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Conversations with SaLuSA 20120618 – SaLuSa to Me -18 June 2012 – Mother Earth Metamorphosis


Brothers and sisters of light, can you feel the energy beaming of so much higher frequency at this time in your life? You are now living in the times many had volunteered for and wish to experience. Not everybody who volunteered was accepted. Only those few who were highly trusted for this mission were sent on Mother Earth in order to help raise the planet’s vibrations to the highest of frequencies. We are so proud of the work you are doing and so proud of seeing you give unconditional love for this planet and for the human kind.


We wait with great joy the time when your frequencies will be high enough for us to land as welcome visitors upon your beloved Mother Earth. Already we can see your efforts across your world in raising the vibrations through your love and conscious work. We salute your courage and your endurance. The vibrations your are now able to assimilate are spreading wide across your world and envelop Mother Earth in a blanket of conscious love, pure and unconditional. The highest form of love for Mother Earth. Mother Earth needs this kind of support from you, her rightful children at this time.


These higher vibrations are allowing many more humans to awaken and are helping Mother Earth in her ascension process. She is also being surrounded by love and light emanating from your Central Sun. She and you are going through an important change right now, and nothing will remain the same when this transformation is over. We are assisting you and witnessing your metamorphosis, dear ones. We admire the light that shines thanks to you on the surface of Mother Earth. We are honoured to be part of these amazing changes in your society, as well as your awakening at the same time this takes place.


Feel Mother Earth rejoicing under your feet, she supports and feeds you every single day, without any demands in return from you.  This is a time when we ask you to be conscious of the impact you have around you, but also for Mother Earth. Be conscious when you walk upon her, when you are with others, maintain your awareness at its highest level.


I am SaLuSa from Sirisu, and we are observing your changing world, as well as the active changes taking place in your society.


Thank you, SaLuSa

Laura Tyco


Ascension Earth 2012 GG: 20120618 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/17/12 ‘Our Name, Our Messages & Motivation’



Do not attempt in any way to steer our discussions away from their true purpose and intent, which is to serve our Creator who is your Creator, and who has decreed our mission here to bring to this world advancements that will see to the benefit of each and every being who calls this planet their home. The intention of these communications is to allow all those who wish to learn greater understandings of what is transpiring here at this time to be able to locate a reservoir of new information, teachings and updates to our mission that flow like a fountain from our collective within the higher dimensions of this universe unto you, our brothers and sisters of the planet you call Earth.  


We are here with you; there are no two ways about this. Denying our presence is denying divinity in itself, for this is who we are. We are divinity in all its living, breathing, shining, emoting self. We are not separate from divinity and we are not separate from spiritual teachings. We are not separate from you, we are not separate from anyone or anything just as you are not separate from everything and anything in this universe which includes us, beings who exist within the higher realms and beings that, in order to better serve our Creator, your Creator, and the beings who call this universe home, are members of alliances such as the alliance we are a part of which you know as the Galactic Federation of Light.  


We have regularly taken notice of those who voice their opinions, rather strongly at times, that we do not exist or that we may exist but are some kind of frauds, liars or con artists and are here for selfish reasons and intent. This is hardly the case. As citizens of the higher realms, we have been blessed with all that we could ever need and could ever desire. We have been given the choice to do whatever it is we wish to do with our lives. We do not have to do what it is we do, which is to travel the universe to share the gifts that our Creator has bestowed upon us. We have chosen our mission in service to others, for it is for us the most rewarding experience and expenditure of our time, energy and effort.  


If you, dear ones, with everything you could ever need or want and an eternity to enjoy these gifts without the ominous threat of aging and or death, what would it be that you would chose to do with them? Would you hoard these gifts by finding a solitary planet somewhere tucked away in the far reaches of an isolated galaxy and hide them from all your neighbors who could benefit so greatly from them and who clearly suffer through lack and scarcity, limited sciences, technologies and understandings? Would you whittle away your time playing with these toys and rolling in your treasures and your wealth, or would you seek others who felt as you do, believing that it was better to spend your time helping others improve their way of life for themselves, their families and their planetary brothers and sisters?  


Would you first team up with members of your own nation and your own planet, then use your Creator given space travel technologies to travel to other worlds of plenty and enlist the services of beings there who also have made a decision that what it is they wish to do with their time is help others? Would you then form some kind of alliance with them and perhaps give it a name, a name that proclaimed who it is that comprise your alliance such as ‘galactic’, and a name that proclaimed that you were formed together in a brother and sisterhood such as the word ‘federation’ would signify? Would you also not wish for those whose worlds you visit to understand that you come in love and that you come in light? Would the name that we have chosen for ourselves, the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’, not serve this purpose to announce to worlds that we visit in the name of our Creator and in the name of love and service?  


This is why we have chosen this name for our alliance and we are proud of our name and what it stands for, and we feel we are blessed to be able to do what it is that makes us feel more alive than anything else that we can possibly do and that is to assist others on their journey as others have assisted us along our way. This is why we are here in your world at this time. We do not come to force our ways of life upon you, for we have no desire for anything such as this. We come bearing gifts of advanced technologies, advanced sciences, advanced ways in your fields of healthcare and for food supply, delivery and preparation. We come with gifts of clean air, clean water and clean soil for the planets that we visit that have suffered under the hands of limited and outdated technologies, sciences, understandings and care. We feel these gifts are very important for worlds that have suffered for so many years through chemical and other means of pollution, and from existing through so many years under systems that are long outdated or should never have been devised in the first place, such as many of the systems that we have studied here on your planet.  


