings are also a reason to why organic 5D Ascension plan was aborted, as the stellar body activations produce consecutive frequency strings that the earth was not able to “absorb” its critical mass into her collective fields. These dead strings create pools of static dead energy, dead energy spaces collect called “phantom matrix,” and like a waste product, generate black layers of “planetary body miasma”. 

Planetary Miasma 

Miasma is synonymous with black, frozen or dead light, which is generated in a damaged morphogenetic field similarly as an “energetic” waste product, like toxins or feces. Damaged architecture in the planetary field cannot run enough life force “current” or the proper frequency tone keys, and that damages the earth body, creating dead wiring and dead spaces. These dead spaces cannot transmit or exchange with living intelligent energy fields and ultimately that harms earth inhabitants by creating digressive mutations. Miasma can also be manipulated and it is manipulated in a variety of ways, continually, by the Negatives to serve their agenda. Miasma can be recorded specifically to alter DNA/RNA to generate a specific function. (As an example, to proliferate a certain disease miasm into the human population, one purposely places a “retro-virus” miasm into sections of the planetary grid.) If not corrected, the dead waste product creates disease, sickness and deterioration of the DNA and its frequency tone keys. If planetary miasma is not cleared and repaired, it infects the brain and nervous system of the planet (the grid system), all of the planetary kingdoms DNA, as well as infecting human beings DNA. For these reasons and many more, this planet received several quarantines to limit the “waste product” from infecting the outer rims of nearby dimensions and other planetary worlds through their potential “resonating” dimensional key tones. 

The Starseed and Indigo family have come to this planet to work specifically with healing this “planetary and human miasma” by rehabilitating DNA tones, working in the timelines, healing or ejecting dead light miasma and their causal implants. This function makes up for a large part of the clearing and transmuting work within the collective Light family. Our groups have been able to transmute enough miasma ( in partnership with the Celestial Management Structure, The Guardians) by running 12 D hubs and Rainbow Rounds in the earth grid, to stabilize the earth core to prepare to release this quarantine, on schedule with the Venus Transit.

666 Seal

This level of the quarantine is what is referred to as the “666” seal and is a genetic block in the sixth frequency tones residing within the layers of our 6D/7D oversoul bodies and crown chakra. This “quarantine” is a genetic block that forced the soul consciousness to reincarnate over and over again on the 3D earth plane (and other planets in an appropriate dimensional field) in order to reclaim missing pieces and soul parts, as well as learn how to evolve back into wholeness with the natural laws of God, The Law of One. This quarantine was placed to protect other realms, planets and the “being” itself, as such fragmentation created an endangerment to that consciousness. This was a benevolent method to reassemble missing DNA tones and soul parts that had been lost or damaged in the trauma of previous life cycles. 

This genetic block became a curse for humanity over the last cycle as it was passed down the genetic lines through interbreeding with the Annunaki, which further digressed human DNA. Annunaki and Nephilim hybrids became carriers of the genetic block and because of their disregard of the Law of One (Natural Laws of God) and intended genetic manipulation for human enslavement, this agenda further advanced the DNA distortions. Over time the distortions manifested splitting between the elemental “physical” body layers, the subconscious mind and lower and higher aspects of the astral identity. These schisms generated shadow selves, and dark fragments in the astral layers of the soul matrix that further proliferated, personal and planetary miasma. The genetic block and removal of these DNA tones created a dual identity in both the 2D and 4D, and is how the “shadow self” and unconscious aspects were first generated in the digressed human DNA. The 2D schism split the instinctual body into separate functions, a collection of fragmented sub-personalities (generated from soul memories) and a repository of personal emotional energies and collective chaotic forces. The 4D schism placed a barrier in the nadial capsule that separates the astral body/heart chakra from merging with the 3D solar plexus mental body. This subjects the person to lower astral energies and lower astral traveling. This blocks the lower bodies communication with the elemental kingdoms, making it very hard for the person to feel “body consciousness” or communication with nature or elemental kingdom.

Healing These Schisms Now

To heal these schisms and rehabilitate the DNA, a being is required to learn about the Law of One and practice the Law of One principles, to finally heal and embody the integrated spiritual identity. Once all beings are proficient and accepting of this as the truth as the nature of reality, these genetic blocks (seals) are able to be removed as the person is not an endangerment to themselves or others. The removal of this 666 Seal means that the person has achieved a process of planetary ascension, no longer required to reincarnate in the lower creational realms or 3D earth. This planetary quarantine beginning to lift also means the possibility of more enlightened E.T. races finally being able to communicate with our planet, as this is a sequential event leading the human race to join in Cosmic Citizenship, as a potential “peaceful race”. 

