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The Next Big Jump…

The current lull in activity may leave you saying, “Wait, what?!”  It has all the signs of a rest period, however, the overwhelm and tension is still in place.  Please remember there are layers (think alternate dimensions) within each shift so, even though it feels quiet and a little boring, there is still a great deal of ‘busy’ going on.  It is very important to remain grounded during this time, take immaculate care of yourself and keep breathing (Smiling).  The next big jump is on its way. ~ Creator


Jesus via John Smallman

2018 is here and well established, and much needed change is happening planet-wide.  Love is penetrating the hearts of even the most fear riven because the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify as more and more of you set and hold the intent to be only loving all day and every day, whatever arises.
That intent is Powerful!  Please keep renewing it when you take your daily journeys within, to your holy altar where Love resides eternally, supporting and embracing you in every moment.  That is why you are incarnate at this moment in time.  You courageously chose to be on Earth to assist in the awakening process for humanity, knowing full well that it would be difficult, demanding, and at times very painful.
You are greatly honored in the spiritual realms, as you will discover with joy when you awaken.  Even now you will get glimpses of it if you will allow yourselves to fully accept yourselves.  The time for self-disparagement and negative self-judgment has passed, and your constantconscious intent to be completely self-accepting makes it far easier for Love to flow into you so that you can feel Its warm embrace, and then out through you to interact most positively with the energy fields of all with whom you are in any form of contact.  And that is what you are here to do, so enjoy the fact and the activity of being alive, and in that state you are doing the essential work of helping to awaken humanity.
Life is eternal and is a divine gift that mostly you do not appreciate because you get so caught up in being human and all that that entails – taking care of your bodies with food, shelter, and clothing, and ensuring that you can provide those essentials for yourselves, your loved ones, and dependents by going to work and paying bills – and while that is occupying your attention life flows by practically unnoticed.
Make it your intention to notice the little things in your daily lives that you enjoy – being warmly clothed in winter or lightly clad in summer, that first taste of coffee or tea in the morning, a smile or greeting from a friend or loved one – for those are what life is really about, and far too often you are unaware of them.  BUT, Life is Awareness so, Be Aware!  Choose to live mindfully, and keep reminding yourselves of that choice until it becomes automatic.  Being consciously aware of this now moment, instead of lost in the worries, anxieties and deadlines of daily human life, will bring you a sense of peace and contentment, thus assisting you to deal more easily and effectively with whatever issues arise throughout the day.
You are divinely assisted in very moment because there is only One, from which separation or disconnection is impossible.  However, as humans, you have cut yourselves off from your knowing of that by your choice to experience separation, and, believing yourselves to be alone and separated, you attempt to solve and resolve your issues with your extremely limited human intelligence, instead of allowing divine knowledge – your intuition, not your ego based thought system – to guide you lovingly to a resolution that is for the highest good of all involved.
To be alone is not an option that is available to you, such a state does not exist, but you can and did choose to be unaware of your unbreakable connection to Source, your oneness with Source, while experiencing life as a human.  This choice has not only made the illusory world of form seem intensely real, but has also led you to believe that your life as a human is a onetime event, terminating finally, and without you having any choice in the matter, at the moment of physical death.  However, death is just a moment of transition, the point at which you lay down your physical form and return to your natural state of being fully wide awake and consciously aware of your unbreakable connection to Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.  Many who have had near death experiences have shared what they learnt about death very widely, and yet it is hard for individuals to release their doubts about their own personal immortality, and their fear of that seemingly life-threatening termination point – Death – remains.
Truly, death is but a transition and should not be feared.  Life as a human, during which you engage with family, friends, and workmates, does provide you with experiences that you value, and relationships that you do not wish to end, but your relationships do not end with death.  It seems to those who remain as human after your passing that the relationship that they had with you has ended because they are no longer able to experience your physical presence or be in contact with you, and so they grieve.  But when you transition you will be met and most warmly greeted by a multitude of friends and relatives who have already transitioned, or who have chosen to discontinue the cycle of human life experiences and remain in their natural state at One with Source.  You will be at Home, embraced by joy, and fully at peace as you once again fully understand the meaning of Life.  And, of course, you will always remain fully aware of those with whom you had any kind of relationship while in human form, and will continue to be able to interact with their energy fields, even though they may well be unaware of your loving presence.
You are eternal beings created in joy for all eternity, while presently you are, by your own choice, experiencing an unreal but seemingly very real sense of separation from Source.  However, deep within yourselves you know that you remain One with Source, always.  So go within daily, to your holy inner space, and join with the Love residing there and allow yourselves to feel It’s loving and uplifting embrace.  This will strengthen your faith that you are forever One with God, and your ability to hold the intent to be always loving whatever arises.  Then you will notice the little things that can and will inspire and uplift you as you go about your daily human tasks and duties in a state of awareness and openness, inspiring and uplifting those with whom you interact in any way at all.  And in so doing you will indeed be doing God’s divine Will in every moment, just as you have always intended.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

