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Heavenletter #6153 “Let there be Light!”, September 29, 2017

God said:
When I said, Let there be Light, there was Light.

When I said, Let there be Stars, there were Stars, and the Stars are to this day, visible or not.

When I said, Let there be you, there was you. You arose. You appeared before Me all arisen. It took no effort whatsoever for you to appear before Me and the Whole Family of God to appear before Me. There was no impasse. There was no time that elapsed before you appeared. I called to you to arise, and you arose.

In effect, this is how Life appears before you.

Of course, you may say: “Hey, God, wait a minute. This isn’t how Life appears to me. Life appears to me like a struggle.”

I ask you why this is, and you may say:

“God, are you going to say that I struggle all on my own doing?”

Well, I can say that.

“God, do You say that I am simply not in a state to defray struggle?”

Yes, dear ones, I can say this. How aware I am that you also want to ask me:

“Well, God, where is your Almighty Power when I call on You for assistance? I don’t always get it. Sometimes You are absent, so it seems. Dear God, I don’t mean to be rude, yet, are you All-Powerful or not? God, or do You do pick and choose according to how You feel? Is Your Success dependent upon my valuelessness? That can’t quite be true because I understand that You do Love us all. Then, when, above all, I want my child to live, she dies. Do you let My child die, or does she just slip through your fingers?”

Now you wait for Me to speak. Beloveds, you do understand that you and your Child who departs Earth and you yourself whom you mourn are All My Beloveds. I love you and everyone the same. I favor all.

By the same token, because someone else’s child lives, perhaps someone who has ten children, whereas you and your wife, both bereaved, now may have no living child – the one whose child continues to live on Earth is not more blessed than your child who comes solidly to Me. Neither the other father nor you have yet the eyes to see.

You can be sure that your child who left Earth doesn’t feel more overlooked than the child who stays on Earth. The child on Earth is grateful. The child’s Earth father taught him to be so.

The child who leaves his family to enter deeply into Heaven learns spontaneously how favored he is by seeing Me right before him. Actually, he spontaneously arrives to see his Good Fortune from the moment he first arrives here on his own.

Would that the world could adapt a new view of Life and a new view from what might be called death in a pinch.

All God’s Children are the Beloved of all the Kingdom.

Your child, who has left Earth as what you see as prematurely, already knows better than you, for if you knew greater than you know now, you also would not mourn.

Alas, there is yet more for you to see. You do not see yet as I do see. There is a need for you to see more than you presently see. The Child who dies on Earth at this time and comes post-haste to Me directly no more compares himself up or down to the one who remains on Earth. He sees no difference of significance.

All parents will arise to regard all children as their own and, therefore, all blessed and no parent will grieve as how it is now.

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