This is an opening during this time cycle, to be lifted away from these genetic blockages (miasma) that have impacted ALL OF HUMANITY. There is NO judgment, its understanding our history and the fact we are incarnated down here means we have taken on the imprint as a part of the human race. If we have not cleared this imprint through our ascension mission, we will have the opportunity to do this DNA healing from this point now and ongoing. 

What this means is that many of us will be having our own version of a LIFE REVIEW in the coming months. This life review happens either in a body or if you pass your body, which some people are passing their body now in order to do so. Being taken out of the work force, being put into stillness, getting sequestered means to pay attention during this time and allow yourself to release and go deeper to clear any subconscious pattern, pain, suffering or conflict that you still have operating. To bring balance to your bodies and heal your consciousness, therefore DNA, educating oneself about the Law of One and applying its principles into every aspect of one’s life, will greatly accelerate spiritual consciousness and personal healing. This life review is being monitored, by your higher consciousness (Avatar Christos), and the Founder Guardians, in a way that was not possible before, meaning that the clarity is coming into focus in order to bring your spiritual consciousness to the place of fully residing within your body. Communicate actively with your spirit and request the removal and release of these seals, and quarantines from impacting your body and consciousness. A sincere and dedicated heart will receive spiritual help and spiritual response. Declare your intention and dedication to serve Gods Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. 

Egypt Timelines and 2D Elemental Body Consciousness 

The body consciousness is primarily elemental, so many of our primal feelings, relationships and 2D connections will surface now. The places of the subconscious that you were not aware of – is going to have the ability to merge with your body at the degree one cooperates with this lifted quarantine and wants to participate with its benefits. The Founder Guardians (Christos God Forces) have the power to remove all of this, plus more, and it’s because of the 2012 ending time cycle, and the ability of the earth to receive it, not from any judgment being applied. We have waited eons to reach this event in time. This is a privilege. 
In the timelines of Egypt, as well as subsequent abuse of “alien” technology to open portals in the 2D Underworld, (which created time and space rips) manifested incredible damage to the planet, and her elemental and nature kingdoms. The damage made to the planetary field created multiple problems with human soul fragments, soul inversion, subconscious shadow personalities and alien manipulation of these vulnerabilities. 

One of these events was with 18th Dynastic timeline with Akhenaton, a Sirian Annunaki Templar Guardian, of which the erroneous use of opening portal systems for Ascension occurred while attempting to move out trapped souls from the Atlantian and Lemurian Holocaust periods. This ascension project ended in failure and destroyed his massive life’s work in attempting to recreate Krystic architecture and Law of One principles within Amarna, upon the earth. Upon opening rips in the 2D Underworld, which unleashed harmful forces into the higher frequency planes, it fragmented many souls who were sucked through its black hole. Shortly after this event, he retreated from his rule in pain, and was murdered a heretic King. 

Some of us are here again, to complete this project in this 2012 time cycle and have been working to heal the schism this created with the 2D kingdom. The 2D dimensional field is where many animal and nature kingdoms exist as group consciousness, and were harmfully impacted by this quarantine, where they could not access links into other dimensional consciousness, and in effect, were trapped in that space. Because this quarantine is being sequentially lifted, many more of us are being contacted by species of the nature and animal kingdom. As this quarantine lifts we will begin to remember how to communicate with the intelligent beings of nature and give them their access back into the higher realms. All beings of the earth are of an intelligent group consciousness, and as we begin to take back our guardianship of the earth, this means we are the responsible stewards to cooperate in harmony with the natural kingdoms. 

Guardian Earth Projects

Some of us in this Light family will be embarking in completely different ways of communicating and supporting this planet and her nature kingdoms. As this quarantine lifts, many of us will be receiving more information directly from the earth and be inspired in ways we can participate with the healing of our planet (and all of her inhabitants) during this Ascension Cycle. More humans having activated sonar, echo-location or telepathic communication will hear streams of intelligence and dialogue coming out of the earth and her kingdoms. This may take a bit to acclimate until one gets used to the awareness that all things are living intelligent beings. As we move out from individual ego to group consciousness, we will more easily communicate with group consciousness, such as the nature kingdoms. Most humans have forgotten we were designed to be the guardian of this planet. As our new “elemental” senses come online, we will be “sought” out for communication by nature kingdoms and astral entities alike. These new ways of communicating change our “job description” with this planet, as we start to recognize our true spiritual selves and our relationship to all things. 

This is a major and necessary step in reclaiming this planet’s freedom, from the invasion of Reptilian based control. The Reptilian control was successful because they invaded the planetary brain, the holographic architecture, and used that as a control panel to direct the elemental forces and the nature kingdoms. When force is applied to the elemental kingdom that is not organic to its growth or natural movement, the consciousness of that “being” or species, can degenerate and die. Naturally this is very disturbing to the earth and nature kingdoms. More than one species has informed us that their design and purpose (holographic blueprint with the earth) has been hijacked, mutated, stolen and abused by the Reptilian agenda, which brings great harm to the earth. These kingdoms are very aware and know exactly what is going on from their vantage point, which is indeed fascinating to listen to. The earth and nature kingdom desires, as any sentient intelligence, to evolve, grow and live free. 

