August 2017: The Mirror of Relationship
by Mark Borax

Putney Mountain, Vermont

By Mustafa Quaraishi
Between June 10 and September 15 Jupiter forms the tip of a T-square. A T-square occurs when two planets oppose each other and both square a third planet, which draws current from the opposition until it becomes supercharged. Just like dowsers grasp a Y-shaped willow branch to locate hidden water by following its tip, Jupiter is now the tip of a celestial dowsing rod that can be used to tap the hidden flow of soul and meaning through the rollercoaster ride of modern life.

Because Jupiter is in Libra this summer, we’re being schooled in a crash course in Relationship, where significant others become mirrors that instantaneously reflect some part of you back to yourself — including parts you’ve been unwilling to recognize. At such times when relationship gets supercharged, whatever’s in the way of its greater evolution has to keep coming up to point to the obstacle you’re both being summoned to clear.

By Salvador Dali
We’ve entered the Fast School of Relationship, whose lessons strip away the illusions of who you thought you were in order to get to the truth of who you are. Other people supply fragments of that larger truth. When you learn to crack the code of repeat messages that existence has been trying to get through to you via the inclusion of significant others throughout your life, you begin to crack the code.

Instead of imagining we’re all at the effect of a disconnected universe you can awaken to your role as co-creator with a sentient organic universe. When you recognize people around you as emissaries from cosmic consciousness you evolve toward locating your deeper nature and role as one cell in a greater organism. But it requires steadfast perseverance to read the galactic writing hidden in the form of those relationships that are the most exasperating. For a long time it will seem as if cruel fate keeps pushing others in your way. The fuller message can be gained by asking yourself what would a person be trying to learn by creating repeat patterns of unfulfilling connections with others? What have you really been after? What unconscious signals have you been sending out that others get drawn into reflecing back to you?

Jupiter-in-Libra wake-up calls can be demanding but carry one superlative quality which is they lift you into a vaster scope and magnitude of your collaboration with an organic, interconnected, living universe where nothing is segregated off by itself, and everything feeds into everything else. The modern farce that you and I are completely separate entities from each other dissolves. The fiction that I have nothing to do with distant galaxies and people on the other side of the world fades into an ayahuasca-like vision of a pulsating Eternity System where humans, stars, and planets move through the poetry of a Grand Design.

By Vatsal Kataria
The underlying creative flow and meaning of your life organically joins with other tributaries that feed the River of Existence, streaming you toward consciousness of union with all things. In such ways relationship reminds us of how we can adjust our thoughts and intentions to reflect this union more than the separation currently being played out on the world cultural and political stage ad nauseam. The only sane answer to the separative insanity of our historical moment is to claim your role as part of the whole. This is what relationship has been trying to tell you — that in some meaninful way you’re being summoned to show up as the inimitable creative individual you were born to be, and so fulfill your destiny while contributing to the sentient living universe.

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