Greetings, Beautiful Being!

I’ve posted a new YouTube video, “Letting Go: Creating a Place of Calm in the Storm.” 

I hope you find some encouragement in what the Collective offer us in it. We are moving through such intense energies and immense outer shifts on this planet, and in our personal lives.

Go here for the new video. 

Fair warning: At the start, I talk about my own current challenges, though the Collective do come in and offer some beautiful energies and insights to sustain and support us in this demanding time.

I hope you will get a sense of community from both. I felt an immediate lift from the Collective’s energies, which I’m thankful for. 

I admit that when Facebook went down for six hours or so yesterday, I was hoping it was a first sign of Captain Ashtar readying us for NESARA’s announcement! But the “readying” is probably already happening.

For more on the FB situation (and others), tune in to, Station 2 for A Night at the Roundtable this Thursday evening at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern.

I’ll ask our White Knights of the Ashtar Command to lend their input on the Facebook shutdown, to see if any of Rama’s contacts spoke on the story behind it all. 

So amidst all the madness, we carry on, knowing we are walking into ever-increasing Light . . . 

I pray your own path if full of grace, calm, and ease.

Sending much Love, 

P S  I am offering the 20-minute channeling session again — go here for more on that.

Huge blessings!


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