As this particular quarantine is lifted, these kingdoms are very motivated to connect, communicate and work in partnership with enlightened human beings.

As conscious humans accept their responsibility to be a steward of earth, nature will regain its trust with humanity in order to co-create resolutions for harmonious ways of living. We have much to learn from Nature and all her creatures, who understand their “inherent design”, and why they were placed on earth (alongside humans) to participate with evolution. Humanity is beginning a new period of learning and discovery with these kingdoms, to cooperate with us, in returning the planet back to the Natural Laws. One may find themselves participating in many ways such as, gridwork, sponsoring, clearing and healing species groups, opening portals, transiting fragments, re-encryption of elementals, moving through miasma/slime, or any other way one feels connected to love nature. 

You are the Guide

Most people in the masses are still working on releasing mind control, mind slides and alien technology,that distort mental perception and beliefs from gathering an accurate assessment of this reality. Many of the masses will be confused and lost, obsessively looping in ego and personality problems. We have a great many people, especially males, that have been groomed into the patriarchal domination program of tyrannical material values. When that program ceases to be reinforced to that identity, and they do not understand or accept the change, confusion, anger, depression and delusion take hold. There are a lot of confused and angry people on earth and beyond, without any context for what they are going through. 

When we have some deeper context and comprehension of planetary events impacting our consciousness, it allows us to go ever deeper into our spiritual embodiment potential. We must get past the mind control to experience our spiritual consciousness. As we glean the necessary clarity to become more effective and effortless with our life missions, it is necessary to increase our ability to effectively communicate compassionately with others around us. 

Those of us reading this, are the light and example to help our brother and sisters release their bondage of suffering from unconsciousness. Many of us will help guide the people on this planet and after we leave this planet, as this is the re-education and reclamation of the Christos, returning to many other planetary systems. Learn about the Natural Laws of God, The Law of One, and how to apply those principles in communicating and interacting with others. 

As one reclaims the Inner God Spirit, one is made in the image of the eternal Light of God and lives as the Natural Laws. These laws are basic, however intrinsic to our Spiritual Ascension process and our journey home, back to freedom. Live as the Law, and freedom, liberation and sovereignty is eternally yours, this is God’s Promise.


1.  PRACTICE ONE: UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS – The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of consciousness and are the Natural Laws governing our Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator, or God. Eternal Love consciousness embodied in a form is Unity intelligence, and simultaneously recognized as, the Inner Light of Christos. Unity consciousness is at One with God and Unity consciousness ignites the Inner Light of Christos. The Inner Light of Christos when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human. Practice Unity Consciousness and One is directly reflecting the image of God’s Love, and is eternally protected. Be At One with All, as One is All with God. 

2. PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love. As a manifestation of God’s eternal spirit of Love, one has the ability to choose to create personal freedom without harming others. Have courage to remove the obstacles of pain and fear to become embodied Love, as God’s spirit is always found within. 

3. PRACTICE THREE: LOVE OTHERS – As you learn to love yourself, love others. Acknowledge the precious life force in others by holding love, reverence and respect for others. Loving others as you love yourself, is the natural state of Self Sovereignty as you give others the same reverence for their life, as you give your own life. Through practicing self-love and loving others, no approval, worth or esteem issues come into question, as all is loved equally.  

4. PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE – Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings. Acknowledge the precious life force present in all of God’s creation, by holding reverence and respect for nature. Doing so restores balance and harmony to nature, and the intelligent energy of all of earth’s creations will respond to cooperate with humankind. Humans living in discord with nature create many events that are considered to be “at the mercy of” the untamed forces. As humans learn to live in harmony with earth and the nature kingdom, the natural creatures will align to be in harmony and cooperation with all inhabitants. 

5. PRACTICE FIVE: SERVICE TO OTHERS – Upon firmly loving yourself and honoring your path, find methods to be of service to others that do not overstep personal boundaries of discernment. Being of service to others does not include consumptive modeling, such as victim-victimizer, parasitism or emotional vampirism. Being of service does not hold an ego perspective of entitlement, expectation or attachment. Practice being of service with unconditional love, and naturally flowing in the moment. The energy exchange made between participants being of service to others, amplifies and expands consciousness growth like no other method. The more you amplify the energetic field of being in service to others, the more joy, harmony and gifts will be brought into your life. The more service you dedicate to Gods plan, the Law of One, the more spiritual support and spiritual presence one can exchange with God Force. 

