Dear Beautiful,

More important than deciding your opinion on the words other people share, perhaps ask yourself: “What must they be feeling to think, speak, or act this way?” From this question of deep heartfelt empathy, you can send blessings of love to any heart, daring to be a supporter of other people’s journey, no matter how unsupportive they seem towards you. The irony is, you won’t feel disappointed by their lack of support, but only in moments when you withhold your greatest support from those unwilling to meet you openly.

Why can’t people meet you as you are? Because they are hurt. Why can’t you seem to be the idealized version of yourself depicted in mind? Because you are hurting as well. Once you realize disappointment is mainly caused by a withholding of kindness toward others in pain, which heals the more often you bless and support others, the easier it is to be completely open and ever-rejuvenated by your own vibration — no matter how closed off or shut down anyone seems to be. This is the heart of empathy.

All For Love,


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