The Plan of Ascension to 5D ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are awakening parts of yourselves that need to be felt, experienced, forgiven, and embraced. The process of awakening these aspects of you often includes creating something in your lives that you would not consciously create. Therefore, many of you call into question whether you are in fact the creators of your reality. You wonder why you would create such havoc in your lives.

You wonder why you would ever bring yourselves to circumstances, conditions, and events that would bring you to your knees, but all of it is a part of a bigger plan that you have for yourself in this lifetime. It is a bigger plan than any of the plans that you’ve made for yourself. It is the plan to ascend to the fifth dimension.

Knowing full well that you would have to face all that would be awakened within you, you set out on the journey of this lifetime. And what a journey it has been, so many peaks and valley that many of you who are doing the work have considered at one time or another that you would just rather die than continue living on this planet in this dimension.

You have wondered why or how you could create such circumstances in your lives, but when you stop questioning yourselves and your motives, you can tune in to the energies of the fifth dimension. You do so every time you allow yourself to feel something, even if it’s negative. Every time you recognize another part of yourself that has come up within you, and you embrace that part of yourself, you take another step forward on this journey.

Every time you forgive another person in your life for having wronged you, you are actually forgiving yourself. Anything that you see in your life or on your world is something that you have done yourself. That’s how many lifetimes you have lived.

This plan is intricate and complex as all plans need to be that involve evoking such a myriad of emotional states. But we know who you are, and we know you will persevere. We know that you awakened ones will continue to reintegrate yourselves, to become whole again, and to ascend to the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Listen to the audio here

Wealth Consciousness Soulshop with Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz-Scranton

Jeshua Online – Daily Message


Oakbridge University – Jeshua Online
Message of the Day

Have you noticed when you are in conversation with someone that part of you is listening to what they are saying and part of you is already rehearsing what you are going to say to them? Only part of you is being the Beholder and truly listening. Allow yourself not to rehearse, but just to be with that one as they are speaking, and then take a deep breath and respond differently from a true perspective. You will be guided, and it will change the dance.

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SOMETHING’S COMING! AND in 2018 According to Genii’s Recent Messages!


According to Recent Messages Genii received the City of Light Sedona Will Manifest in 2018!

The Light Center Newsletter Sedona, Arizona January 11, 2017



For the past couple of years I have been feeling like I would one day be sharing the good news with lots of folks around the world that The City of Light Sedona in NOW Here. Those feelings have intensified lately as we have been shown the location of the property where the City already exists in the 5th dimension. Now according to the stream of messages I have been receiving since just after Christmas, I have been encouraged to share the announcement in this newsletter that 2018 IS the year we have been waiting for!

Get ready because I am practicing the thrill and joy of pronouncing THE CITY IS HERE! I TOLD YOU SO!