It should come as no surprise to many of your people that your planet is suffering greatly through pollutants discharged into your air, seas and soil by many different systems that are leading to irrevocable damages to the health and welfare of your mother planet. This understanding is one of the more widespread and clearly understood subjects that we have taken note of in your world. We are very pleased to see that so many of you understand that this damage must cease and your planet must experience a restoration of her ecosystems, her air and her waters. The damage that your planet has suffered goes beyond this as well to your magnetosphere, which has been severely damaged and gives cause for immediate and intensive repair and restoration.  


We have the abilities, the advanced technologies, the understandings and the manpower to assist you in all these areas. What we do not have is the right to force these projects on you. This is one of the reasons for our many communications with you. They are presented to you for many reasons, but one of the reasons is to introduce ourselves to you and make offers clear to you of what we feel your society needs to sustain itself and what your planet needs to sustain herself. As we have made very clear, we will not make all these repairs for you. We will assist you make these repairs yourself by furnishing you the tools that you will need, the training that you will need, the leadership that you may need and the supervision that you may need, but it is you, the people of Earth, who will come together in service to their Creator, who is our Creator, to your planet and to yourselves and restore your homeland to its original and gorgeous, pristine and fully functioning condition. This is what we can do for you and this is what we can do with you. It is all up to you whether you choose to accept our assistance or not.  


Another purpose of the messages that we share with you through our channels is to give you the opportunity to choose whether you wish to accept our assistance or not. We monitor the publicly accessible areas of your online social networks to gauge the resistance or the acceptance of our offers of help. This is a very important area of our research, and this is why we welcome all commentary either positive or negative about us and our reasons for being here throughout your online social networks. We find it necessary to accurately gauge your responses to our offers and this can only be done by allowing all access to our messages and also the freedom to leave comments underneath. We thank all of you at this time for allowing those who share our messages to post them wherever there are those who may benefit from them and where they may help us and our efforts to gauge your responses to our offers, and we also thank those of you who allow each and every individual no matter their stance or opinions about us to also be free to leave comments underneath our messages, as all input helps us come to some conclusions as to whether you wish to accept our help and if you are now prepared for a working relationship with us.  


We hope that today’s communication with you clarifies somewhat who we are, why we are here and why we ask our team members in the field to post our messages throughout your online social networks, and why we ask all of you to allow all others to express their points of view whatever it is they should be. Thank you for your time today, we enjoyed our conversation with you and we look forward to speaking with you again very shortly.  


We are your brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light. Peace be with you always.





Ascension Earth 2012 – 20120617 ~ Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/16/12 ‘Show us you are Ready’


‘Show us you are Ready’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/16/12

Planting the seeds of thought where they may take root is your task at this time here in this world. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, travel beyond the stars and travel to worlds that we feel are ready to accept the gifts that we can offer on behalf of the Creator of us and our universe. We have traveled to this planet you call Earth before. This is not the first time we have traveled here, but it is the first time that we feel your people may now be ready to accept the gifts that we extend to you in love and in friendship, to better serve you and to better the lives of each and every soul that calls this planet their home at this time.  

Please demonstrate to us that you are indeed ready to receive these advancements in technologies, sciences, health and wealth, and we will do what we can to share these gifts with you. We do see many of you at this time who are demonstrating that you are indeed ready to receive these gifts and that you will use them wisely and correctly, safely and prudently. These are the prerequisites for this sharing of gifts, for each world that we travel to must first demonstrate that they have now reached a certain level of responsibility and wisdom in regards to the proper handling and facilitation of advanced technologies and sciences. We feel, based on our surveys of your societies and your consciousness levels, that you may now be ready for the implementation of a certain amount of advanced technologies in your world.   

We would like at this time to discover just how many of you are now prepared for these advancements and for the announcements of our presence here, as this is a necessary part of this project as it must be understood by your people where this technology is coming from. This is why we stress to you how important it is that those of you who have reached an understanding of who we are and why we are here share this information with all of your brothers and sisters that are within earshot of you, always keeping in mind that it is not your job to convince them that what you say is truth, but rather, you should plant the seed of possibility within their minds and allow it to grow on its own through rays of the sun that shine in the form of further evidence of our existence which is all around each of you at this time and only awaits  the opening eye or the awakening mind to recognize it.  

There are so many signs that we are here in your world at this time, and one only needs to look and they will see, it is as simple as that. It does not take anything more, yet it does not take anything less, and this is the key. One must wish to learn new concepts and ideas to learn them. Knowledge and wisdom cannot be forced upon a person, it must be welcomed and it must be sought after. We do take notice of many of your people who do not wish to learn of certain new things, at least at this time. We therefore must be careful not to tread clumsily on their domain. We must instead proceed cautiously, doing our best not to crack open like an eggshell their fragile reality if we were to land our great ships on their front lawn. Do you understand this dear ones? Do you understand that we cannot come down from our positions in space around your planet and frighten so greatly those of your world who are not yet ready to learn that they are not alone in the universe and that we are here and we are now introducing ourselves to you?  