6. PRACTICE SIX: CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION – Learn to develop inner clarity and spiritual integrity by intending to develop personal consciousness and/or spiritual identity. To embody one’s spiritual identity, one’s mind must be initiated and disciplined. If the ego is in authority of the body it will repel the spiritual identity from embodiment. If the mental body creates obstacles to the spiritual identity, the spiritual identity, therefore the consciousness, will not be experienced. The first step to consciousness expansion is becoming aware of mind control and the quality content of thoughts and belief systems. The second step is to cooperate with the process of mental and physical discomfort by having patience and waiting in the void of silence. Learn to quiet the mind, sublimate the ego and be still. Once stillness, mental discipline and ego sublimation has been achieved, listen to your inner spirit to receive guidance. Inner Guidance will always lead to the process of re-education to experience continual consciousness expansion free of fear and dogma. The Inner Christos always guides one towards choosing more love and peace via consciousness expansion of the spiritual identity. 

7. PRACTICE SEVEN: RESPONSIBLE CO-CREATION – As one becomes more infused with the eternal love of the spiritual identity, the intelligent blueprint activates the divine purpose of being as a co-creator with God. The spiritual identity and the intelligent blueprint of divine purpose are one and the same.  Clarity of purpose and direction becomes clearer and clearer as one commits to live in service to the principles of All-ONE or Christ spirit. Knowing and Living our purpose brings joy, peace and fulfillment, even when facing adversity or challenges. Once we achieve “knowing”, we are responsible for that knowing, and practice responsible co-creation with the All-One. A responsible co-creator knows all manifestations are in partnership with the All-One. We do not possess or control anything, so needs, desires and superimposing will, should be avoided. We are stewards of God Spirit to Serve Others in responsible co-creation with All-One. From this knowing, and living this principle, we are eternally free of karmic exchanges. 

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart path, be gentle with your heart and each other. 

Love, Lisa


Messages of Light 20120623 ~ Be Aware of the Former “Lightworkers” Who May Have Switched or Who Are Stuck…


Be Aware of the Former “Lightworkers” Who May Have Switched or Who Are Stuck…

Why do I post this? Just as a note that those of us who have come this far, are not going to give up their journey. This journey continually encourages us, requires us to release where we have just been, and move on, and up.

Yet there are those who, in my view, in my “getting”, have somehow got stuck in a place they have felt comfortable, and perhaps are not yet releasing that place and moving on and up to the next.


Instead, I have seen and listened to a few, who I used to pay close attention to in one of my “waking up” phases, who now sound to me more like constantly throbbing bags of wind. Now I have no problem with bags of anything, or even bagpipes, which is a bag type instrument, pumping a bag generated “wind” through pipes and tubes, to make music.

But some of the ones I am speaking of, just sound like they’ve lost all their pipes, except one. The one they’ve been playing on for years and years and years and years and years and years. Same old tune, same old note. A note like, “The sky is still falling, no matter what positive news comes out.” or, “The world is going to he// in a hand basket and you’d better stock up on survival foods and guns and be in fear all the time… And by the way, did you know you can buy all the survival foods you need and all the guns you need, right here at my website? And did you know I’m going to play this message every day, every hour, every 5 minutes until you buy something from my store? Because if you don’t do that, you might go to he// in a hand basket.” (who ever came up with that saying, anyway? and what’s a ‘handbasket’?)

So what is the REAL message that these “stuck ones” send out there? “Be afraid. Be very afraid. The monster is coming. Be afraid. The asteroid is headed straight for YOU. Be afraid. Obama wants to be a dictator. Be afraid. Nuclear bomb. Be afraid. All of the news of positive progress in this world you are hearing now is a scam. Be afraid. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Be afraid.”

We may see and hear all those things. But personally, I remind myself, “Don’t buy into it. I am moving on. And up. Away from fear. And away from the monotonous bags of wind.”

I am here for the Light. I am a part of that Light. I am here to be that Light. I am here toshare that Light. I am… that Light.


Messages of Light 20120623 ~ Solara: A Summer Solstice Message -Channeled through Wes Annac


Solara: A Summer Solstice Message

Channeled through Wes Annac

Your New Earth is blooming into being on a Grand scale at this moment and we, having a pure vantage point of matters on your world, can tell you with happiness that the foundations you have been laying for so very many years are now setting the stage for the many events, both physical and etheric in nature, that are to grace the surface of your world in the current thread of reality you all find yourselves within.

Indeed, foundations have been laid. The years leading up to this final year within your third dimensional reality structure have seen each and every one of you, no matter the circumstances of your finding yourselves on this world and how long you have been involved in your own awakenings in your current Lives, laying supreme and Lighted foundations for you to supersede the need to continue feeding any lower vibrations of any type or form.

The lower vibrations are tricky and will come to one whenever one least expects it, and will show up in various different forms that seem to be nice and within the best interest of the soul in question, but such things are still left with the residue of the lower vibrations and in many cases, much of humanity has not begun yet to understand the many things that actually serve to hold you back and make your bodies and spirits unhealthy.