Genii Townsend

PS. We are seeking additional help completing several of the forthcoming publications from The Light Center. Our priority interest is having someone who has completed The 4 Keys to Light help refine the live class content into an introductory book. This is a very important and timely task and we would be happy to provide recognition as editor (and possibly coauthor depending on the scope of work). We will also explore possibly ways to provide compensation for helping us complete the project as soon as possible. If you’re interested or would like more information, please contact Charles at

Visits to the City of Light Embassy of Peace!

Genii’s Visits to the Embassy of Peace Headquarters and New Location in Ooo-Lon’s Office in Early January

Embassy Visit 1.1.2018

G: I find myself, as the meditation screen shows me, entering with feelings of a special New Year in progress. Hummmm! Inside the entrance it is indeed busy, with many humans smiling and waving. Interesting, but in my earth world, it is the first day of a brand New Year 2018. Would this mean anything important?

A City scooter (car) drove up and off we went to the Embassy of Love and Peace. I have been blessed, to enter so many times to chat with Ooo-lon. And with a brand new year of 2018 just born, it could be fun. Ooo-lon here I come!

It must be meditation magic, for I no sooner said this, and I find myself center stage with him, waving at hundreds of universal entities waving back at me. Wow! This Jedi can’t say that I have no friends, even if I don’t know from where they came. I get my wonderful usual far-out hug and almost light up. (just kidding … well?) from my City friend Ooo-lon.
G: “Ooo-lon for us humans, today is the first day of a brand new year 2018.”

O: “Indeed Lady Light, and you have stayed the years of building the City time, and holding the vision of completion, and are to be commended.”

G: “You are sure that that word is not Committed? like being put away?”

O: “No (Smiling) dear human, in fact, your inner waiting has been right on tract low these many years. Have you not been able to have conversations with the Rev. Dr. Bill and he referred to this year being the year of miracles! To enjoy in this year just begun! God indeed has some surprises.

G: “You speak of finally, of the first one of the Cities to appear near Sedona Az.?”

O: “It could indeed! No promises, but it looks pretty good and you were told to hold the light for miracles are due to appear in this so called year of 2018. This would be a year that a perfect gift from the holy maker could indeed clear out the darkness, for no darkness can hold when this takes place, so why not in a year of miracles too? Power attends miracles of love, and are made to be enjoyed. And this one carries so much joy as people begin to feel better, and enjoy life to it’s fullest as transformation takes place.

“So Lady Love, rest and again come visit and prepare to stay awhile. As God is Real, so is the gift he gives to your world, in the flesh that needs to be healed and rightly so. Even as you are receiving Light from the City Light Module daily, with the support of your daughter Starrlight, and your health is quite good. Imagine that!
Doc Rick also walks the elevation path with you as the elevation of ascendancy taking you from 3 to 5 constantly makes your legs wobbly sometimes.

“Oh! It is important that the women of your world begin to find out who they really are, so continue with the program of The 13 Goddesses and, the 4 KEYS is a holy program as well.”

With that the scene quickly faded for today. What a blessed way to start the New Year. I certainly have my work cut out for me. And I couldn’t be more pleased with the prospects of carrying the projects forward.. Jedi Genii.

Embassy Visit 1.2.18

G: HI! YEP … The first Miracle City is to appear this year in Sedona. So I am informed. I was told to begin meeting with Ooo-Lon every morning in his office for updates. I feel like Shirley MacLaine… Out On A Limb. Our conversation in his City office went as follows:

G: “Wow … this is comfortable! Thank you for your time.”
O: “Speaking of your 3D time, it is why you are here, and our one-on-one conversations about what is to be seen by your world, will make even the President speechless. We shall let it be known what is to take place as God makes its appearance viewed by all. It will indeed be a dramatic entrance, never before seen in history. You may now announce the coming appearance of the first City of Healing Light. I shall attempt to express what is taking place, to be recorded and announced.”


O: “Indeed, (smiling) you have waited many years of your time to say that the year of God’s miracle is due to be born … NOW! Your 4 Keys to Light advanced sessions have produced students who are called, “Light Links.” They are well aware of the Cities of Light that are to come about on this planet, to heal as well as bring love to support this healing. And, as I am announcing, this city is to manifest during this year of 2018. So preparatory to this, we shall speak together, supporting God’s dream for this planet, to be not of wars, but loving peace as many other planets are, and to shine in the heavens.