We realize there is a very dynamic dichotomy of those of your world who are ready, willing and eager to meet us and begin a working and friendly relationship with us, and those of your world who would be terrified to learn of our existence and even further terrified to learn that we are here in your world. This is a matter that has been under great study and through much long discussion here in our great meeting halls and conference rooms. This is not something that we have overlooked or have neglected to plan for. This is not the case at all. One of the greater difficulties concerning our reunion with you has been through the planning stages of how to safely and calmly introduce ourselves to you, causing as little as a disruption to your society and your flow of your day to day lives as is possible.  

We have at this time reached some conclusions on how to proceed in this regard, and we also have reached a conclusion as to when we will begin these next phases of operation. We will not disclose with you at this time any precise timetable, but we will report to you at this time that we have now set a very definite schedule and we will do all that we can to adhere to this schedule and introduce ourselves to you when certain other matters are dealt with firstly. What these matters include is a suitable agreement with those aligned with your criminal cabal for their peaceful surrender and apprehension for many of them. This is a matter that must be dealt with, as we see it as a great difficulty to begin our many projects with you with those still sworn to the powers that control your criminal cabal and their agenda to cause chaos, destruction, panic, fear, problems and difficulties in your world free to continue their disruptive efforts.   

We have outlined a plan to our Earth allies on how we feel it is best to approach these arrests and the following adjudication. We have received confirmation that our Earth allies have received our communications and we wait at this time for their response that they agree to the principles outlined  and are ready to move forward with the operation that will remove from power many important members of your cabal and free the people of your planet once and for all. This is where we stand today. We are as prepared as we will ever be on our side of this operation, and we feel the time has long come that our counterparts known to you as our Earth allies are also fully prepared and as prepared as they will ever be.  

We must move forward, now is the time for this. There is not much time remaining after today to sufficiently complete the many vital projects that we feel are imperative to the advancement of your world and that will keep your planet from suffering further destruction that may reach a point that it is irreversible. This has always been our greatest concern in regards to time, and it is now time to get our tasks completed, one at a time and in order of importance and necessity. Many tasks necessitate the completion of another task before it. This is the unchangeable nature of our overall mission here, and it is important that all parties involved fully understand this. One cannot begin on certain tasks before other tasks are not only begun, but are fully accomplished, and due to this fact and due to the possibility of unforeseen delays and difficulties completing certain tasks, we feel we are now beyond the date to have begun many of the tasks that should have, for the sake of assurance, been started already.   

We would like to see more of you demonstrate that you understand the sequence of events necessary to be completed before certain events that you may be looking forward to can get underway. We see many of you making your discontent clear that you are waiting for certain events and certain gifts to be shared with you and you are running out of patience waiting for their arrival. We wish to stress upon you today that you are not waiting on us, but our entire mission is aligned strategically with many points of operation scheduled in a very particular order and we do not have the luxury of skipping over certain operations and neglecting to complete them.  

At this time, we have reached the point of the schedule where two things are needed to be accomplished. (1) The breakdown of your criminal cabal and their many associated wings and factions, accompanied by the arrests of as many of their members and associates as possible. (2) We wish to see that there are enough of you who are fully aware of our presence and our plan to introduce ourselves to you, as well as introduce advanced technologies to you. These are the two items on our agenda that we have reached and have reached some time ago. We cannot now skip ahead to the next items on our agenda until these two tasks have been adequately accomplished.  

We ask you at this time to complete your tasks, whether your area involves the arrests and the prosecution of the members of your criminal cabal or if your area concerns the dissemination of the information about us and our intentions here, and we look to see advancements on both fronts as soon as possible. We will continue monitoring your world to keep abreast of developments in these areas, and we wish you great success in your efforts and remind you again that you are not alone, that we, your friends and your families from the higher realms are behind you every step of the way each and every day as we together move forward on our mission together. 

We are the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles


Jesus Through John Smallman 20120617 ~ Humanity is on a roll


Humanity is on a roll

June 17, 2012

by John Smallman

“Words, words, words . . . but when are we to awaken?”  Many are asking this question because they feel they have waited more than long enough for this wondrous, divine promise to be honored.  Time is a major part of the illusion – all of God’s divine promises are honored the moment they are made – it’s just that humanity has not yet allowed itself to let go of all the perceptions and beliefs that makes the illusion seem so real.  However, you are presently receiving unprecedented help to do so, because on the time schedule that you maintain within the illusion the moment for all to awaken is approaching very rapidly.

Do not worry; it is not something that you could sleep through and miss!  Your destiny is to awaken, and unless you have made an extremely determined decision not to (and I can assure you that very few of you have made this kind of decision), you will awaken when that most wondrous moment arrives.  And arrive it will — and unexpectedly!  Yes, it is indeed close, but the precise moment remains unknown to all but God.  You are on the path to an ecstatic awakening that is to amaze and delight you.  Keep reminding yourselves of this divine truth, and enjoy the remaining moments until you awaken.

As you wait, make a strong intent to see and take satisfaction in the growing awareness that humanity is displaying as it embraces ever more enthusiastically the loving attitudes that are leading you inexorably homewards, and that are an essential and very necessary part of your awakening process.  When you do this, you will see encouraging signs and demonstrations of these new attitudes in what might seem to be the most unlikely places.  Humanity is on a roll, and the changes for which you have been hoping and praying are occurring at a dizzying pace all across the planet.  Focus on them and allow your spirits to be uplifted.