This current cluster of days that you are going through are very powerful in purity as your Sun is reaching several alignments and completions at this time, many coming subsequently right after another in a row.

Dearest souls, if you feel that your year 2012 has been crazy and energetic thus far, just wait until you begin to feel and adjust to the events playing themselves out right now on your world and on a Cosmic scale in favor of the achievement and manifestation of the supreme and wonderful ascension that is gracing your world and all of you at this time, in accordance with the long-decreed cycles and prophecies on your world, given in many cases by your ‘extraterrestrial’ and Galactic brethren.

As always, there are an infinite amount of heavenly rituals being performed at this time and in the days, weeks and months ahead to help Earth and you all adjust and align better with the continually pure energies that are reaching such strong proportions, that many of you are finding yourselves tested exponentially.

Have we not informed you, dear beautiful souls, that the dualities were going to increase in yourselves and upon your world?

The majority of you dear souls are seeing this very happening in play at this very moment, and in general it is very clear that your world is in a state of seeming chaos as so very many for the most part, have yet to understand fully the lower and gruesome nature of the acts that have been fed on your world for so very long and that have been and still seem to be normal, and the collective density which is still fed every day is being exposed on a widespread level in accordance with the continual clearing out of lower vibrational influences and densities upon the astral realms of your world and within yourselves.

We have been assisting with your finding of the higher vibrations that are taking the place of the lower vibrations and densities that have kept you feeding a lower vibratory Lifestyle for so very long.

We’ve stated many times that we dearly wish you beautiful souls could understand and fathom the depth and number of ascended and advanced souls assisting you in even your daily and moment by moment endeavors, as all of us Love you and your world so very dearly and will do anything that we can while acting in accordance with your freewill, to see this ascension come forth as has been planned for so very long.

You will find infinite assistance along your path, if you make it your intent to ask for and request such assistance and if you make it your intent to continually be able to wade away from your [former] self while Loving, understanding, integrating and transmuting, those lower mindsets and heart sets which still creep up in many of you and attempt to get you to feed the old and broken-down patterns and behaviors that you have enticed yourselves with throughout thousands of Lives within the lower dimensional matrix on your world.

Dear Mother Gaia has always been an advanced and ascended soul, and is a soul who has come from very pure realms and echelons of Creation to experience the fifth density as a planet, and She did not plan in any way to be ‘dragged’ down to realms lower than those of the fifth dimension but She Loves you all so very much that she wanted you to be able to experience the realities that you wanted and that you have Created for yourselves.

As you have slowly but surely begun to grow out of the mindsets that have garnered such ‘realties’ and as you are beginning to realize in very true, pure and intense ways, the extent to which you have deceived yourselves, we and many other ascended beings are assisting you and your world in ridding yourselves once and for all of the lower vibrations which you had Created for yourselves and wished dearly to exist within.

The illusion and distortion of freewill permitted you to think and feel while within the third dimensional matrix, that you could act however you wanted and treat those around you however you wanted and there would be no repercussions. Eventually, and for some this took many, many Lives and cycles to figure this out, you began to realize that that which you do to others is indeed reflected in your own experiences and in general, what you give out is returned to you, sometimes in very bold ways.

Of course, there are still many incarnate souls on your world at this very moment who do not believe that karma and the Law of Attraction are real, and this is because the very ideas and concepts of such things have been as muddied and distorted as the concept of true Love.

True, pure and unfiltered Love is the energy which Creates your reality, and this energy is the product of our dear Mother and Father Creator funneling parts of Him/Herself down to various and multiple different octaves and planes of reality.

The true and pure energies of our Mother and Father take quite a process along one’s Life and evolution path to reach, and the masculine and feminine energies that have been fed on your world for so long have been twisted and distorted, as have the concepts of Mothering and Fathering and again, the overall concept of what you know as Love.

As this imbalance in relation to the true energies and expressions of our Mother and Father are fed, the actions garnered as a result are themselves based in a lower dimensional, illusory experience.

Imbalanced masculine energies and expressions are those of acting patriarchal, employing ego to the extent of assuming one is always correct and in a position to judge or control others, and imbalanced feminine energies and actions are those of taking to deceit, gossip, and a hurting of others whilst putting up a fake shell, an alter-ego of sorts, to those whom one does not assume to be worthy of getting to know [the real them].

Another example of imbalanced feminine energies would be those of letting oneself be controlled by any other soul, for any reason, in any area of one’s Life.

There are many dear, beautiful feminine souls on your world who are letting themselves be controlled by those around them – some may be controlled by an abusive spouse, some may be controlled by family, but the common theme is always that such souls are letting their opinions and feelings be molded and formed entirely by another around them, who happily steps into such a role because of a want and perceived need to control somebody [who is] perceived to be weaker than them.