“The Light Center under the guidance of yourself, Charles, Rev. Diana and Dr. Rick is to keep the news flowing about the City of Light with words, books, and interviews. This is all God good. You understand that you live in an illusionary world, don’t you? “

G: “Yes …”

O: “WELL, THE ILLUSION WILL PART, TO BRING THE CITY INTO YOUR WORLD, and it will become part of, not only your local desert scenery, but the foundation for the additional 12 Cities of Light that comprise the arrival of The Kingdom of God. The City is beautiful beyond compare. You will see crystal-studded buildings, glittering in a rainbow of colors as the sun passes over them. These are temple-like buildings that one can walk into, and through God’s love and light, get healed in any area needing it. Even the mind that created the problem to begin with, will be healed. Imagine that!

“Dear one, no one on your planet could build this City, even with the best tools now available. IT IS GOD IN ACTION! Come back tomorrow, and I shall endeavor to explain more …”

1-3-2018 … Embassy Office Visit #2.

O: Smiling…”Welcome Lady of City Love. I see the Light refreshes you as we speak.”

G: Settling in … “Thank you. What am I to be informed of this City today?”

O: “The information given you yesterday in your 3D world is quite true, as action in this Holy Blessed City brings Good News of its appearance in your time zone. We shall meet each of your days from this point forward as new information comes to share and I am personally quite pleased that, your desire to keep up with the progress being made and I shall also enjoy being with you as friends in long standing.

“IN THE LIGHT OF ALL THERE IS … (God) indeed the City, now comes to the 3rd dimension. From my part this makes history, starting with the progress of its appearance. Just the report that within this year, God’s City of Healing Light, gives people the holy chance to feel better with God in command.

For this report, just be aware that you have indeed been given this year of 2018 as an appearance report, and know that all is well, including me getting excited in this now-announcement. Rest now knowing indeed that this announcement is quite accurate and you can count on this as TRUTH IN ACTION!”

Embassy Office Jan. 6, 2018

Genii: As I re-enter my meditation inner screen, I am entering Ooo-lon’s office-type room and his smile pointed to a comfy chair nearby for our short almost daily City chat..

G: “Good morning! What may I be apprised of today of the City progress?”

O: “Dear Lady Light, looks like you really have been outside. It appears that the strange weather will continue for a bit more.”

O: “This City you now sit in with me, is coming along fine and our meetings are to continue. The energy fields surrounding this City have much to do with its appearing. And great healing can be assured. God is good. Those who have pain can look foreword to complete healings. As the mental is changed, so does the discomfort and it will completely disappear. There are several buildings to help with this part too and you may want to re-visit them with me. This City has healing powers far beyond what is being done today in your world.”

G: “What if someone has a lost limb, can that be replaced?”

O: “As desired, we are not talking general replacement with support apparatus attached. We are speaking of light fulfillment. Our dear friends from various locations in the universe have brought to this City ways unknown here. The old saying, “Are they coming to get us? No! quite the contrary, they are here to help us move ahead, and have the methods to do that. This City will be remarkable to the patient desiring a replacement.

“Your Dr. Rick will even be surprised with these far-out from space ways of healing. He will indeed learn about more advanced technology for both mental and human physical healing that will be a delight to him and especially to the patient who is receiving the healing.
It would be said that it is impossible to take place but, Dear One, as you know God can do anything … even this, depending on the mental decision in each case. So then, advanced technology is indeed quite advanced and certainly why this City you sit in is in process of appearance, with 13 more to also appear around the planet after this one has been tested out. You can only guess what delights in human healing can take place.