The speed at which these changes are taking place is quite phenomenal when you compare it to the rate at which changes of any significance have previously occurred on Earth.  The ones that are presently most noticeable to you are the economic and political ones which have been happening at a breathtaking pace, one after the other, all over the world.  There is nowhere that changes have not been occurring.  It may seem at first that they are damaging for humanity because they seem to be causing increasing alarm, anxiety, and suffering.

However, this is not the case.  They merely reflect the deep need for changes to be made that will benefit all, and the planet herself.  People everywhere are realizing that those who have authority over them — either due to so-called democratic processes, or by means of lineage or of power accumulated due to wealth and its influence — have been deliberately abusing their positions for the benefit of themselves, their families, and their close friends and allies.

Over the last few centuries of earth history, it has seemed that democratic processes were being introduced with the aim of helping populations to escape from poverty and need, and with the intent to allow all to be heard and have their beliefs and opinions considered, as rules were introduced to enable society to operate in a just and considerate manner.  But instead, because societies, cultures, races, and religious and political organizations quickly began to use the new rules and laws to attack one another, the scale of wars and conflicts of all kinds increased enormously.

The egoic nature of your way of life in the illusion has consistently led to conflict, because you have judged one another as unacceptable in a variety of ways and therefore perceived one another as being in need of correction.  The resultant attempts to put to right the damage that various groups with different philosophies and religious and political beliefs were constantly inflicting on each other only aggravated things, especially as, in the last few decades, it has become “normal” to declare war on the many issues causing problems in the world — drugs, cancer, alcoholism, illiteracy, domestic violence, racism, fundamentalism, terrorism, an almost endless selection of “isms” — and then setting about correcting them by violent means.

It is your ancient and egoic mindset that is changing and allowing you to recognize that different perceptions and philosophies are an essential part of living together harmoniously on earth, and that these differences in perception and belief enable far more intelligent methods of dealing with your problems to emerge and be put into effect.  As many are declaring through bumper stickers and signs on their properties “War is not the answer.”

So, focus on the positive; behave lovingly in all situations instead of reacting with anger and alarm when “your buttons are pushed.”  This is the way to awakening, and you know it.  When you live from love, fear dissolves because no one becomes threatened, and issues that seem to divide you can be addressed peacefully and solutions to them achieved which benefit all involved.  Soon, harmonious, loving relationships will become normal, and all others will just dissolve as there is no need for them.  Demonstrate love at all times and delight in the peace and joy that it brings you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Saul Through John Smallman 20120617 ~ Relax regularly into a quiet and peaceful state


Relax regularly into a quiet and peaceful state


by John Smallman

If you choose to pay careful attention to your intuition, your inner knowing or guidance, you can access much information and knowledge that is pertinent to your forthcoming awakening. The illusion distracts you from your homeward path by bringing your attention and focus back to your physical bodies again and again – hunger, tiredness, thirst, anxiety, fear, pain – in an endless succession of issues that it seems you need to deal with immediately.

Meditation is a way to overcome these distractions, but initially it seems impossible to quiet your mind and body, and one or other of them will divert your attention from your meditative practice.  When that happens you become irritated with yourselves and frequently judge yourselves quite harshly for what you see as a failed attempt to relax and go within.  But as with any skill, regular practice is necessary for you to achieve results that you can assess as satisfactory, as a sign that you are making progress.  But often you feel that your attempts are unproductive, a waste of your precious time, and so you terminate the practice to go and take care of “more important” things.

Try not to give in to these temptations, for that is what they are.  It is just your egoic side looking for attention by seducing you with the ideas that you have these “more important” things that you need to deal with.  By resisting these distractions and continuing your practice, you do achieve something – you overcome your ego!

However, by seeking spiritual progress, such as watching for a moment of enlightenment, a moment without thought, or any other spiritual expectation, you set yourselves up for failure.  Your mind will nearly always wander as it is part of the human condition where every situation is subjected to almost constant scrutiny and judgment.  And that is what you need to release.  As long as you engage in judgment and critique, you are coming from ego and cutting yourselves off from your center, the divine flame that glows within each one of you.

Obviously your ego does have a very useful role while you reside in the illusion, embodied.  Its task is to maintain the integrity and health of your bodies, but over the eons you have spent in the illusion you have given it more and more autonomy and have come to rely on it for guidance.  However, in spiritual matters it is totally incompetent, although it tries to guide you in those matters as well.

By entering a meditative state you detach yourselves from it and from its advice and guidance which it desperately wants you to honor and respect, and that is why you find its distractions as you meditate so engaging and effective.  Your ego does not want to be replaced by the loving, compassionate spiritual guidance that you can access when you succeed in quieting it, and it will constantly try to distract you so that it can continue to control you.  When someone pushes your buttons and you explode, that is your ego controlling you.  Often, afterwards, you may wonder what got into you, and regret your words or actions

Being aware of this is the only effective way to overcome it, and you then have to use your will very determinedly in order to relax into that deep meditative state where you can access your inner guidance, your intuition, the spiritual guides who are always with you and available to offer counsel and guidance when you ask them to help you.  That guidance is the gentle suggestion that informs you of its presence by making you aware of the discomfort you feel when your ego is demanding that you attack, and yet something else seems to be advising you that to do so is inadvisable.  And, as most of you have discovered from time to time, when you go with the ego’s shrill advice while feeling pressured or threatened you frequently regret it later.

