Greetings, Great One!

As always, I pray you and yours are well.

So glad that so many people have enjoyed the latest video. I realize that some people prefer strictly written content. But I feel it’s important to offer written, audio, and video content, as well as live offerings such as our free Abundance Calls.

This week’s Message was a bit unexpected!

I was speaking with the Spirit of Money yesterday, and suddenly realized that what Money was saying about how it flows, and what stops its flow into our lives, can benefit anyone. 

Interesting that Money can hear what we say about it!

If you would like to hear more from the Spirit of Money, just let me know. I found them to be a really lovely presence that desires to flow easily to us, is happy to speak to us, and can help us understand why it flows to us more easily sometimes than others. 

I will of course keep channeling the Collective, and individual members of that group. But this is an interesting bit of info, and relates to what the Collective offer. I felt the Spirit of Abundance assisting us in several beautiful ways.

Strange days we are in, yet great breakthroughs are happening, and paving the way to NESARA with every step forward.

If you are feeling exhausted, fed up, and needing to rest and seclude yourself more — I hear you! These energies are nuts, and Mercury Retrograde is nobody’s favorite moment.

So call on your Spirit team for added support, answers, and healing. That’s what they’re there for!

If you find you can’t hear them or get your questions answered, that’s something the Collective and I can help with. We are honored to assist on your path.

Keep Blazing the Violet Flame of Saint Germain! We stand in the Light of 10 trillion Suns . . .

With more Love than I can say,

P S  I am offering a 20-minute session now for those who wish to receive the Collective’s and their Spirit team’s higher guidance, clarity, and direction on a few questions, at lower cost.

A Message to Lightworkers
October 8, 2021

This week’s guidance is offered from the Spirit of Money as we know it on this planet, which is part of the overall Spirit of Abundance: 

COR: Greetings, Abundance friend! I’ve got a few questions for you.

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Greetings! I am happy to assist.

And I am glad you are willing to speak to me individually. So many feel I cannot hear any of you, but as with all energy, I hear very well!

COR: So you hear us when we whine that you are “not enough”?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: Yes. Not a happy moment, because by the laws of this Universe, that resistance to the appearances of the present moment slows or stops the flow of my energies to you. That is a preset law of quantum physics.

COR: I feel that many people feel a real closeness and Thankfulness for you. Yet they also feel unheard at times, as they call in more of you.

Why is it so hard for good, kind people to draw you in at times, when you flow in so easily other times?

SPIRIT OF MONEY: I love that so many of you give so freely and so often! I love that you are Thankful to me and for me, and Thankful for so much in life. And so ready to meet life with all its demands!

And yet, that is part of the problem.

Kind-hearted folk will often concentrate almost completely on the demands of life, as they give so much to others. They reflect on how tiring the demands of the day are, and how hard they are. How much more energy and focus they must eternally give to meet all the demands put upon them, in the correct time and way.

Yet how can this be living? How can this be Joy?

Your energies too often empty themselves out, and that includes my energy, which relates to yours in an ongoing way.

The life energy reserves of the over-giver flow out without boundaries, without a stopping point. So that you are in essence, saying to the Universe, “I don’t really exist. No need to send me anything. I’ll just give it away as soon as I get it. Flow it to those who really need it!”

Then you are sad, and say that I do not come to you all often enough. Which is ridiculous, friends!

How can you not count in this equation! Does that sound like Abundance to you?

I am, as with all Abundance and prosperity, made of the Joy of flowing, forward movement.

If you wish me to flow easily to you, by the laws of your Universe, I require that those who are ready to receive me into both their essence and their outer life (accounts, wallet, etc.) do so with JOY, and purely for the Joy of Receiving!

Not just because they have bills to pay! And not just because they wish to give to others.

What so many are concentrating on is what they “NEED money FOR”  . . .



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