This is usually a heart set that is brought on from one not feeling enough Love, wholeness and completeness within themselves, just past their conscious awareness – and this is the cause of many other serious and strong problems within many Earthly souls as well.

Nearly all of your mental illnesses, all of your intensely fed angers, frustrations and fears; your feeding of the collective manifested density which is caused by an innate and inherent lack of Love within oneself, subconsciously helps you to feed the continual cycle of lower emotions and resulting experiences that you are granted through looking toward the lower vibrations in any form and pleasure that they have to offer, to fill the void of true Love that has been missing from your hearts.

We know that for many, when the terms Love and Light are used the concept of hollow shells of expression are brought forth as it is perceived that these are simply ‘new age’ terms that mean little, but it must be expressed that what are routinely called ‘Love and Light’ by many channeled sources are actually two of the purest distortions which can still be considered distortions, of energy being sent down from our Mother and Father Creator.

Love and Light represent our Mother and Father; our beautiful Creator seemingly divided into two United polarities and segments. One lays the foundation for Creation and experience, and the other sees such experiences brought forth through the Creation of a mirror-energy; a mirror consciousness to experience the landscapes, templates and blueprints that have been Created by the Universal energies.

The Masculine Logos energy Creates and sustains your realities, whereas the Divine Feminine Light energies which you all are as well, sees such a mirror consciousness Created in the form of all of you who experience the lower dimensions and various planets in every form that they take, as you are experiencing such Creation and consciousness while at the same time, mirroring it and being a part of it.

The Divine Masculine energies of Love and the Divine Feminine energies of Light are increasing in potency and purity now as they make their way to your world through very many star gates and energy gate stationed in many areas throughout Creation, which are connected with various star and energy gates on and around your world, as well as within your world in your skies, where such gates are not visible.

As other ascended sources have been speaking to, there will be a time when such energy gates in your skies will no longer be invisible and you will be able to both see these gates and see and feel the beauty and pure Logos energy that is being given through these gates, in the immediate future ahead.

Already, so very much pure Logos energy is reaching the surface of your world and reaching your bodies and spirits as well, as you continue to lay such a strong and pure foundation through your gained knowledge, attained by going through many experiences and lessons on your world and within your third and fourth dimensional experience.

Again, you have always been meant to reflect the state of the Earth [and vice versa] and as humanity has fed so very much darkness, the Earth has had to have such darkness experienced on Her surface as a result, as the Earth reflects every action, thought and feeling that is fed and garnered in each and every individual, and by the collective as a whole.

Some of the darker-inclined events which have happened because of the releasing of the negative energies manifested which needed to be expressed, were those of various natural disasters that in some cases, took out whole cities and collectives who were experiencing and continually feeding vibrations so very low and dense that such vibrational feedings called for a collective clearing event of such proportions.

Another example of this collective density and darkness needing to be expressed to be balanced out, has been that of the incarnation of the dark heads on your world who have been called by many the ‘elites’ as such souls have truly shown you dear souls how pervasive the vibrations and densities you have manifested truly are and just what your continual feeding of lower and dense vibrations for generations of your time has caused.

You will notice that Gaia has recently not had to undergo many of these physical clearing events on a mass scale and we say that this is because many ascended beings are continually monitoring your world and helping your Earth in any way they can to see that the Earth collective is able to realize these lower vibrations without the need for the causing of physical events and manifestations.

There will still be small rumblings and what not as Gaia continues to release the densities and vibrations that have been manifested for so very long and when the big clearing events come, it will be decided by the collective of humanity how such cleaning and cleansing events are to take place.

There have been several different possible ‘timelines’ planned out for such [Earth cleansing] events and one is that humanity can choose to receive assistance from your Galactic brethren while collectively meditating on a mass scale, and by this we mean on a scale of everybody on your world performing such meditations in the highest alignment and intent. Your Galactic brethren will assist by taking the energies that you manifest as a collective and funneling them through both the lower realms of your world [including 3D reality] and the higher realms alike, to give such higher realms a boost.

With this much Love being given to Gaia, Her lower astral realms and the energies and entities who would still reside in such realms by this time and trust us dear souls, that number will be very few; such events would serve to see Gaia able to clear out such density without the need for expressing it in very intense [catastrophic] ways upon Her surface.

This is one timeline and scenario that has been planned out and we can say that it is the most likely timeline and scenario, but the choice will be left entirely up to humanity. There will be several options laid out before you as a collective, and suffice to say dear beautiful souls these decisions will have to be made far after the disclosures and revelations and after your Galactic Brethren have made their Resumed Contact with you and your world.

Such times are not as far off as you may feel and yet, the majority of you are still working within your veils and doing the best you can at this very moment to break away from the densities that have kept you energetically chained to the vibrational state that has been fed around you and by you for so very long.