“As the sun shines its light, so this City shines its promises. When next we speak, we shall speak of other ways of healing that this Christ City brings to your daily world. So sparkle dear one. Your inner joy can be contagious, and I give you permission to share our divine meetings with those who care most. This City is all about advancement in several areas, and you are advanced enough in love and truth to share this bounty. Until we meet again Ms. Jedi, I am your forever light friend … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

With God’s love attached, I wish all a Happy New Year …I am Jedi Genii … and so it is…

1.8.18 Embassy Office

The Setting: Ooo-lon’s office in the Embassy building.

G: “Hi, thank you for inviting me back again …. feels like home each time.”

O: (smiling) “And welcome back to you too. This is becoming your second home, sort of …”

G: (smiling too) “Yes sir, been here many times. And now my books are going very public, thanks to my partner Charles. Tune me in please as we progress and move forward. I speak to many and teach, and I want to make sure all that I report is very correct and honest reporting.”

O: “Dear One, this City was what you were born to speak about. At an early age, you could hardly speak at all due to word break-up stuttering in your speech. That impairment took you out of school, and put you into stage productions which scared you, but cleared it as God intended. You enjoyed entertaining children and adults in, at that time, a very unique way with puppets on strings, with music and may I say, fun with your daughter. Now you are speaking about another element clearly, this City of Love Healing which has been said, why you were born. Mission impossible?”

G: “You know all that about the City being my life mission? Amazing!”

O: “Amazing? Look at what you are sitting in, the greatest show ever to be God- produced on earth!”

G: “And now about it appearing this year … what about that please?”

O: “Why not? Are you now through your 4 Keys to Light, linking students to receive their City Guide’s holy names (tones)? … to show them inside this City? Why not this year? It is a possibility! And as your friend MR. D says, “Sometimes it is fun to do the impossible!” … and he should know! Stay the course. Now it is your turn. Congratulations!”

And with that the scene closed … Oh my!

Your “FOREVER Jedi” Genii
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12th January 2018. Mike Quinsey.

