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THE WAR OF WORDS and the conflicts of values and beliefs continue as we begin the new week, fueled by Monday’s opposition between Venus in loquacious Gemini and Saturn in self-righteous Sagittarius. Mercury in boisterous Leo adds to the information overload and drama; its trine with Uranus increases the pace of the verbal exchanges, and its quincunx with Chiron indicates that as soon as a script is penned, rewrites will be on their way.

Mercury’s ingress into Virgo on Tuesday can help us feel more organized, but we might also experience some of the criticalness associated with the sign. Still, our ability to discern fact from fiction should be stronger, which might be very helpful in current circumstances.

THE TEMPERATURE rises a few degrees on Wednesday with the alignment between the Sun and Mars in Leo. This planetary pairing will fan the flames of whatever power struggles are underway, and shorten everyone’s fuse, so be especially careful when out and about. In the positive, those who need a boost of courage can benefit from this alignment, as it can provide the extra confidence needed to take a risk or make a stand.

The Sun and Mars are in a creative quintile aspect with Jupiter at the time of their alignment. Astrologer Bil Tierney writes that this aspect is associated with the “use or abuse of power and authority … [It is] linked with a pronounced tendency to be very one-pointed and driven in a specialized field of activity.” This can have either positive or problematic outcomes, depending on the activity we choose and our intentions in how we use our power.

TIERNEY ALSO WRITES that esoteric astrology considers quintile aspects to symbolize our “creative soul alignment with the Will of the Cosmos.” He then elaborates on the various effects that a quintile might have:

“The Will of the awesome, inscrutable Cosmos is not easily channeled through the normally fragmented consciousness of the individual still bound by the limited confines of the personality-centered will … In an individual still unawakened to the reality of his spiritual identity, the quintile could either remain dormant or inoperative, or else could be uncontrollably activated in a compulsive and abusive manner.”

Clearly, this week is one of those times when it is vital that we be very “awake,” so that we choose the higher road, gain the higher perspective, and express higher-vibrational qualities. We need to be very conscious as we “choose a star” to align our energies with.

IT WILL BE fairly clear by the weekend how well we’ve mastered the influence of the Sun-Mars alignment and its accompanying challenges. Both planets are in hard aspect with Saturn on Saturday and Sunday — and Saturn usually brings some kind of reality check or learning. The aspect with Saturn is a “minor” one, but there still may be breakdowns and disorganization, requiring us to maintain a calm objectivity to balance out the over-dramatization.

Venus is active on Sunday, so relationships, values, and finances are likely topics of discussion. We may become aware of hurt feelings we didn’t know about, but we also have the opportunity to make the changes needed that will put us back on the right track with loved ones.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your basic needs for self-expression are highlighted this year, and you’ll likely feel very strongly about doing things your own way. This energy can be channeled quite productively if you maintain a calm and patient approach, and you can access a creative spark that will inspire you to new heights. However, it can be easy to burn yourself out, so choose your projects wisely and always call upon the wisdom and guidance of your higher self when making decisions about your next direction.

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