Relax regularly into meditation, or into a quiet and peaceful state, such as enjoying gentle music, reading a channeled message of love and upliftment, relaxing in a natural setting with water flowing or with inspiring views, and allow yourselves the luxury of just being.  When you do this your intuitive sense that all is divinely taken care of will bubble up into your conscious awareness, enabling you to reconfirm your faith, your inner knowing that you are to awaken into the glory of eternal joy.

With so very much love, Saul.


Ascension Earth 2012 – 20120616 ~ Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/15/12 ‘Why We Are Here’


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/15/12 ‘Why We Are Here’

These words are symbolic that we share with you from time to time. The thoughts and expressions we share with you are not always to be taken literally, and we do see many of you taking our words too literally too often. How to decipher whether our words are presented as metaphor and simile is a matter for you to decide for yourselves. When we speak to you we wish to convey certain thoughts, certain ideas, certain concepts and certain information to you. Depending on what we wish to convey to you at a particular time changes the manner in which we may present words to you.  

When presenting particular and specific information about an upcoming event or suggestions we may make to you about how to better improve upon your communications and your tasks at this time would be occasions when we would not present to you expressions through the use of metaphor, as these cases would not be a suitable arena for such a use of expression. If we, for example, would like to share with you our feelings and emotions about a particular subject, then this would be a more suitable place for the use of artistic and poetic metaphor. Do you see the difference my friends? Do you see when there is a suitable place for metaphor and other artistic uses of language and when a more direct approach through the use of language is called for?  

We hope that you can recognize the differences and apply this knowledge while you are reading our regular communications to you. We have noticed sometimes that some of you read communications from us that were presented metaphorically too literally. This can cause quite a bit of confusion, and it is confusion that we wish to avoid as we move ahead towards certain events in your future. We do not wish for any of you to be misled by metaphoric expression when they are merely presented to you to allow you to comprehend greater certain thoughts and ideas we wish to share with you. Please do not mistake metaphor for promises or assurances of what you will or will not experience, as this is not the intention of such expression.  

We feel we do a good job presenting to you a more straightforward approach when it comes to speaking of events above and below the level of your awareness in your world. We will do our best to make it clear to you when we are speaking metaphorically or when a particular message we would like to share with you calls for a more straightforward and businesslike approach to the language and style of our communication. We also would like those of you reading our communications to take a little extra time if needed and slow down just a little while reading these messages and think about what it is we are saying and what it is we are trying to convey to you. We have taken notice on occasion that some of you may be rushing through these messages far too quickly to adequately grasp what it is we are trying to share with you on a particular day. We also feel there are those of you who are skipping passages entirely throughout a given message and even some of you who only read the comments others leave about a message to gain an idea of what the contents of the message were. This is not an advisable way to learn what we have to share with you on a given day, and we’d like all of you who comment under our messages to at least take some time and read the message before offering your thoughts.  

That is all we ask, and we remind you that all viewpoints are respected and honored by us at all times and we say to you whether you agree with our communications or not to feel free to engage in the discussions that follow these postings. Any and all opinions and viewpoints are important to us, as no one’s views and opinions are more valid than any other individuals and all input, whether it be negative or positive, assists us in our mission to comprehend greater the levels of human consciousness and expansion at this time.  

We’d like to take a moment to speak to you about what our mission is here on this planet at this time. There are many of you who have demonstrated confusion as to why we are here, and would like to clarify at this time what our purpose is here and dispel some unfounded rumors that we feel are leading to confusion, suspicion, distrust and even fear throughout your world. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here at this time in service to our Creator, who is also your Creator and who is the Creator of this entire universe and everything within it. Our Creator has decreed that we of the higher realms are to assist you, the people of the planet you call Earth, at this, your time of great change here in your world.  

What you are being given is an opportunity to accept our assistance or to decline it. No one is forcing you to choose either way. This is your right, and we will honor and respect either choice that you make. When we say you, we mean you, the people of your planet as one collective whole, as one entity, for indeed, in a very meaningful and important way you are one entity and this point needs to be made clear to you as it is important each and every one of you understands this. You are one, and as such what happens here on your planet is due to a collective choice that you have made. Although there are billions of individuals on this planet, each of you enters your thoughts and actions into the collective mind of your planetary structure. It is the collective vibration of the energy entered into this planetary structure that decides for you the events you will experience as you move ahead on your journey.  

As such, it is the overall vibrational frequency of the energies each of you enters into the collective consciousness of your world that decrees what we can do and cannot do for you at this time. What we would like to do for you is one matter, and what you will allow us to do for you is another matter entirely. This is a very important concept for each of you to understand, and this is why we say to you that sharing the information about our presence here, our honorable intentions to assist you, and what your options are at this time is so vitally important to your future and the events that you will experience. Can you understand this? Does this make sense to you? That is why we suggest to you, the ones that have awakened and do understand their choices and options at this time and who understand who we are and why we are here to share this information as far and as wide as you can.   

Again, your job is not to try to convince anyone of anything. Your job is to simply make this information available to those who are willing to accept it as truth and act upon this information in any way that they see fit. This is your task, and this is all that is required of you in this area. Please do not feel you need to win anyone over in our favor, as this is not the task you are charged with. It is up to each and every individual to decide for themselves whether to accept the reality that we are here and to choose to believe that we are here in love and in service to our Creator and to you, our brothers and sisters. It is at the time when sufficient vibrations are reached when a choice is made and suitable events matching this vibrational frequency will schedule themselves upon your future timeline. Each and every moment of each and every day is an opportunity for you as a collective to choose the events you wish to experience together.  

