Greetings, Brilliant Soul!

As you know, Ascension is happening as we speak!

Millions are beginning “to see with new eyes” what is happening in the outer world, and making more independent choices about what they really desire for themselves.

Yet these are intense times. Many loved ones are gone, jobs have collapsed, relationships changed. This can create anxiety, uncertainty, and stress.

No need to go it alone . . .

The Wondrous Ascension Ride ~ Emerge with Grace to Live Abundantly in the New Paradigm Virtual Retreat was created to support you in this transitional time, offering inspiring and empowering teachings, wisdom, coping tools, and meditations.

For me, the Ascension journey is about releasing the heaviness and trauma of 3rd dimensional Earth life, while somehow still valuing the beauty of Earth life, and becoming our true selves — expressions of higher Love in human form.

So if you’re looking for powerful tools, inspiring wisdom, and support to glide you forward in the midst of these Transformational times, then the Wondrous Ascension Ride Virtual Retreat is perfect for you!

Join me and my wonderful friend Sandra Thomas for this free, experiential virtual retreat, along with other gifted teachers, way-showers, and guides that’s about transitioning with ease and grace into the New Earth Paradigm.

Join us as the Collective offer their beautiful, supportive energy work throughout, and our friend John Lennon comes in with a wise and supportive message for everyone!

With Daily Emails offering the Replays

Saturday, October 2, 2021
Starting at 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern
Through October 7, 2021

Hope you can join us!

Much Love, and many Blessings,

P S When you register, you’ll get access to exclusive gifts from me and the other teachers, leaders, and guides, designed to help you gain knowledge, serenity, guidance, and inspiration.

Only available when you sign up to join the retreat . . .

If you can’t access the page, just copy and paste the link into your browser:


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