12th January 2018. Mike Quinsey.
I cannot emphasise sufficiently what a fantastic achievement it was of yours to pass the marker in 2012. From here on you will begin to see the signs of positive change around you, and the quicker the vibrations increase, the quicker they will manifest. In general terms some of the most important changes that will affect everyone are with the general lifting up of the vibrations. The higher energy will transmute the lower energies so that negative actions will begin to lose their power, and the ultimate will be when only the higher vibrations can exist. Then you shall have become physical Angels with full consciousness as predicted long, long ago. In the distant future you will eventually move into the Inner Earth and its Crystal Cities. These are events well into your future, but how wonderful and uplifting it must be to know that great changes await you. At the same time, all life-forms of the lower energy will have followed their own path in a different cycle, to continue evolving.
If the idea of living inside the Earth seems strange to you, bear in mind that it is a normal development of all advanced human type lifeforms. In fact it is much safer than living on the surface, and with advanced technologies a “new Earth” can be created that would appear little different to living on the surface. The immediate gain is that you control all aspects of your environment, so you are never at the mercy of the weather extremes that are sometimes experienced on the surface. Also realise that when you are so advanced, you will create virtually all you need through your power of thought.  Let it be understood that your path to Ascension is already laid out, and where you come in is the manner in which you reach Ascension as it is down to you, but reach it you will because it has already been decreed. With your feet back on the Earth the future described seems far away, yet in reality you are beginning to give thought energy to that creation and it is beginning to take shape, as the potential already exists.
Some of you are already aware that your destiny is to become Galactic Humans and  also a Star Nation.  If you have ever wondered why your Earth seems to have attracted so much attention in recent years, it is because your challenge to ascend with your present physical bodies is unique. Now that you are on the final stretch to completion you will clearly go all the way with ascend in your physical bodies, and it will be a most remarkable first time ever achievement. All of you are most revered and loved for your determination to succeed, and when you pass the finishing line there will be an almighty cheer in Heaven. There will be great celebrations all round and news of your success will travel the Universe. You will rightly be able to bask in the glory of your success, and the Blessings of God will accompany you.
Much is still happening on Earth and all through its history it has been very volatile at times, its continents seem to always be on the move, but earthquakes rarely seem exceptional. With your modern equipment and instruments you are now able to accurately predict where major Earth changes are most likely to occur, and prepare for them. The San Andreas Fault is known to be on edge yet people seem prepared to take a chance by remaining in the locality, hoping to get due warning if a major earthquake is likely to occur. However, in the course of time changes in such areas will result in them having to be permanently evacuated. That however, seems a very long way off and should not present any danger within your lifetimes. Again over a long period of time sea levels will rise quite substantially, so that the low lying areas of the coast will become uninhabitable. With the advancements in “early warning” equipment there is no reason why people should get caught out unexpectedly.
Having lifted your thoughts to such heights it is somewhat sad to have to return to more mundane matters. However, as Lightworkers you still have your individual challenges to deal with, and having stepped upon a new path must take every opportunity to spread the Light. Hitherto you have been encouraged to speak with people at their level of understanding, but now Ascension is in sight and relatively speaking – time is short. So expand upon that which you would not do normally, and be assured that a seed of knowledge planted now, may bear fruit in time to come. Certainly if a soul has the potential to go all the way to Ascension, their Guides will do their best to move them onto the right path. What is coming is a chance not to be missed, as it otherwise means starting another cycle with no guarantee of Ascension. However, as you have been informed before, no knowledge is wasted or lost and what you learn in one incarnation is carried forwards into the next one.
For some souls the thought that they are not their body seems rather scary, and the question arises as to what you really are when out of the body. Whether you have left your body temporarily as most do during their sleep, or have “died” to it you will find yourself outside of it appearing to still be in your physical body. You may even find yourself looking down upon your physical body that is fast asleep. If you happen to have “died” you will quickly leave that scene and be greeted by those who have been awaiting your arrival in the higher level, and that is the key to your experience. Once you leave your physical body you immediately find yourself in another identical body of self. However, what is so different now is that the “new” body called the etheric body, whilst being identical to your physical body is a finer version that is vibrating higher, and not afflicted with any illness or deficiencies that you may have been carrying. It would seem as though you have been completely rejuvenated, and can “think” changes to your body such as becoming younger again in appearance, and without any disabilities whatsoever that you may have had previously..
Those souls that fully understand “life after death” realise that death is nothing to be feared, and your friends and relatives will know when you are expected on “the other side” and be ready to greet you. So much mystery and fear has been built up around death and most likely by those who have had a difficult passing. Yet death itself like taking off one suit of clothes for another. Passing over is in no way traumatic or painful and it is so easy many souls do not even realise that they have “died”. To remove all of the misrepresentation of the facts is difficult, because many souls have been brought up to think differently, and since the power of thought is so strong, you will initially experience death as you believe it will be. If you an Atheist all that will happen is that you will know that you are still alive, but otherwise experience “nothing” until your thoughts open up to other possibilities. There is still much to be made known, and if you find it too much to accept, simply set it aside ready to come back to when you are able to re-consider it. One thing is certain, that whatever comes your way the truth will always remain when all else has passed by.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.
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Jeshua Online – Daily Message


Oakbridge University – Jeshua Online
Message of the Day

There have been expectations and hope that with the turning of time into a new millennium that there would be changes. With that hope and that willingness to look for them, what you seek you will find. It is a very true principle.

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US Violations of Nuclear Treaty


January 4, 2018

US Violations of Nuclear Treaty

From a Russian Perspective Washington’s unsubstantiated claims of Russian violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty are cover for Washington’s violations.







Yuri Matvienko

We have more than once touched on the question of unfounded accusations against Russia about alleged violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (further INFT) [1, 2]. The most active campaign against Russia in order to discredit her and publicly accuse her of violating the treaty is organised by the US from 2013 onwards. Such accusations have, sadly, become part and parcel of the foreign politics of the US in the last years of the Obama administration.