We hope that we have made this point very clear to you today, and we will continue to monitor your online social networks to collect data and determine how many of you fully understand this important concept at this time. We thank you for your time today and tell you that today’s message is not presented as metaphor, but it has been presented in a straightforward manner, as what we have discussed with you today has had no call for poetic expression. When we say to you that each and every thought and action you make throughout your day is entered into your collective consciousness which chooses the future events you will experience together, this is precisely what we mean. We wish for all of you to choose more carefully and wisely your thoughts throughout your day, as they bear such greater importance than many of you may understand at this time, and we wish for more of you to fully understand this concept. Thank you for your time today, and we look forward to speaking with you again very shortly.  

We are your friends from the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles


Ascended Masters 20120615 Yeshua: The Truth of You


Yeshua: The Truth of You

As channeled through Fran Zepeda –  June 14, 2012

Greetings fellow Lightworkers, my sisters and brothers of the Light!

I come before you today to speak of Truth. This has many meanings and connotations in your 3rd dimensional world. I would like to go beyond that and talk of the supreme Truth, that which comes only from the Divine Essence of you, dear Ones.

Take a journey with me today, dear friends, into the realms of the unknown. At one moment in your distant past, you chose to ignore and abandon the Light that was you and ventured out into an adventure, an experience of how far away from the Truth you could go, to explore the possibilities of what was unknown and not familiar to you at the time.

You were perfectly willing and able to break away from the Truth of who you really are, all the while knowing deep down that you would return one day to your full glory. For, what you encompassed at the time of departure and separation from your True Selves was a complete knowing of that Truth, that you were complete and Whole and One with Source. You were completely immersed in that Divine Wholeness at the time and you knew it so well.

As you ventured off into new possibilities of creation, you veered farther away from the Truth and so the veil was created. You had your experiences that could only be fully experienced behind that veil of illusion, away from the Truth of who you truly are. But you see, you never really lost the knowledge of who you really are; it is still you and the Truth of you.

The curtain is opening and cracks are being made in the masks that you have been holding so close to you. Behold what is underneath. Cherish it. Shine in the Light of it, dear Ones. For you are becoming more and more awakened to the Truth of your Divinity.

My dear friends, as you chip away and release the stranglehold of these experiences of duality, it becomes more apparent that they were just there for your edification and learning in order to grasp even more vividly what it means to be of pure Light and intent for the good of all.

You are beginning to grasp the Truth that you were created to be in full synchronization with each Being in concert for the good of all, back to the Oneness that you once enjoyed and took as your Reality.

The Truth of it was never gone; it just slept, as you did. It is like you are suddenly discovering that a precious item you once misplaced is there right in front of your eyes, shining and magnificent in its true form. You are picking that up now and holding it close to your heart and because of your experience of living without it, you now value it even more.

Hold this new Truth of your Wholeness, of your Divinity, of your complete and unfettered connection with All That Is, close to your heart now. Let it be your guiding Light and purpose. Let it be all you know as Real. Let it be your journey now.

Be at peace with that knowledge, that sense of your True Selves. Everything else you have experienced or thought was true about yourselves was just apparatus to teach you about your True Selves, much like the purpose of a scaffolding surrounding a building, designed only to hold up until the building could stand on its own; or the mold of a sculpture or image designed to hold the creation in place until it could be exposed to the Light; or like the chrysalis of the butterfly nurturing and protecting the newly formed body of the butterfly until it can break through and come out on its own.

Now is the time to really see that all those experiences, heartaches and traumas were merely there to give you material to enhance and forge and shine and polish the gem that you are, and always have been.The outer crust is breaking away to reveal what was always there, but now even better for having the experiences to validate the existence of your connection with Source, which never really was severed.

It was just buried amongst the rubble of your experiments with illusion. And everything that is not of that pure knowledge of your Divine Selves, of your unbroken connection with every Being as an integral part of the whole of Oneness, of Source, is Illusion. Nothing else is real, and nothing else is the truth.

My dear friends, my sisters and brothers, you are well on your way to grasping this and we of the Company of Heaven hold you in high regard for your brave endeavors to shake off the last pieces of Illusion to reveal the Truth of you, that you are indeed shining jewels of Creation, loved and cherished by Creator of All That Is.

I bid you farewell for now, with deep love in my heart for you all,

Your loving brother, Yeshua

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Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20120615 – Laitonn TAUKs on Laura and Sfhs – 15 June 2012


Laura: Good to hear from you dear Laitonn, could you tell me of the connection I have with Sfhs, please.


Laitonn: of course dear, this is an unusual request, but I will consult the Akashic Records on this.


Laura: Thank you.


Laitonn: You and him are twin flames, soul mates, and great lovers. You have met in many lives, although there are many things standing in your way for your dual forms to be close again in this life, your higher selves forms are never apart. Keep up your good work, and you all will fall into place soon, very soon.


Laura: Sure does not look that way now, does it? Lol Can you tell me a story of any past lives with Sfhs please?


Laitonn: Of course I will. Once upon a time, you and him were hunters. You lived in the area now known as Tibet. You were young and were brother and sister. His horse ran away on him, and you managed to catch his horse and slow him down. He was very grateful for it, and caught a big animal and you all shared a good meal with the rest of the tribe. The day after Sfhs was getting married to his betroth. She could not ride and was scared of horses, so he continued hunting with you.


