David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and in this episode, we’ll bring you another round with our special guest, David Adair, a man who actually was able to walk around in Area 51.

David, thanks for being back.

David Adair: So glad to be here.

Wilcock: You’re describing this thing that looks like you’ve just rolled into the scene of a horror movie.

Adair: Ha. Could be.

Wilcock: You’ve got some alien creature, if you will, with bones around it, and it’s gigantic. You didn’t have any fear as this is all happening to you.

1 David Adair

Adair: Yeah, you’re the first person that ever asked me that question. No, I was having fun.

This . . . The only thing I was scared of is Rudolph, you know? That human down there is dangerous, you know?

No, this thing was just . . . I was just mesmerized, you know, because every time I see something, I’ve got about 50 questions behind that.

And when the thing started interacting, you know, shadows and stuff like that, I thought, “Man, what is going on with this thing?”

So I turned around and asked Rudolph, “Can I climb up on top?” Because the bone work like lattice work. It’s like a rib cage casting down on each end and then meeting in the center. The ribbing would kind of interlace, so it’s protecting the big structure underneath.

Wilcock: So you could climb it like a ladder?

Adair: Well, you could. It’s just . . . Think of a big skeleton of a dinosaur. You can crawl up that thing. So because it had angles and horizontals, and perpendiculars, so you’re got ways of climbing up on it.

So I looked at Rudolph, [and I] said, “Can I climb up on this thing?” And he said, . . . First thing you hear all the Air Force people, “No!”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

Wilcock: Ha, ha.

Adair: And I actually said thanks to him – about the only time I ever really thanked him.

So I crawl up on this thing, and as I’m crawling on the bone, wherever I’m touching the bone structure, nothing. But the big smooth area that’s recessed inside that the bone structure’s protecting, when you touched it . . . I swim with . . . go to a place where you swim with dolphins and all that.

Wilcock: Uh huh.

Adair: If felt just like a dolphin’s skin.

Wilcock: Hm.

Adair: And you push hard, and I pushed on it, it would go in a little bit, and then it’s just like rock. So it’s like organic covering with steel or some kind of alloy on the inside.

Wilcock: So were you about 25-feet up when you got to the top, off the ground?

Adair: It’s 15-feet high and 22-feet wide.

Wilcock: Okay.

Adair: I was about 15-feet up – about 5 feet more than a basketball goal, which is pretty tall.

Wilcock: Yeah.

Adair: Don’t want to fall off. You definitely would feel it.

Wilcock: Right. You wouldn’t . . . It wouldn’t kill you, but you would be hurt.

Adair: You definitely would be hurt. So I crawl up on top. But when I pull myself up, I pushed against that smooth area, and then the thing . . . it started reacting.

Wherever my skin would make surface contact around my hand, cascading down inside would be these really pretty blue and white waves – kind of like that wave motion machine you sit in front of executives to keep them calm, a little device you can buy.

Wilcock: Blue and white, as in, like, light? Or what did it look like?

Adair: It had its own illuminosity. You could see it outside of the other material. And it actually glowed a little bit and would run down its side. You’d pull your hand off of it, and it would dissipate at the most outer reach, and then come back to where the original contact was, and that’d be the final area that would dissipate.

Wilcock: Did you feel any electrical charge or anything as that happened? Any heat?

Adair: No heat, but there was something going on, because I noticed the hair on my arm was standing up.

Wilcock: Ah.

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