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Heavenletter #6154 Wandering in the Desert, September 30, 2017

God said:
I have heard you wandering in the desert.

Sometimes you do not feel affiliated with Earth at all. Somehow, you are here on Earth, and yet you feel nowhere. You feel connected not at all to Earth. You don’t know what to make of Life on Earth. You don’t know what to do with it. It is so unreal to you. If it is a dream, it heads the list of absurd dreams that you may feel far away from. Nothing adds up. How did you get here, and where are you going if anywhere, and where did you come from even as you don’t find any answers you can hold onto. You may feel that there is somewhere you will never pass again. Perhaps Life on Earth was a vague song you could almost hear, and yet not quite.

Then you may feel more bewildered when you hear Me say to you from a distance that Life on Earth is truly unreal. Compared to the Real Thing, Life on Earth is a blurry story, and none of it is real. Everyone may make the best of it, yet it may seem to you to be a half-hearted attempt, hardly worth squabbling over.

Once upon a time, somehow, somewhere over the Rainbow, you were. You know and don’t know what you mean by this. Sometimes it seems to you that there is no meaning at all and no Rainbow to be over. Something has perhaps happened, yet it is irrelevant. You had a dream, yet you have no idea at all what the dream means, if it means anything, and if you really had a dream. It’s as though you take an ocean voyage on dry land. No one really gets it. No one understands at all. It comes down to that you can take Life one of a dozen ways, Infinite Ways actually, yet you make a whole lot out of it as though Life were true and as though you are or are not adrift on a dry ocean or wet land. How unreal and bewildering is imagined Life in the World of so-called Reality when there is nothing much for you to hold onto or to get away from.

If only someone could give you an idea of what Life, when all is said and done, is about, or what is the difference anyway? Can Life be about school or a dream about school or about anything at all or about nothing at all? When do you graduate and what is it for and what does it really matter?

Some kind of façade has been perpetrated on you. It must be a fraud. In any case, you have been fooled, and what is the difference if you had been fooled or not, and yet, even so, Life matters to you. It matters a lot. You haven’t wanted to let on what Life means to you even as it seems to make no difference at all what it means to you.

It is like you are in a parking lot walking around looking for where you had parked your car. You don’t remember parking your car or what it looks like for even one moment. Would someone please explain this to you so you don’t feel so estranged from all that which you are supposedly connected to and don’t feel that you are?

Do you trudge along, or are you carried and pulled asunder?

If Life on Earth is but a moment, what makes it take so long? If Life is unending, is there no getting off? What if where you are going is nowhere and back again?

If there ever is really a said and all is said and done, where is it all said and done and found, or is it true, or are you simply waiting around to find yourself on the brink of a cubby hole?

Life feels like such a tangent, such a run-around, and so obscure. You may ask yourself if you are simply running around in order to pretend to keep up? Or, despite the unReality, is there any Truth to all this as you or someone or another is here wondering what can the matter be?

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