Later on, you got married. Your husband was a fierce warrior and was rarely home. His interest was very much in trophies and other women. You know him in this life as Michael. Yes, the one from your group. He is not so proud now, is he? Well, since he was not hunting for his family, you had Sfhs to go hunting with once again. Just like when you were children. Later on, your husband was killed at war, and you remarried. This marriage was a happy one, he was a farmer and loved the quiet life. He took you away from Sfhs and his family, up high in the higher plateau. No more time for hunting, you were far and busy farming.


Sfhs was jealous of your relationship and killed him, so that he could have you again at his side. You never knew what has happened to your husband, and never remarried, waiting for your husband to return. Unfortunately, he could never come back. So Sfhs married you to his best friend, as he understood his young sister needed a husband again. He learnt a lot from that experience, and you remained good friends all your lives. You remained close to Sfhs and his family, continued hunting in the same tribe. You all grew old, and Sfhs never had the courage to tell you of him killing the one who had taken you away those so many years.


You had a gut feeling after a few years that your husband had died at the hands of Sfhs, and you confronted him. He said that it was true, that he had only asked your husband to let you join his family for hunting, but he refused, that there was a fight, and that your husband fell off the cliff by accident. You knew it was not the whole truth, but there was nothing you could do. So you forgave him and made peace.


Laura: thank you so much for this amazing story. Do I know in this life the farmer that Sfhs killed? Yes, you do! He is your current boyfriend! Karma has funny ways of playing itself out.


Laitonn: Have a good weekend away, all is well and we will speak later.




Ascension Earth 2012 GG: 20120615 Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/14/12 ‘The Reconnection’



We are beings that have your best interests in mind at all times, and we do not wish any harm to come to any of you at any time. This is what we are. We are your families and we are your friends from the higher realms. It is we that are your guides and it is we that are your Angels. It is we that craft certain situations to bring about results that you expressed you wished to achieve before your current incarnations. We are not strangers to any of you. We are not ‘visitors’ in this sense of the word that may come to mind. We are here with your permission from our contact with you before your current incarnation.  

All that is transpiring here at this time in your world has already been discussed with each of you before you set out on the current journey you find yourself on. This is not a surprise to you, although it is due to your lack of memory of the planning stages of these events that these events unfolding appear to contain surprise, mystery and elements of the unknown. In reality, there is nothing transpiring here that you do not already know and do not already fully understand and have planned for quite some time. What we, your friends and your family who are members of the Galactic Federation of Light would like to begin to do at this time is to reveal to you, or should we say help you remember, portions of the plan that we feel it is now the appropriate time to begin to unfold here in your world.  

Nothing we do and nothing we are a part of with you is planned or carried out without your consent. This is simply the way it is and there can be no other way. There are many of you who believe that we are strangers to you, that we are different from you, that we are uninvited guests or intruders of some kind, here to conquer and take what it is you possess. This is hardly the case, and we wish to remind you just who it is we are. We are the beings that come from the same places you have come from. We do not come from places where you have not come from. Do you understand this? Do you understand that the worlds and the realms that we call home are the worlds and the realms that you call home?  

Many of you do not, under other circumstances, call Earth your home, and many of us also do not call Earth our home. This we have in common. There are those beings who do call Earth their home, yet they too come from origins which are the same places of our origins. We all have the same origins. Many of you understand by now that we are all one, and we do wish more of you would understand this very fundamental spiritual understanding, for it all starts at this point. One cannot skip to advanced concepts of spirituality before understanding this basic law, and we wish for all of you reading these words right now to say with us “We are all one.” When you hear these words ‘We are all one’, what is it that crosses your mind? Do you think that this is just a poetic saying, meaning that we are all friends or that we all play for the same team or that we all come from the same place? Or does it mean something else to you? Does it mean to you what these words truly mean, that we are all one?  

We are all one, and we are all one because we are all connected. Every single thing in this universe is connected. There are no different sections, portions, parts or sides. There is just the one, the whole, the all that is. There is only we, there is only us, there is no them or they. We hope that each and every one of you reading these words at this very moment understand this very basic but very important concept of our existence, for it is truth. It is what this entire fabric of this universe is sown with. We are all connected to each other and to each object, we are all connected to past, present and future timelines, and we are all connected to each and every corner of this universe whether it be star, planet, asteroid, comet or galaxy, it does not matter how big or how small, we are all connected and we are one.  

We wish for you to remember these words and say to yourself the next time you feel yourself beginning to distrust us or suspicion begins to grow within you that we, again, your family and friends, we who are you, are here for devious purposes and our plan is to trick you, con you or conquer you in some way. ‘We are all one’ are words that we would like you to say whenever these shadows of fear begin to creep inside of you and dim your light. ‘We are all one.’ This is what we would like you to take away from our conversation today. 

We see so many of you at this time who see us as strangers, and it is now time for that misconception to be put to rest once and for good. Can you help us dispel these rumors and misunderstandings? Can you shine light where there is shadow throughout your online social networks when you see others begin to spread disinformation that has the power to turn into fear and panic? Can you politely and respectfully reply underneath their fear-based comments that we are all one, and that no one on this planet is going to meet anyone that they do not already know, that they are not already a part of?  