Having first appeared as ‘fakes’ in newspapers, these accusations were later widely discussed by the American mass media and were picked up on an official level by Congress and the US administration. To be precise, such accusations were to be found with an enviable regularity in reports by the US State Department about the observation of treaties in the area of weapons regulation in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

The changing of the US president in 2017 and his creation of a new team gave birth to definite hope about the normalisation of bilateral relations between the US and Russia, including on the question of the INFT. However, these hopes soon turned out to be in vain: the US establishment opposed to D. Trump is successful in its sabotage of the realisation of a balanced political approach to relations with Russia, which Trump announced in his election campaign. This fully concerns the problems surrounding the INFT, which 2017 did not bring any progress towards solving.

To be more precise, the last report of the US State Department which was published in 2017 again reported allegations of violations of the INFT from our side. In addition, this document, as well as its predecessors, has given no strong arguments in support of the propagated pretensions.

During 2017, allegations against Russia continued to appear bit by bit in the American mass media. And if earlier the US had made statements about alleged violations of the INFT by Russia during missile testing, now there are accusations about Russia’s deployment of land-based winged missiles, which are banned by the treaty.

Representatives from a series of American agencies and political institutes use a similar ‘factology’ as an excuse for the start of the next campaign of ‘aggression’, or, as they call it, ‘response’ measures in relation to Russia. To be more precise, this is about the American Congress.

According to reports from the mass media, in 2017 laws were in development in Congress, which would allow the US to develop mid-range land-based missiles and give similar technologies to its European allies. 

In the autumn of 2017, Congress approved the defence budget for 2018, as a result of which the US president made resources for the development of a mid-range land-based missile available. The budget provides for the allocation of 58 million dollars for “measures in response to Russia’s violation of the INFT, including a research and development program for a land-based mid-range missile, which would not put the US in danger of violating the treaty.” Thus, the legislators have allowed, but not ordered, the Pentagon to develop such a missile. A final decision of this question was to be made by the US president; he supported the measures.

At the same time, together with the promulgation of accusations toward Russia, the US have for many years been ignoring serious Russian concerns about the US upholding their side of the INFT.

In contrast to the US’ unfounded pretentions, the Russian concerns are based on concrete facts, in particular the following:

  • The US have equipped anti-missile weaponry installations in Romania with missile launchers, analogous MK-41 universal delivery systems, which can fire winged mid-range ‘Tomahawk’ missiles;
  • In the interests of anti-missile defence, the US continue to test target missiles similar in technical specifics to land-based ballistic missiles of the medium and short ranges;
  • The US are increasing the production and use of pilotless flying strike craft, which fall under the definition of land-based mid to short-range winged rockets.

We must note, that Russia has been pointing out the last two breaches for fifteen years. The president of the Russian Federation mentioned all these breaches when he gave a speech on a collegium of the defence ministry on the 22nd of December 2017.

Nonetheless, the US stubbornly move away from a substantive discussion of the problems surrounding the INFT, ignoring the institutionalised practice of solving such questions through established mechanisms. 

Apart from this, in the beginning of December 2017 US president Donald Trump approved a new package of sanctions against Russia because of alleged violations of the INFT[3]. Also, the US actions, alongside its drive to limit Russian arms contracts, are dedicated to drawing the attention of the world community away from clear US violations of the INFT.

These actions of the US administration will cause nothing but an escalation in the international arena. 

We must regrettably accept, that in 2017 the world has become a more dangerous place, among other things because of US violations of the INFT and the US administration’s unwillingness to resolve the problems that have piled themselves up.


Sources used:


Translated from the Russian by V.A.V. 

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The Focus Shifts From Trump To Hillary And The Corrupt FBI

Paul Craig Roberts

The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and NPR will never tell you, but the criminal is Hillary, not Trump.

Earth-Keeper 2018 : New Metatron via Tyberonn Channel & Guided Med



Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn 2018

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Earth-Keeper 2018

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The probable timing for the conference is 2018 Autumn.

The Pilgrimage will be in late summer or early September. Pilgrimage location will be determined this month, and will likely be either Scotland or Italy. Stay Tuned !

Unity peace

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