With the many alignments and intense upgrades and reboots of energy that are occurring right now and that will continue to be occurring, you will see much assistance with this process, from us and from many other ascended beings, again, only if the pure and clear intent is made to have us with you.

In this current moment [of the Summer Solstice], we here within the realms of your Sun are stationing ourselves in many different Solar realms at once, to assist with the bringing-through of energy so very pure that it may knock many off of their proverbial egotistical pedestals.

What we mean by this is that many of you, and this includes many unawakened souls as well, are going to find these energies transforming you and seeming to turn you inside-out even more than they already have, and we can say only to do your best to ride the many waves of energy that will be and are currently being given, and to use the tools you have around you of Love, Peace, Harmony, acceptance of all situations around you and of course, your Divine Violet Flame abilities.

Use such tools to see yourselves better able to ride the pure energies being given to you at this time for you will not be able to feel the energies and the resulting upgrades that many of you would like to feel, if you are still employing the blockages and willful feedings of frustration, tenseness and anger of any kind.

Allow the Universal and pure energies coming to and through you now, to shine brilliantly through such parts of yourselves still based in illusion, and you will find yourselves opened up and awakened exponentially upon doing so.

Each and every one of you are invited to the many, infinite rituals and mass meditations occurring right now, on your world and throughout many other realms to assist in the anchoring and mass integrating of the continually pure energies that are being given to you on important celestial dates that are indeed occurring closer and closer to each other.

As you are all continuing to align yourselves with and integrate these alignments which are coming at you one after another, in part you are beginning to get used to navigating these energies and subconsciously, many of you are doing wonders in integrating yourselves to the continually pure energies, to the extent that your Lives are much easier than they would otherwise be.

From here on out, your experiences are going to prove to be more and more validating as you make the efforts in yourselves to shed and integrate the final densities you find around you.

We all Love you so very much, and we are excited for you to lean all about us beings existing within your Sun, for we happily do so very much for you dear, beautiful souls on a moment-by-moment basis. We employ the energies of Love and the desire for Service to Others when assisting with the Creation of Earthly realms, and as we both Create your reality and continue to sustain it while helping you to receive purer and purer upgrades of energy, we give you as well our specific encoded Love.

Thank you to Solara.


Ascension Earth 2012 – 20120623 ~ Message from the Galactic Federation of Light ~ ‘Time for Your New Shoes’


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

‘Time for Your New Shoes’

This is why I give my bowl to you. I offer my bowl to you in love and in service to our Creator, the Creator of everything that we enjoy and that we use to allow us to grow ever stronger, wiser and more learned as we continue our journey through this magnificent universe that our Creator has designed, created and offered us to allow us to experience ourselves and discover who it is we truly are. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, who are your friends and who are your family from many years past, have now come here to rejoin you and to offer our assistance to help you on your journey which is now reaching the point where you will experience some of your greatest challenges and tests to your strength, to your determination, to your resolve, to your spirit.  

You do not have to accept our help. You are perfectly free to decline, as no one is forcing anything upon you. You enjoy the luxury of the right of free will and choice in this universe and we would never ask you to relinquish this privilege. We come here in the offering of gifts, of knowledge, of experience, as what you are about to face as one community are challenges that we have faced before and we, through our combined efforts together, have found ways to clear these obstacles from our path. What we offer you are tools in the form of technological advancements that you do not yet possess here in your world. We offer you leadership if it is leadership that you feel will assist you to better ease your way through these transitions up ahead that may be rough and may be difficult for you. We offer you training in fields that we feel will be of value to your people in the days ahead, and we offer you our guidance and wisdom to better inform you of just what it is you will be facing so there will be no surprises for you.  

We have been issuing you notice for some time now, a little at a time, allowing you to gain better insight into what is ahead for you. Whether you have chosen to read or listen to our messages and to believe what we have been sharing with you is a matter of personal choice, and we respect and honor the choices you are making. We say to you we will continue to offer our understandings of what it is you as a people will face in the days ahead, and if you wish to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to our offerings we say to you that you are well within your rights and we will allow you to ignore our offers of guidance. For those of you who read our messages and do resonate with them and believe they are indeed messages being offered to you from higher dimensional beings, we say to you we will continue to offer our guidance and wisdom to you of the upcoming events that you can use to better prepare yourselves.    

These events that we have been describing for you concerning earth tremors and rising sea levels are coming your way, there are no two ways about this. How you wish to process this information and utilize it to your advantage or not is up to you, though we would suggest to you that we are issuing you this advanced notice for a reason, for we feel you can utilize this advantage of an early warning to allow you to better plan, organize and implement your strategies to increase your chances of safe passage through this rough period. Many of you have journeyed here to this planet through the gift of incarnation specifically to experience what lays ahead for you throughout the short remainder of your calendar year. This is what you have come here for, this is your stage and it is your spotlight that has now been turned on. There are those of you who have come here to discover for yourselves if you are leaders of your fellow man and just what it is that makes you the being that you are. Many of you have come here to discover just how powerful, wise, courageous, strong, resourceful, intelligent, kind and generous a being that you are, and we say to you there are those of you who will find this out for yourselves and leave here and leave this experience behind now knowing who it is you truly are.  

