Posted Sunday, August 13, 2017
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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
August 14 to 20, 2017
by Pam Younghans
Photo: Double rainbow over Sormano Astronomical Observatory, Sormano, Italy, on August 11, 2017 (posted on

IN THIS WEEK before the Total Solar Eclipse (next Monday, August 21), we are doing final release work and clearing the way for a new beginning, one that can be life-altering if we are open to the possibility.

At the same time, we are already moving into the energy of those new potentials. Just as the excitement is building for those who plan to view the eclipse physically, on many levels we are increasingly aware of the powerful magnetic pull this particular eclipse has upon us. It’s almost as if it is drawing us into a wormhole of sorts so that we can emerge on the other side in a new land (figuratively speaking).

A SOLAR ECLIPSE OCCURS when a New Moon is within a certain number of degrees of the Moon’s Nodes, those points in space that represent our karmic past and our evolutionary future. On Wednesday of this week, a few days in advance of the eclipse, the Sun will be exactly conjunct (at the exact degree of) the Leo North Node. This planetary event symbolizes the opportunity to align our life force (the Sun) with the path of our highest evolution, as represented by the North Node in Leo.

The North Node in Leo offers these qualities for us to integrate and activate: heart-centered leadership, generosity, joyful living in the moment, being true to one’s Higher Self, enthusiasm, and involvement. Astrologer Mary Elizabeth Jochmans writes that Leo’s higher-dimensional energy is about “allowing the power of the Divine Spark to come through the Sun energy of Leo, sparkling in iridescent rainbows … the many-colored Rainbow Spectrum of Truth.”

OTHER PLANETARY ASPECTS this week reveal the struggles we are still experiencing as we go through the cleansing process. Venus, who represents our ability to connect with others in love and kindness, meets with challenges as she opposes powerful Pluto (on Tuesday), squares grandiose Jupiter (on Wednesday), is quincunx karmic Saturn (on Friday), and then squares discontented Eris (next Sunday).

In essence, with Venus currently in sensitive Cancer, we are being challenged to rise above defensiveness and to overcome fears that cause us to withdraw from life or to perceive danger behind every door. Our ability to empathize may feel overwhelming at times, especially when we feel helpless to assist. But in the very opening of our hearts in caring, we are raising the vibration of the planet and counteracting negativity and fear.

MANY ADJUSTMENTS occur this week, based on the number of quincunx aspects we will experience. These aspects occur when planets are 150 degrees apart and in signs that are not in sync with each other. For instance, with Mars in Leo quincunx Pluto in Capricorn (exact on Wednesday), we might struggle with how to maintain good humor and an open heart (Leo) when there seem to be so many serious practical issues (Capricorn) that need our attention.

To further complicate things, any time Mars and Pluto are in hard aspect, the tendency is to go to battle first and worry about consequences later. We may have already seen some the influence of this Mars-Pluto aspect, given that it is in effect for a few days before and a few days after its exact date.

BY NEXT SUNDAY, even though we are still aware of challenges, we also have some very positive influences coming forward. Mars is sextile Jupiter, providing opportunities for us to join our energies with others for a common cause, and amplifying the feeling that we do, truly, care about and for each other.

Also next Sunday, the day before the Solar Eclipse, the Sun is in helpful trine aspect to Uranus. This influence enables us to harness the power of our Higher Self and to make significant changes for the betterment of our individual lives and in our communal experience. This aspect perfects just 12 hours before the eclipse is at totality — so its energies of accelerated breakthrough, breakout, and perhaps even breakdown are strongly woven into the effects of the eclipse.

More next week, of course!

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are very ready for change to occur, but may still be in a completion phase at the moment. Let go of what needs to be released and make the adjustments that need to be made so that you can more fully become your most authentic self. Remember to move your body in dance or other creative ways to help you move through and beyond places where you might be feeling stuck. Your destiny is calling to you — can you hear its voice?

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