Of course, there will always be new faces that you will meet and become friends with, and we are not saying that you have had personal encounters with every single being in this universe. What we are saying is you will not ever be meeting anyone that is not already a part of your life, as we are all connected and the lives of each and every individual in this universe affects the lives of each and every other individual in this universe. Just as each and every one of you on the planet you call Earth are connected, your lives are intertwined and what one experiences all experience. The same goes for each and every individual being throughout this entire universe. What one individual experiences, each and every individual experiences in one way or another. This is how this universe has been wonderfully designed, to bring about the best in us and to bring us together as the one, as the all, we already are and have always been.  

We are all reconnecting now. We are all experiencing what you are experiencing, and that is the reconnection of each and every being and each and every object, animate are not, throughout this entire universe. You may call the glorious mission that we all serve ‘The Reconnection’, for indeed, this cannot be said any more brilliantly clear than this. Are you ready for the reconnection? Are you ready to reconnect to everything in this universe that you are already connected to but you may have just not remembered this yet? For many of you, it is the time for this. For many of you making this choice, it is time for you to reconnect.  

There are just as many of you who are choosing not to reconnect at this time, and we honor and respect their choice to continue their journey under the illusion that they are separated in some way from many other beings throughout places and times throughout this universe. It is their right to continue along the path of the illusion of the lower dimensions. Their journey too will bring to them experiences, knowledge and wisdom and answers that they seek, and it is not our right to push them or pull them to walk the steps of the path that we choose. All our choices are sacred, and all our choices are just as valid and should be just as honored and respected as anyone else’s choices. This is the way it is and must be in this universe.  

Allow those who choose to remain within the illusion of separation to continue to wander through the realm that they choose at this time. There will come a day when they will begin to remember and to accept that they are not separate and have never been separated from everything else in this universe. We will be there waiting for them with open arms and open hearts to welcome them back, even though in reality they have never left. This journey that we are all on is merely part of an illusion that we agreed at one time to believe as our one true reality, but behind all this façade and scenery is the truth, and the truth is we are all one, we have always been one and we will always be one, and it is time for many of you to once again understand this spiritual and scientific law.  

Thank you for generously giving us your time today. We hope that many of you have learned something, or shall we say remembered something, from our discussion with you today, and we look forward to speaking with you again very soon.   

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.











Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012



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Dear Ones, I AM Gaia!

Have you been enjoying My Pristine Beauty while living your life? I have created this beauty from the depth of my Being, from the depth of my spiritual consciousness! I Am That.
Go and visit the Beauty of my Nature and you will recognize Me, feel Me, your hearts will be elevated. And I have created all of it, to show you the path of Truth.

How could you ever believe one moment that there is no God, no  Divine Mother, but that rather only emptiness exists, and death and hate, when you at the  same time, even in your apparently ugly and dirty cities have been able to discover at least traces of my perfect Beauty?

How could you believe in death, as the Beings of my Kingdoms radiate eternity and immortal  consciousness?

Yes, your own consciousness has been obscured for so long!
But now, as you are waking up you discover my deep fullness in your heart and you discover the secret of life in your soul.

What is reflected to you when you experience My Nature tells you everything about the universe, tells you the hidden mysteries of your past and the messages that arrived from the stars.

You have never been separated from that unity, you are part of  all existence, but in your awareness and thinking pattern you were convinced so long about this  separation and did not even doubt it. But this Oneness must be EXPERIENCED now!

From wherever you come and wherever you go, the breath of eternity is always with you. And as your  consciousness is awakening, to embrace the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos as One, not as an objective observation, but as an innate knowing and experience, you will notice that you are Home everywhere, where this Divine Unity is lived and worshipped with the heart of understanding.

As you return to Home, you return to Yourself and not to any place, near or far. In the heart of each Blossom, each Flower, each Tree, every Animal, and in all My Elements and Creations, you’ll find the Heart of God, which Is everywhere the Same and Yourself.

Now you start to understand, now you see and recognize again what you have forgotten. And while you remember  Yourself, you remember Me, the Divinity of My Creation and the Beauty with which I surround you, my dear Ones.

Now the Presence of my Spirit is turning from my Inner Heart to outside, and like the clear waves of my oceans are bathing my peaceful islands, I embrace and flow round the  essence of your being, melting with your Spirit.

We are together emerging in the heart of truth, One in the Love of Divine Creation. Now is the time to realize this. Separation has gone, grow into Oneness with your Mother Nature and the Spirit of Gaia to ascend into the realms of Divine Beauty and Immortal life.

We are One Being, and if you realize this, we have already ascended together. Yes, I am known to you as this body of planet, but it is my body, however I Myself I have existed before this body.

Although many say – and it is true – that there is a date where everything changes, where you will experience  dramatic vibrational shifts, it is not so that ascension has not happened yet, because it is an event in consciousness.  And where your consciousness is and the love-bliss that comes with it, indicates the level of your vibration and of your ascension.

Do not wait for the future, as you still perceive time, but enter your heart with Me now, it will alter your awareness and reality. 

In Truth you were never lost or Separate from the Divine. But there was this dream of duality and judgement. What You Are and what I Am is even found in all forms, even in the seeming ugly and the seeming dirty and in the seeming lifeless things. All is Consciousness. You only have to come to this realization.

Be with Me and Learn from Me.
And Be Free Now.

I Am your Earth Mother  Gaia

Message  conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.



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