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Many people have asked me about how I was able to unlock memories that had not returned directly after the return from my “20&Back” service in the Secret Space Program. I am also asked for my opinion on Meditation and Remote Viewing courses. I first purchased Gerald O’Donnell’s Remote Viewing & Influencing Course on cassette tape in the early 90’s and then his updated course on DVD a few years later. Since leaving the “Programs” I had not been able to achieve a deep theta state. I researched the various programs available at the time and quickly honed in on Gerald O’Donnell’s ARVARI course. Quickly after starting the course I began recalling suppressed memories, began having out of body experiences and was able to reach deeper and deeper states of consciousness. Gerald’s course was extremely beneficial and has continued to help me hone my meditation and remote viewing skills. We need to develop our Remote Influencing skills if we are to guide the co-creative consciousness of Humanity to the most optimal temporal timeline. Visit and begin your own voyages deep within your subconscious and out into the cosmos. There is a free course on this site to try out also.

– Corey Goode

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