Coming to a world such as this for beings who call the higher dimensions their home or even other worlds of the 3rd dimension that are significantly more advanced than this one is never an easy challenge and is never without sometimes painful retrofitting into this kind of lower dimensional existence. It is as if you are an adult, now trying to squeeze on shoes you wore as a child. Although the memories of wearing these smaller shoes are often clear to you, they just are not a comfortable fit and can cause pain if you wear them too long, which is the case for many of you who have journeyed here many long years ago and who now sense it is time to squeeze out of these painful shoes that no longer fit you and no longer will allow you to comfortably walk another step along this path.  

It is time for a new pair of shoes for many of you. It is time for new adventures and experiences of higher ideals and of thought, and many of you have truly earned your ticket back home to where it is you have many friends and family who have missed you dearly. The time for this is close at hand, but we remind you there is work yet to be done here in this world. What you choose to do with the following months is up to you, but we suggest to you to use this time wisely and use these events that  you will experience to their greatest potential that will allow you to reach your greatest potential which is the reason why many of you have made this long journey here. We will not allow you to wander lost and confused in the darkness, as we will shine our light that will guide you each and every step of the way if this is what you choose.   

We see there are many of you who are confused, at least somewhat, as to what it is they should be doing or what it is they will be doing, and we say to you that part of your challenge here is to discover just what it is you are made to do, that you wish to do, that you are good at and that will bring to others around you assistance, guidance, care and greater understandings. We will not reveal to you what you should specifically be doing, as we feel we have adequately lined the path with light and now it is only up to you to follow this path through to where it is you wish to emerge. We say to you to use your resolve, your intelligence, your intuition, to communicate with others, hold each other’s hand and lead each other up this path, and if it is darkness that begins to edge upon you we say to you this is a sign that you are wandering from the lighted path and you may wish to recalculate your bearings and set a new course.  

There are others up ahead of you and others behind you, and if you feel you cannot find your way up the path through the darkness there are two things that you can do. One is to use your voices of communication to each other to locate each other and to lead each other, and the other is to shine your light as bright as you can for the others to follow and find their way. You will emerge through this experience better for it, stronger for it, wiser for it, and we say to you that is why you have come here. 

We are the Galactic Federation of Light, and we are shining our light bright for you to follow.

As channeled through Greg Giles English



Ascended Masters 20120623 ~ Our wish is that you continue on your present course – Michael channeled by Ron Head


Our wish is that you continue on your present course

Michael channeled by Ron Head

We greet you on this first day after your solstice.  As always, many are wondering what all the fuss was about, while others are amazed at the new energies they find themselves in.  You have entered a field of much increased frequencies of love.  You are all in this field, my friends.  Some can see a difference, some can feel it, some see new colors, some see energies that they have not seen before, and some do not yet notice any change.  Do not judge yourselves for being where you are.  You are exactly where you need to be at this moment.  If you have chosen to be on the path to ascension, you are where you can be of the most benefit for yourselves and the all.

All around you now, you are seeing a crescendo of events that is leading to a massive change in your outside world.  As above, so below, yes?  As within, so without.  What you are about to witness is the evidence of the massive change that has occurred, and continues to occur in the hearts of humanity.

Some of the persons who are experiencing these changes in themselves would amaze you.  They reach far wider than you can yet see.  And as you continue to bring your intentions to bear, continue to imagine and envision change, this is accelerating.  We see that more and more of you are joining together in these efforts.  Not only are you joining together on days such as your solstice, but now some are doing this daily.

Do not be surprised or rocked when the effects of all this multiply and spill into the limelight.  It is already beginning and will build rapidly now.  Be certain in your hearts that what you witness will be exactly what is necessary to accomplish what is needed.  Your fondest dreams are becoming reality, and beyond that are things which you now would believe impossible.  Things which are real now, but hidden from you, will spur such advances as will be difficult for some to come to grips with.  But soon, as you know, everything which is new becomes commonplace.

Hold your vision of a peaceful and graceful transition into your new lives and these mammoth changes in your world can be accomplished with as little upheaval as possible.  We would point out to you that even with hundreds of earthquakes happening daily, no major loss of life has occurred.  You may also have noticed that some of your first typhoons and hurricanes have not produced any damage to speak of.  You will one day come to understand the relationship between your state of mind and your environment.  News on one side of your world.  Old hat, as you say, on the other.

Our wish is that you continue on your present course.  We believe you say, “Keep on keeping on.”  We are amazed at what you are accomplishing.  Ask whenever you need comfort or aid.  We are always here with you.  Good day.

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